Record of Youth episode 7 recap – a new hope for Hye-jun

By Daniel Hart
Published: September 28, 2020 (Last updated: 1 weeks ago)
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Netflix K-drama series Record of Youth season 1, episode 7


Episode 7 once again shows its lacklustre storytelling — what’s more surprising is for a show that prides itself on feature-length episodes, nothing really progresses at any pace. It’s too slow.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series Record of Youth season 1, episode 7 contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

An Jeong-ha continues to be bullied by Jin-ju. At this stage, it’s becoming routine. It’s surprising it hasn’t ended up in a fight. Kim I-yeong is given to An Jeong-ha as a client but then Kim corrects the salon manager and tells them that Jin-ju is her make-up artist. Afterwards, at Subway, Min-jae asks Ahn Eun-young to comfort Hye-jun because she’s messed up.

This whole bullying scenario does not seem to be moving — An Jeong-ha clearly has promise in this industry so maybe that’s what her conclusion will be for this.


Hye-jun rings An Jeong-ha and he’s in absolute tears after his father slapped him. She asks him if he’d like to hang out. She narrates how she understands what it’s like to be heartbroken. Flashbacks show her mother’s disapproval at An Jeong-ha and her father’s artwork. The mother wants the father to go out and make money, calling him irresponsible and weak.

I love him

Hye-jun picks up An Jeong-ha in the van and it’s quiet at first. She gives him chocolate and a hot drink in a flask. An Jeong-ha narrates, highlighting how she loves this man. The pair play the piano together which leads to their first kiss. They give each other permission that they are allowed to kiss each other all the time.


Hae-hyo asks An Eun-young how Hye-jun is and they both agree how he helps, even on a rugged path. Meanwhile, Hye-jun helps his brother Sa Gyeong-jun to his apartment. When he gets there, someone is living in his place — it looks like he has been scammed as the realtor company doesn’t exist anymore. When Sa Gyeong-jun checks up on the facts and the authorities explain that they will reach him when they have answers. Hye-jun takes his brother out to eat.

What’s noticeable in this scene is that Hye-jun looks non-emotional about the situation — there’s definitely a gulf in this sibling relationship.

Chasing after her

An Eun-young gets an email from Lee Yeong-su, partner manager at BCZTV’s Korea team asking if she’d like a partnership. After acting on set, Hae-hyo remembers the moments that An Eun-young explains how much she likes Hye-jun. He chases after An Eun-young and tells her that they should end the day right before saying goodbye.

It’s difficult to like Hae-hyo at this point and the plot can only make you angry; it’s almost like because he’s wealthy he expects An Eun-young to like him and not his best friend. He’s overstepping boundaries due to his misplaced privilege.

A chance to leave

Hye-jun tells his brother that he needs to accept what’s happened. Sa Gyeong-jun is upset that he finally had a chance to move on. The father then sees all of Sa Gyeong-jun’s stuff and is surprised that he as returned. The family ask Hye-jun what’s happened and he explains that his brother has been scammed. The family debate the issue as always, showing their dysfunctionality.

You got the role

Jin-u has been dumped. Hae-hyo wants to know who the woman is but the subject is changed. Jin-u ends up walking off. Meanwhile, Min-jae is excitable that Hye-jun has a decent opportunity for acting and tries to pump him up — the casting team ring Min-jae and express that they want to cast him. Min-jae rings Hye-jun and expresses the good news. Hye-jun is pumped but Hae-hyo doesn’t look too happy about it.

Again, it’s difficult to like Hae-hyo at the moment.

The ending

Hye-jun meets An Eun-young and tells her the good news. They walk together with joy on their faces. The next scene shows Hye-jun on the series he has been cast for. He’s a doctor at a hospital — he struggles with the medical terminology. He doesn’t want to leave the set until he gets the words as he has done a bad job. One of the actresses tells him to go home and stop torturing himself.

His family loves the TV show. Kim I-yeong and agent Lee Tae-su watch the show pondering.

Record of Youth episode 7 once again shows its lacklustre storytelling — what’s more surprising is for a show that prides in feature-length episodes, nothing really progresses at any pace. It’s too slow.

Additional points
  • Sa Min-gi tells his son that he was trying to live a little.
  • Jin-u shows up at University to talk Ha-nae as she hasn’t been responding to him.
  • Lee Yeong-su meets Ahn Eun-young and he is complimentary about her channel.

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