The Boys season 2, episode 4 recap – what happened?

September 11, 2020
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“Nothing Like It In the World” is an impactful follow up to the first three chapters. It taps into the characters and their respective relationships with loved ones. Honesty is on the line. The stakes are getting higher.

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“Nothing Like It In the World” is an impactful follow up to the first three chapters. It taps into the characters and their respective relationships with loved ones. Honesty is on the line. The stakes are getting higher.

This recap of Amazon’s The Boys season 2, episode 4, “Nothing Like It In The World” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

The news is still talking about the Super Terrorist, blaming the attacks all on Kimiko’s brother. Frenchie tells Kimiko that it wasn’t her fault and then he tries to kiss her which leads her to grab him by the throat. Surely, he will regret that move. Meanwhile, Homelander is on edge with all the publicity on Stormfront. But episode 4 with all its tension is all about honesty and relationships.

A session with “Madelyn”

Homelander appears to visit Madelyn… she tells him that she’s missed him and feeds him her drink before they start kissing. He confides in her about Stormfront and how insecure he feels about all the media focusing on her. Homelander tells Madelyn that he misses her leadership; she tells Homelander to tear out the weeds and start all over again. Anyway, comedically, it turns out it isn’t really Madelyn, it’s a doppelganger pretending to be her. Homelander continues to get weirder and more sinister — his evil psychopath behaviour is out of control.

Becca’s location

Grace tells Billy to contact a woman impacted by a Supe from the 70s — she also gives him information on where Becca is. Billy is surprised because he failed on his deal but Grace feels guilty; she believes she has caused Billy a great deal of pain. Billy returns to The Boys and tells Mother’s Milk that he’s off to find Becca and leaves him in charge. Mother’s Milk is concerned that he’s leaving and that he wants to return to his family one day.

Billy is 100% more frantic in season 2 and The Boys do not see eye to eye as much. They all have different emotional motives that continue to separate them.

Stop lying

Homelander tells Starlight that Maeve begged him to spare her life — he shuts down the elevator they are in. He grabs Starlight by the throat and tells her to stop lying; he’s angry that she disobeyed his orders over killing Hughie. Starlight claims that she hates Hughie because he broke her heart– she dares Homelander to kill her and sense if she’s lying. He puts her down.

Starlight is more under Homelander’s gaze in season 2. She’s under threat but she seems to be able to handle it. Or as episode 4 shows, she’s good at hiding the trauma she’s under.

Meeting in secret, again

Starlight secretly meets Hughie. She’s apologetic for hurting him and is upset that she could have killed him. Starlight talks about how leaking Compound V made the world worse. Hughie explains that these things take time but then he gets a call that distracts him and he has to suddenly go. Starlight looks upset and tells Hughie that she cannot go back to the tower and cries — Hughie hugs her. Mother’s Milk tells Hughie that Starlight cannot join them. Hughie states if they are going to knock on a Supe’s door, it’s best to have a Supe with them.

Season 2 keeps bringing Starlight and Hughie together and the more they do it, the more you sense that the risk increases. It’s feelings over rationality that’s keeping them together.

You’re out

Homelander and Ashley tell A-Train that he’s out of The Seven as they are having a shakeup. A-Train is fuming. Homelander reminds him that he cannot run and that he has heart issues.

Homelander is shaking things up immediately but he’s doing it in an irrational manner. He’s all over the place.

Road trip

Starlight, Mother’s Milk and Hughie hit the road — Starlight seems more relaxed as she and Hughie sing together. Mother’s Milk gets impatient with their blossoming romance. When they stop at a cafe, Mother’s Milk and Starlight bond a little. As they head outside, a lorry hits a car and Starlight wants to help but Mother’s Milk tells her it’s not the time to be a Supe.

Finding Becca

Billy heads to the location — the fenced-off village to find his wife Becca. He hides in her car and speaks to her while laid down on the backseat. They speak away from the cameras and embrace each other. Becca explains how Homelander is desperate to have a relationship with his son. Billy promises to get her out of here but she raises the tall wall — she doesn’t want her son using her powers. Billy and Becca meet again later in the night and have sex in the car. Afterwards, the pair chill together and catch up in the car. Becca tells Billy that he’s going to like her son. Billy feels guilty for not being there for her and he wants to make it up to her. What’s evident in this scene is the slight hesitation when Becca mentions Ryan; this clearly becomes important later.

