The Duchess season 1, episode 6 recap — the ending explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: September 11, 2020 (Last updated: February 13, 2024)
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Netflix series The Duchess season 1, episode 6


Episode 6 is dramatic, mostly because it’s all done at a wedding but it’s a strong finish to the Netflix series.

This recap of Netflix’s The Duchess season 1, episode 6 — the ending explained — contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Evan, Katherine and Olive look at a new house together. It seems to be a good house but Katherine is fretting about her pregnancy. Katherine wants Evan’s babies and is considering an abortion. Bev reminds Katherine that this could be her last chance to conceive. Olive then walks in with the worst makeup on for Cheryl and Shep’s wedding. It’s a big day.

Stay out of it

Then the scene flits to the wedding. Katherine starts drinking straight away and her nose is bleeding. Millie’s mother senses that Katherine is pregnant and tells Bev that she saw the positive pregnancy tests. Bev warns her to stay out of it. Trouble is always lurking in the finale.

The ceremony

Before the ceremony, Bev warns Katherine that Millie’s mother knows about her pregnancy. The ceremony begins for Cheryl and Shep’s wedding. Shep walks down the aisle rapping and singing before they tie the knot. Olive is enjoying it but Evan thinks it’s the worst thing he’s ever seen.

We finally have what we wanted

Olive blows a kiss at one of the boys at the wedding as a dare and in exchange, Millie gives her a secret. Millie reveals that Olive’s mother is pregnant. Olive confronts Katherine about how happy she is to be having a sibling. Katherine realises that she finally has what she and Olive wanted.

The ending

Cheryl gives Katherine advice about honesty in a relationship. She grabs Evan and tells him that she is pregnant and it’s Shep’s baby. Evan is fuming and he punches Shep in the face. He then tells Olive that his parents hate each other. Katherine calls Evan a d*ckhead for trying to hurt her child on purpose and tells him to f*ck off. Olive then reveals to everyone that Shep is the father of Katherine’s baby and Cheryl is ecstatic and gets the wedding party going again.

Katherine gets on stage and sings about her daughter which is embarrassing. As they leave the wedding, Olive recommends that they call the baby Duchess. As the episode ends, it’s revealed that Cheryl is also pregnant. Katherine delivers her baby. The Duchess Episode 6 is dramatic, mostly because it’s all done at a wedding but it’s a strong finish to the Netflix series. It also proves to be pivotal — in the end, Katherine had no choice but to put her daughter and baby ahead of her love life.

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