Invincible season 1, episode 3 recap – what happened in “Who You Calling Ugly”?

By Daniel Hart
Published: March 26, 2021
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Amazon original Invincible season 1, episode 3 - Who You Calling Ugly


“Who You Calling Ugly” completes a strong release day with a string of three chapters, leaving the audience wanting more in this weekly format for Amazon Prime.

This recap of Amazon original Invincible season 1, episode 3, “Who You Calling Ugly”, contains spoilers.

With The Guardians of the Globe dead, except Omni-Man, there’s a sombre funeral that takes place on a sunny day. Omni-Man delivers an inspiring speech for the funeral, listing every member of the squad, but then offers hope that they will rely on new heroes. There’s a feeling that Omni-Man doesn’t know what he’s done — is he controlled by something evil, or is he fooling the audience? Mark is now feeling the true extent of this dangerous world — he feels he isn’t up to his title — Invincible.

At the funeral, Damien Darkblood shows up which irks Omni-Man, believing he’s not investigating for justice but because he wants to go home. He insinuates that Omni-Man was involved. Meanwhile, Cecil Stedman asks Robot to assemble a new team. “Who You Calling Ugly” gives a sense of a new age amongst these characters.

Debbie doesn’t want a broken family

And the issues with Omni-Man can be felt at home in the third episode.

When the Grayson family returns home, Debbie speaks to Nolan about his attitude against his friends’ death. Nolan calls them his co-workers and that they need to keep their job away from home. Debbie is worried about a broken family. Little does Omni-Man know, but the house is bugged; he’s under investigation. After feeling gloomy in his room, Mark rings Amber for comfort; he asks her for a “study date”, and Amber agrees.

Cheating Rex

There’s trouble afoot for Atom Eve and Dupli-Kate, which implies a potential love triangle for Mark.

At the Teen Team base, Atom Eve finds Rex cheating on her with Dupli-Kate. Rex believes Atom Eve is dating Invincible now, but she denies anything is happening, and she is upset.

Trials conducted by Robot

Robot gathers superheroes together to go through trials for the new The Guardians of the Globe team. Invincible turns up to watch this unfold. One of the superheroes tells Rex that he has a little dick after he mocked her. The girl transforms into a larger being and embarrasses Rex by beating him up. Invincible intervenes and punches the younger girl to the ground — she’s not really young though; she looks young, and being called a child irritates her. Robot puts together a potential team and tells Atom Eve that she will be on the same team as Rex and Dupli-Kate. She tells Robot she can’t and then tells Invincible that Rex cheated on her with Dupli-Kate. Invincible calls Rex an arsehole.

Invincible season 1, episode 3, sees how an organization always has to replace, even in the face of tragedy.

A short study date

Growing up as a superhero and having a normal life is hard going by previous comic book adaptations — it’s never achievable.

For his study date, Mark’s friend William gives him tips and quips. Amber heads over, and Mark decides to “be him” and shows her his comic obsession. During their date, Mark’s phone will not stop calling. When Amber leaves the bedroom, Cecil Stedman appears and asks Mark if he wants to be a superhero, implying that he is not taking it seriously; he tells them theirs a rogue supervillain on the loose at Mount Rushmore. He gives Amber an excuse to leave and joins Atom Eve to Mount Rushmore to stop Doc Seismic.

Bringing down Doc Seismic

Invincible and Atom Eve tackle Doc Seismic together; his motives are based on left progressive politics; he states how the men on Mount Rushmore were oppressors. While fighting Doc Seismic, they have to save tourists as well. Dr. Seismic falls in lava, meaning Atom Eve and Invincible save the day. When he returns home, Mark’s father tells his son he is beginning to understand the chores of being a superhero, balancing personal life, and saving the day. When Mark gets to his bedroom, Amber is annoyed that he left her for an hour. However, he manages to sweet-talk her.

Meanwhile, Rex tells Atom Eve that he screwed up — he tells her he loves her and that he’s sorry. However, she rejects his apology and heads over to Mark’s place. She sees Mark hooking up with Amber, so she flies off. This will not be over, obviously.

The ending

In a supervillain prison, one of the prisoners escapes. The blue brute frees his clone and sets off the security systems, and they fight through the guards. As they leave, there are weapon security systems. The clone blue brute betrays the original and uses him as a shield against the weaponry, leaving him dead. It’s revealed that Robot helped these super-villains escape — is the Robot behind the murders of The Guardians of the Globe?

As the episode ends, Damien Darkblood heads into the Grayson household late at night and speaks to Debbie. He raises his suspicions about her husband. When Nolan heads downstairs, Damien disappears, and Debbie pretends there was nobody in the house. She clearly doubts her husband, as well.

Invincible season 1, episode 3 completes a strong release day with a string of three chapters, leaving the audience wanting more in this weekly format for Amazon Prime.

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