Hijack Season 1 Episode 4 Recap – how do they find out the terrorists’ identities?

By Adam Lock
Published: July 12, 2023 (Last updated: July 25, 2023)
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Apple TV+ series Hijack Season 1 Episode 4 - Not Responding - Recap


Another intense offering, “Not Responding” crafts a delirious final montage sequence as the many subplots reach their suspenseful conclusions, while Idris Elba provides an emotional and deeply human performance, which hits hard as Sam tries to bond with the dying terrorist.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Hijack Season 1 Episode 4, “Not Responding,” which contains spoilers.

As tensions rise on flight KA29, the terrorists are forced to kill an innocent passenger to regain some control of the situation. “Not Responding” addresses the consequences of this deadly action as Sam (Idris Elba) fights back in his usual offbeat fashion.

Hijack Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

Continuing on from the last episode’s cliffhanger ending, it’s revealed that Stuart was the one who fired his weapon, killing a female passenger in the process. This act helps Stuart to take back control of the plane.

He orders everyone to be seated and silent. The dead body is then removed from view by the terrorists.

Sam is now unsure if the terrorists are using live rounds or blanks after all. He kneels down before Marcus’ weapon and is subsequently tied up in the back of the plane.

The plane crosses into Romanian territory, and their air traffic control attempt to communicate with the pilot.

Angered by the murderous act he’s just committed, Stuart loses the plot in the cockpit, damaging the pilot’s headset during his tantrum. He ignores the Romanian’s warnings altogether.

Why is Lewis bleeding?

In all the chaos, one of the terrorists has been stabbed by a passenger. We later find out that he is called Lewis. He’s bleeding rather badly and seeks first aid from one of the flight attendants. Sam tries to reason with Lewis while he is tended to, stating that he needs to see a doctor immediately.

They shout out for a doctor on the plane, but no one responds. Sam asks to help stop the bleeding himself. He is given permission to be cut free from his ties. Together Sam and the flight attendant try to stop Lewis’ wound from bleeding further.

Sam begins to converse with Lewis while they do this, attempting to get on his good side. Lewis sees straight through the act and points it out to Sam.

The negotiator agrees; he wants to survive this ordeal and get home to his family.

Meanwhile, on the ground, the Foreign Secretary takes charge. She’s told that they have under four hours before the plane lands at Heathrow.

The plane has just crossed into Romanian air space but is refusing to cooperate with their air traffic control.

Marsha receives an odd phone call about a delivery for Sam. Two thugs have located Sam’s home and are snooping around the building. These criminals appear to be linked with the terrorists on the plane.

Why are the Romanians concerned?

The Foreign Secretary communicates with the Romanian government. The Romanians fear that they have been faced with a terrorist threat as the unresponsive plane heads toward their capital, Bucharest. They threaten to use military action to defeat the terrorists.

With the Romanian jets cruising alongside the plane, Stuart orders all the blinds to be closed. Flight attendant Colette defies the terrorists’ orders and opens a blind.

The Romanian pilots spot Colette in the window. The terrorist heads over with his gun waving and quickly shuts the blind. This weapon is also spotted by military pilots.

Why can’t the Captain communicate with the Romanians?

The Captain figures out that they are heading right for the capital city. He informs the terrorists; they need to communicate with the jets, or they will be shot down. The terrorists agree, and the Captain goes to the cockpit, but his headset won’t work. Stuart has damaged it beyond repair.

Adding to this mounting tension, Lewis is now coughing up blood and seems close to dying. They ask for a doctor once again. Lewis asks to phone his mother, and Sam passes him his phone.

Just before handing over the phone, Sam cleverly sends a secret voice message to Marsha.

How do they find out the terrorists’ identities?

Marsha receives the voice message instantly. Sam has left her a cryptic message detailing his current predicament and the terrorist’s specific phone number. Marsha passes this on to Dan. The Detective finds the owner of the phone number and enters the individual’s name into the database. He discovers that Lewis and Stuart Atterton are part of a large organised crime syndicate based in the UK. They have the terrorists’ details.

Hijack Season 1 Episode 4 Ending Explained

Back on the plane, a doctor called David eventually responds to Sam’s cries for help. David notices that Lewis has stopped breathing. They puncture a pen into his chest to save his life.

The jets are ordered to shoot down the plane and initiate their countdown sequence. The Foreign Secretary is informed of the five terrorist’s identities; they are all British citizens. She informs the Romanian government that they are a British threat, and the military pilots abort their mission at the last second.

In that manic finale, the jets are called off, Lewis is saved, and the terrorist’s identities are revealed. The episode ends with the Home Secretary being handed a list of demands by the crime syndicate.

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