Record of Youth episode 3 recap – Hye-jun makes a big decision

By Daniel Hart
Published: September 14, 2020 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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Netflix K-drama series Record of Youth season 1, episode 3


Record of Youth episode 3 shows a downbeat Hye-jun still mulling over the military in a light chapter that shows further gulfs between the rich and poor.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series Record of Youth season 1, episode 3 contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

At a modelling shoot, Hye-jun does not look sure of himself as Hae-hyo helps him. Later, they have social plans but Hye-jun doesn’t want to go. He feels something flaring up inside him and his self-esteem has hit rock bottom. He’s still internalising his recent career rejections and he clearly does not feel comfortable being around his successful best friend.

Different upbringings

The mothers Kim I-yeong and Han Ae-suk both claim they are not friends even though their sons are. The topic of Hye-jun comes up about him potentially joining the military. The pair have a brief disagreement, stating their upbringings are different. They keep clashing over how their children should be raised and getting into arguments. It’s world’s apart, wealthy versus poor that takes up this scene.

Don’t throw it away

Min-jae meets Hye-jun and reveals to him that she will be his manager and that a two-year hiatus will kill his career. She tells him that the only reason he didn’t get the movie role is that Hae-hyo has more followers than him. Hye-jun doesn’t seem interested.

A drink

Afterward, An Jeong-ha and Hye-jun text each other and agree to meet. They go for a drink but Jeong-ha makes them a coffee in flasks as she doesn’t like wasting money. A flashback shows her in a corporate job and her manager asks her to force through an expense receipt without evidence. She’s clearly precious about money and how it’s used — in the present day, she argues with Hye-jun that she has principles.

During their drink, Hye-jun’s grandfather video calls and he states that Jeong-ha is pretty. After the call, the pair take a photo together and their heads get close for the selfie and the scene suggests a tension between them.

A job close to home

Another flashback reveals that Hye-jun was shocked when younger when he learned that his mother was working for Hae-hyo’s mother. They had long discussions about whether it was okay but Hye-jun did not want to be selfish and gave his blessing. In the present day, Hye-jun’s mother feels guilty that they are still not financially secure.

A content evening

Hye-jun and An Jeong-ha walk in the rain under an umbrella. Hye-jun talks about his past relationships which gets Jeong-ha fretting — he tells her he is comfortable around her. He seems rather attentive as the evening wears on which sets her back. Jeong-ha is content with the evening.

I want An Jeong-ha

Hae-hyo walks into a salon and asks An Jeong-ha to do his make up, not Jin-ju. There’s tension in the room but the boss agrees that Jeong-ha should do it. A personal victory for Jeong-ha who has had to endure a lot from her colleague. Hae-hyo compliments her work as she works on him. Hae-hyo seems to want to talk but Jeong-ha says she isn’t interested in him and that she liked Hye-jun before she even met him — she doesn’t want to develop feelings though but there’s a sense it is too late.

An opportunity

An Jeong-ha hints at an opportunity so Hye-jun meets her and asks about it. He gets close to her on the table. An Jeong-ha questions if they are sitting too close. She suggests that his grandfather could be an elderly model and she is frustrated at him for dismissing her suggestions. Episode 3 sees the makeup artist desperately finding ways to make the model stay and not go to the military.

Don’t exhaust all possibilities

Hye-jun meets Min-jae and gives him a cut of his wage from the modeling she arranged for him. She isn’t interested as he’s enlisting to the military soon. The pair argue. Min-jae tells him to not exhaust all possibilities and months away from the limelight could make him less popular.

I’m your fan

Hye-jun asks An Jeong-ha for a buzz cut so he is prepared for the military. She refuses to cut it as he isn’t enlisting for ten days. Hye-jun questions whether she is Hae-hyo’s fan and senses that she’s lying. She admits that she’s a fan of him, not his friend; he smiles and walks off.

The ending

Hye-jun’s grandfather claims he’s still got it and shows his catwalk. He takes his grandfather to catwalk practice. The next day, Min-jae has got Hye-jun some lines in the movie he got rejected for and he’s surprised.

Hye-jun returns home and speaks to his mother Han Ae-suk about getting lines for the movie he failed to get a role for. It’s not the same role but it’s still an opportunity. His mother tells him he doesn’t want to get hurt. When his father enters the room, he tells Hye-jun that he hopes the military learns manners.

Hye-jun turns around and tells his father that he has agreed to be in a movie. His father calls him an imbecile and throws a bag of meat at him — the pair argue. Han Ae-suk then let’s go of the father who is angry and tells him she is done with him. Record of Youth episode 3 shows a downbeat Hye-jun still mulling over the military in a light chapter that shows further gulfs between the rich and poor.

Additional points
  • Min-jae is putting in a lot of effort to find Hye-jun work.

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