The Duchess season 1, episode 3 recap — roleplaying gone wrong When your ex and boyfriend meet.



Episode 3 serves as a great middle-point to the 6-chapter series as Katherine’s vow to have a second child goes terribly wrong.

This recap of Netflix’s The Duchess season 1, episode 3 contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

And the roleplay begins as agreed between Shep and Katherine who meet at a dingy alleyway behind a club and pretend that they’ve not seen each other before and relive their first time. However, Katherine feels like she wants to throw up and temporarily pauses the role play. The pair shake it off and get back into character but Shep struggles to get erect. Katherine bends over and tells him to get on with it. The pair can’t go through with it so Katherine asks Shep to ********* into her hands. However, security men come outside and chase them off. What a hilarious start.

Double life and meeting the parents

Katherine returns home after she failed roleplay with her ex. She sits with Evan and lies about her evening, pretending she was at an Art Show. Evan asks Katherine if she can meet his parents. Evan and Katherine go out for a meal with the parents — Olive also joins. It’s surprising to see that Evan is evidently a mummy’s boy, kissing each other on the lips which shocks Katherine. But it seems to be a successful meal. Evan asks Katherine about his mother kissing him on the mouth and she makes jokes about it.


Bev and Katherine go to a beauty event. The pair have to do a talk about body positivity. They are asked about their feminism and Katherine insists they have always been feminists. The interviewee digs into Katherine’s personal life and asks about her daughter and whether she is a gold digger. Katherine is clearly irked by the conversation and ends up using foul language.

Evan learns the truth

Shep asks Evan if he’d be interested in an investment opportunity for plums; he then tells Evan that Katherine is sneaky and reveals what happened the other night when they tried to have sex. On the way home, Olive suggests for her mother to have a baby with Evan. Suddenly, Shep drops off the dogs — he got them from Evan. Katherine panics and runs to meet Evan.

The ending

Evan is fuming and Katherine justifies why she needs kids with the same genetics in case she dies — she doesn’t want her children to have two fathers. Katherine tries begging him but Evan asks her to show her chest. She shows her chest and it has Shep’s autograph scrawled on her ***** from the roleplay. Katherine asks Shep why he has done this to her relationship. Shep tells her she snuck behind her boyfriend’s back and it backfired. Katherine reminds Shep that he only has Katherine and Olive and it makes him a loser.

In bed, Katherine is crying and Olive tries to comfort her by singing a song.

The Duchess Episode 3 serves as a great middle-point to the 6-chapter series as Katherine’s vow to have a second child goes terribly wrong.

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