Vending machine talk

The Boys season 2, episode 4 shows how Starlight and Hughie cannot contain their feelings any more, just like Becca and Billy can’t.

Mother’s Milk, Hughie and Starlight stop off at a motel. Hughie bunks with Mother’s Milk while Starlight has the other room. Hughie and Starlight meet at the vending machine later on — they are still falling in love with each other — it’s abundantly obvious. Starlight asks about Mother’s Milk OCD and Hughie is surprised that he has never noticed it. Starlight confides in Hughie that she’s scared in Vought Tower — she feels Homelander can kill her at any time but she feels safe around Hughie. The pair have sex, which is the worst thing they can do in these circumstances — it’s not the time for feelings.

Maeve is gay

On the news in an interview, Maeve and Homelander deny that they knew of Compound V. Homelander is also asked about diversity and he lists A-Train and Black Noir. He also reveals that Maeve is gay and that she’s got a Hispanic girlfriend. After the interview, Maeve asks Homelander where Elena is and claims they are just friends but he rubbishes it and gets angry that she’s lying. Maeve admits to loving her. Homelander claims he’s happy for her — but is he? You never know with this reckless Supe.

The main theme in season 2 is that the characters really hate liars…

Kimiko is stopped

Stormfront continues to rebel against Vought in the media in front of a crowd of people. Kimiko attends the rally and moves towards her slowly. Frenchie stops her from attacking Stormfront, claiming she will not survive.

Reaching the address

Mother’s Milk, Starlight and Hughie get to the address and ask Valerie about Liberty but the woman doesn’t want to talk. Mother’s Milk tries reassuring her that they are not from Vought and that his family has struggled against the organisation as well, including his father who died — “His fight got passed down to me”.

They sit down with Valerie — she recounts a time when she was 11 years old, asleep in her brother’s car and Liberty pulls her brother out accusing him of committing a crime — Liberty called her brother a black piece of sh*t and kills him. Valerie gets out a newspaper and says that Stormfront is Liberty.

Twist alert! And a good one too.

I built this team

Homelander confronts Stormfront for undermining him. He tells her it won’t work and that he’s the face of The Seven. He seems really impacted by his reduced popularity. Stormfront calls his need to be loved pathetic but says she’s just trying to help. She then asks why Homelander wants everyone to love him when he needs angry people — “Anger sells”. And then Stormfront starts her manipulation and feeds into his ego and asks him to change with the times in order to connect with his audience. Homelander refuses her help. The power struggle continues and there’s a feeling it’s going to end in blood, plenty of it.

The hate you carry

Becca meets Billy again and tells him that they aren’t leaving because she isn’t convinced that he doesn’t want Ryan. She knows him too well. Billy tells her that Vought will not leave Ryan alone and calls him a “Supe Freak” as he gets emotionally frustrated. Becca explains how Homelander raped her and she went to Vought because she was scared of Billy seeking revenge. They both express their love for each other but Becca questions the hate Billy carries.

With their mission over, Starlight tells Hughie they cannot have sex again because they can’t afford to feel good and safe — “We’re all alone”. Hughie doesn’t believe it has to be like that. She kisses him and walks off. Hughie is shocked. These two scenes mirror each other — two people in love but cannot be together due to the unprecedented circumstances hanging over them.

The ending

The Deep is interviewing women about relationships and sex. Gianna leaves the interview and The Deep tells Carol that she’s the one. Carol disagrees and says it is Cassandra — she will be his wife. The Deep seems to want Gianna but Carol says it’s not about desires, it’s about getting back into The Seven.

Homelander returns to his doppelganger who is looking like Madelyn. He doesn’t seem himself and announces that he doesn’t need anyone but himself. The doppelganger then changes to look like Homelander and then sexually taunts him. Homelander seems aroused by himself. The doppelganger says “It’s not even gay if it’s with yourself, right?” and then claims that everyone loves him. Homelander looks at his doppelganger and says he doesn’t need anyone to love him and kills him on the spot. This man has a high death count.

The Boys season 2, episode 4 is an impactful follow up to the first three chapters. It taps into the characters and their respective relationships with loved ones. Honesty is on the line. The stakes are getting higher.

Additional points
  • Frenchie is high off drugs; he’s struggling with recent events. He just wants to help Kimiko.

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