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Following a medical emergency, the family go to drastic lengths to keep up appearances in “The Broth”.

This recap of Family Business season 2, episode 3, “The Broth”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

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“The Broth” opens with Ludmila waking up in the hospital — she’s had a stroke. She believes Jo’s mother is still alive, though, so she hasn’t exactly come out of the experience unscathed. Jaures calls, so Aure impersonates Ludmila. Vadim, the botanist, will be there soon, so they all need to leave the hospital. Aure believes she knows the recipe, but Jaures was insistent that the recipe is passed on by Ludmila. Since Aure was convincing with the impersonation, Jo has an idea — to create a mold of Ludmila’s face and have Aure play her.

Everyone’s panicking since they’ve had to check the real Ludmila out of the hospital, they’re still unsure if there’s a secret to the recipe that she hasn’t revealed, and Vadim, the no-nonsense botanist, intends to stay for three months until the harvest is complete. Vadim, at least initially, falls for the ruse, but he does insist that if “Ludmila” touches the ingredients he’ll shoot her. The visual of Aure in different degrees of the disguise is consistently funny in “The Broth”, which, by the way, is what Ludmila insists is the secret to the weed.

The real Ludmila has to be locked away in her room since she’s increasingly loopy and keeps trying to speak with Vadim. Relationships are also getting increasingly strained. Gerard is losing patience with Jo, especially since he still can’t see his only grandchildren, and his date with Catherine is complicated by the fact that he’s wearing an ankle bracelet. He and Catherine go for dinner with Enrico, who is currently number one in the charts, which is news to him. (Catherine is a bit younger than them both, so Enrico turns to her for phone advice, hilariously.)

Elodie turns up at the house because Ludmila has called the police to tell them she’s locked in her room. Jo tries to play it off as a prank. Aure has to play her, but Elodie lets slip that she and Aure are together, which Jo didn’t know. He says he won’t tell the others about them but reminds Aure not to let Elodie see the bracelet.

Speaking of hiding the bracelets, Gerard tries to pull off wearing cowboy boots to bed, but Catherine has already spotted it and knows he’s continuing to smoke weed. She doesn’t seem particularly bothered about either revelation. Things don’t go as well for Aure. She suggests taking a break just for as long as she’ll be wearing the bracelet, but Elodie is majorly offended by that and calls the relationship off altogether.

As time passes and the weed grows — we see it in a little time-lapse — everyone gets used to their new normal, as Elodie begins to surveil the house, clearly paranoid about what Aure is up to. Gerard’s relationship with Catherine progresses, and Enrico’s music enjoys unprecedented success. Aida finally lets Jo see the triplets, even if she’d rather not, but she can’t help but smile at his antics.

Through the window, Elodie spots Aure take off the Ludmila disguise, and wonders what they’ve done with the real version. The family all sit down and try the weed Aure cooked up with Vadim. It gets a round of applause and puts Joseph on repeat. He gives an emotional speech, but everyone quickly comes down with serious stomach issues. It’s like Bridesmaids all over again. Turns out the weed is reading off the charts for neurotoxins. And Jaures is due tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Elodie sneaks onto the property in search of Ludmila, but finds something altogether unexpected when she picks the lock to the barn.

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