Record of Youth episode 6 recap – Hye-jun loses a good role

By Daniel Hart
Published: September 22, 2020 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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K-drama series Record of Youth season 1, episode 6


Record of Youth episode 6 is 80 minutes long but what you get from it does not justify the feature-length — at this point, you have to conclude there’s nothing to shout about in this K-drama series.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series Record of Youth season 1, episode 6 contains significant spoilers.

We will be recapping every episode — check out and bookmark the archive.

The opening

We revisit that scene where Hye-jun tells An Jeong-ha that he thinks he likes her as the rain pours on them. Like a true gentleman, he covers them both from the rain. She invites him to his place to get an umbrella. The pair discuss family as Hye-jun dries off. They look at drawings in the apartment together. Hye-jun reminds An Jeong-ha about his confession in the rain; she walks into her bedroom and talks to herself about it, believing she needs to resist. This shows that the series is not going to drag this out like most of the chapters. Both characters are progressing this love storyline quickly.

Take it slow

Sa Min-gi rings his grandson Hye-jun and says he needs a portfolio for modelling. He agrees to help and leaves An Jeong-ha’s place. An Jeong-ha admits to liking Hye-jun back and both agree to take it slow. At this point, it’s still important to remember that Hae-hyo likes An Jeong-ha as well. It’s a drama waiting to happen.

You are dating?

Hae-hyo brings An Jeong-ha flowers and asks how her work has been and congratulates her on the promotion to Designer. He seems bothered that An Jeong-ha is considering dating with Hye-jun as she brushed him off with a “Maybe” when he asks her out. At this point, he’s intruding a little too aggressively on his best friend’s love life.

A new role

Hye-jun learns from Jin-u that the actor Do-ha has been caught in an assault controversy and he advises to get in touch with Min-jae in case there’s a delay in the film. But there’s good news: Min-jae has gotten a role for a TV mini-series. Meanwhile, agent Lee Tae-su has told the director that Hye-jun betrayed him and made Min-jae his agent — the director isn’t happy and Min-jae has her work cut out — Hye-jun loses the role soon after she told him he got it. This puts the rest of the chapter in a strange position.

Appreciation by Sa Min-ji

An Jeong-ha is late to Sa Min-ji’s portfolio shoot. She helps them process the photos. Afterwards, Sa Min-ji offers his appreciation to Hye-jun, An Jeong-ha and Jin-u. He feels elated but envious of them. Episode 6 shows the grandfather having a new lease of life — he’s enjoying himself.

It’s revenge

Min-jae confronts Tae-su about his game playing and losing Hye-jun that role. He tells her he is teaching them a lesson about the industry and it’s revenge because they both left his agency. Min-jae cries in her car when she learns that An Jeong-ha and his friends have congratulated Hye-jun on his new role. Afterwards, Tae-su has gained Do-ha’s trust again by extinguishing the fires over the assault controversy.

First date

Hye-jun and An Jeong-ha walk the streets holding hands. Hye-jun walks her home and watches her walk inside with a smile on his face. The next day, they go to the cinema together. Before the film, she shows him a way for blind people as she likes to understand how others feel. He touches the watch and also holds her hand gently which has an impact on An Jeong-ha.

A proud family

Hye-jun gives his grandfather his modelling portfolio and he is impressed. They are both called for a family dinner. They all talk about the TV series that Hye-jun has landed a role in. The mother Han Ae-suk is excited to hear all about it. After dinner, Hye-jun keeps trying to ring Min-jae but she isn’t answering. He finds her the next day and she tells him he should fire her, calling herself clumsy. Hye-jun seems to handle the news well and accepts that she made a mistake but he isn’t happy with her for dodging him.

We’ve established that Hye-jun is a rather forgiving person but it comes out full throttle in this scene.

My son has a role

Han Ae-suk tells Kim I-yeong that her son has been cast for a mini-series titled Catch. She seems surprised because Hae-hyo has also been approached for a role. Kim I-yeong rings around and finds out the truth which is embarrassing for Han Ae-suk. Kim was way too eager to find out the truth in this scene — it’s always point scoring with these two.

Sa Min-gi’s health scare

While practising his catwalk, Sa Min-gi collapses and Sa Gyeong-jun runs to his aid. He ends up in the hospital. Sa Min-gi packs a hospital bag for him but then sees the modelling portfolio. The doctor says he has collapsed due to exhaustion. Hye-jun’s father accuses Hye-jun of encouraging to do modelling work. The father and son argue again about careers and then the father slaps him. Hye-jun is ashamed of his father for hitting him and heads outside to cry.

The ending

Hye-jun meets An Jeong-ha to cheer him up. She calls herself an anti-depressant as a joke. There’s a piano outside and Hye-jun shows what he can do. They play together. Hye-jun narrates, admitting he is in love with her; he proceeds to play a love melody and sings. When he finishes they both look at each other intensely and then kiss.

Record of Youth episode 6 is 80 minutes long but what you get from it does not justify the feature-length — at this point, you have to conclude there’s nothing to shout about in this K-drama series.

Additional points
  • Hye-jun meets his agent Min-jae. The agent is fretting over his small injury from acting.
  • At work, An Jeong-ha is still having issues with Jin-ju.
  • Jin-u reveals to Hye-jun that he’s dating Hae-hyo’s sister Hae-na. Afterwards, he gets a hotel room for them both and declares his love for her. Hae-na was expecting sex but Jin-u ruins the moment.

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