Signs season 2, episode 3 recap – well, that was shocking

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: September 16, 2020 (Last updated: February 13, 2024)
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Signs season 2, episode 3 recap - well, that was shocking


A shocking moment of violence injects some energy into the show as multiple subplots continue to develop.

This recap of Signs season 2, episode 3 contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

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In the now obligatory opening flashback, we see a pre-beard Father Roman drinking holy water straight from the font. He’s embroiled in the plot with Eliza and the Professor for reasons that’ll become clear over the next few episodes.

In the present day, or I suppose the present nighttime, Trela goes out to Sobczyk’s place in the woods and breaks in, finding it empty. In the hidden cellar, though, he finds the little bed and the manacles and Nina’s name scraped into the wood along with a tally chart. When he leaves and returns to the hut, he finds Sobczyk there and savagely beats him with what admittedly look like really weak punches. He’d probably have left it there, but Sobczyk can’t keep his mouth shut and taunts him by saying Nina won’t ever forget him. In response, Trela beats him to death with a tire iron.

This is easily the most impactful thing that’s happened thus far, and it’s striking to see a burst of violence in such a slow-paced show. Afterward, Trela buries Sobczyk and burns his hut down, getting naked in the process. Some full-frontal nudity is on offer here for anyone who was really keen to see Trela’s little p***s. As Trela watches the place burn down in the nude, we see Dorota watch him from the trees, crying. Does nobody ever check where she is?

Meanwhile, Ada learns that Eliza and the Professor’s car has been dusted for prints, but it was intentionally cleaned. When she returns home, she finds Trela smoking — obviously — and cradles him while he sobs. Let’s be fair, he’s had a rough evening.

Things are going better for Blazej, since Kaja is moving in with him to keep up appearances that they’re a couple. She’s wearing a Watch Dogs: Legion t-shirt, which is the first bit of very obvious advertisement for Ubisoft’s upcoming game. It fits in about as elegantly here as the promo for Rainbow Six Siege did in the first season, but there’s an even more egregious instance of this later. Anyway, she takes that shirt off, obviously taking their ruse quite seriously. Twerski’s plan is to blame the town’s increasing number of tragedies on Antoni as a way to strengthen their own campaign.

Speaking of Antoni, he’s trying to match the scale of Blazej’s advertising despite being broke, and Agata’s drug dealing is hardly likely to turn up the funds. She tries to cut a deal with Jonasz to peddle his holy water on a more arranged basis but he says she disgusts him, which nips that idea in the bud.

In a flashback, we see Eliza getting really into books about the hidden secrets of Sowie Doly. We later see Pre-Beard Roman with her; this is all starting to come together, but not quite yet.

In the present day, Ada gets Nina to write down everything she knows about her kidnapping, and she writes that she didn’t see her kidnapper, it was dark, and she was in shock. Go Team Trela, I guess. Blazej and Kaja also give a hilarious televised speech in which they declare that after they’re married they intend to adopt a disabled baby. Imagine anyone falling for that. Then again, given the state of our current political discourse, maybe it isn’t that funny after all.

We learn in this episode that Jonasz has possession of the tire iron that Trela beat Sobczyk to death with — Dorota must have delivered it to him. Elsewhere, Agata gets beaten and robbed by a group of men who smash her phone, so her drug-dealing days are cut short quickly.

We end with Pawel, drunk as ever, roaming the woods look for Kasia. He thinks he finds her but it’s a hallucination; we see him looking at her mangled bike and imagining taking her home, but she isn’t there. I don’t fancy her chances at this point.

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