Record of Youth episode 5 recap – a family member moves out

By Daniel Hart
Published: September 21, 2020 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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Netflix K-drama series Record of Youth season 1, episode 5


Record of Youth episode 5 is another lackluster episode; the characters feel like passengers in the story with the script and pace not working.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series Record of Youth season 1, episode 5 contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

At the start of episode 5, An Jeong-ha joins Hae-hyo on the way to a rehearsal — she feels she is achieving her dreams too early by having this opportunity to be the personal makeup artist for an actor. But this scene confirms that Hae-hyo likes this woman, despite his friend having an interest in her. This could cause repercussions later.

A family member is moving out

Sa Gyeong-jun is moving out and Han Ae-suk didn’t know about it but the father did. She asks about the rent and she’s alarmed by the expenditure, calling him impulsive. Despite the stressful conversation, Sa Gyeong-jun insists that he’s moving out with his own money. He then raises to his father how he finds it suspicious that his mother has worked for Kim I-yeong for 10 years despite finding it too hard sometimes. We learn that despite the differences between Kim I-yeong and Ae-suk, they’ve found commonalities.

Kim I-yeong did find a new housekeeper but she didn’t like her services and how she did things. She asked Ae-suk to work for her again with a pay rise. This was some background but it was a bit too extensive for what it was.

Are you dating?

While in the car, Hye-jun nearly runs a kid over and he gives An Jeong-ha an earful for unbuckling her seatbelt. This leads to flirting and Min-jae in the back of the car asks if the pair are dating. They are definitely getting closer.

Family meeting incoming

When Hye-jun returns home, Sa Gyeong-jun briefs him that he’s moving out and that he should get his room — he encourages him to speak to their mother about the room.

Hae-hyo has dinner with his family as well; such a contrast in setting and the home. Hye-jun’s family kneel down together around the table and start the family meeting about Sa Gyeong-jun moving out. Sa Gyeong-jun talks about space in the apartment and how Hye-jun has to share a room with his grandfather — Hye-jun doesn’t want the meeting to be about him. Sa Gyeong-jun continues his point and blames poverty for this situation and that moving out will solve the problem. The grandfather then gets emotional and says how tiring it is getting talked down to by his son every day. This family is highly dysfunctional, mostly born from their financial woes. They rely on each other so much that even one of them moving out is a big debate.

Sibling problems

After the family meeting, Hye-jun confronts Sa Gyeong-jun — it’s clear that the siblings have an intense disagreement that is ongoing. The tension formulated by living in close quarters with limited space is a running theme in this Netflix series.

The ending

Hye-jun rehearses his scene on set. An Jeong-ha and Hae-hyo acknowledge that Hye-jun is starting to look like a real actor. Hye-jun takes the opportunity and secures a more focused action set. He hurts the lead actor Do-ha by accident. He’s getting on his nerves. In the next scene, Hye-jun is bleeding from the fight scene and needs a plaster. Afterward, Hye-jun offers to take An Jeong-ha home and they take the bus home. The pair continue to enjoy each other’s company. It then starts raining and Hye-jun just looks at her as it pours. He says he wants to be rained on — he tells An Jeong-ha that he thinks he likes her.

Record of Youth episode 5 is another lackluster episode; the characters feel like passengers in the story with the script and pace not working.

Additional points
  • Hye-jun’s ex-agent threatens to destroy Hye-jun’s career.
  • Agent Mr. Lee remembers how sweet and generous Hye-jun was and how it felt it was impossible that his career couldn’t lift up — then he realized was dominated by the bad and ugly.
  • Hye-jun is very immersed in acting which Min-jae is happy with.
  • Hye-jun’s grandfather has attended the modeling class.

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