Invincible season 1, episode 4 recap – what happened in “Neil Armstrong, Eat Your Heart Out”?

By Daniel Hart
Published: April 2, 2021
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Amazon original Invincible season 1, episode 4 - Neil Armstrong, Eat Your Heart Out


Episode 4 continues its laidback but fun storytelling as marriage problems need fixing, and Mark balances his first girlfriend and a trip to Mars.

This recap of Amazon original Invincible season 1, episode 4, “Neil Armstrong, Eat Your Heart Out”, contains spoilers.

As we can tell from last week’s responseInvincible has been well received. So it looks like we are in for another rollercoaster superhero series!

Episode 4 begins with an excavation site in a desert. Sayid complains that his men are too slow. He enters a tomb that has been opened. He resurrects the person who the tomb is for, but then the door suddenly shuts.

The training continues

And being a new superhero means plenty of training; it seems as Mark is still put through the paces by his father.

Nolan is still teaching Mark how to be a superhero by flying to Mount Everest — Nolan talks about how they’ve achieved peace on many planets. He explains how when Mark’s grandparents died; he wanted a fresh start to help the earth. Mark is unsure whether he can leave Earth, but Nolan reminds him that it takes sacrifice to be a superhero.

After superhero training, Mark takes Amber out on a date to a food festival. Amber tells Mark to take her out on another date, and they kiss. Bless…

Nolan tells Damien Darkblood to leave his family alone

Of course, Damien Darkblood’s suspicion’s of Nolan are warranted, and episode 4 sees him not giving up his investigation.

Nolan approaches Damien Darkblood about going to his house and talking to his wife. He tells him to leave his family alone. Damien Darkblood believes Nolan’s wife already suspects he murdered The Guardians of the Globe.

The new The Guardians of the Globe

Robot and The New Guardians of the Globe check out their new establishment. Cecil tells them that the hard work starts now. After their altercation in the last episode, Amanda (Monster Girl) and Rex make up. Robot tells Rex to be careful around Amanda and to behave.

New mission – Mars

A different chapter means a different mission, and episode 4 shows how some missions are straightforward for these superheroes.

Cecil Stedman teleports into the Grayson household in the middle of the night, and Nolan grabs him by the throat, believing it was an enemy. He wants help with four astronauts going to Mars. Mark offers to go, but Nolan doesn’t want him to. His mother tells Mark that he needs to decide what hero he wants to be. Cecil Stedman returns to base, and the plan was to get Nolan in space so they could investigate thoroughly; however, he doesn’t mind checking out what Mark can do.

Heading to Mars

We can feel a love triangle forming, folks, but this may be a slow burn.

At school, Eve tells Mark that she doesn’t want to be a superhero right now. She tells Mark that he should only tell Amber that he’s a superhero if he’s serious about her. Mark then tells Amber that he will be gone for 2 weeks and asks her not to lose interest in him. Mark then secretly boards the expedition ship that is heading to Mars. Meanwhile, Nolan still disagrees with Debbie about Mark going to Mars.

Spending time together

The couple continue to argue, and Nolan tells Debbie that he’s terrified that he can lose everything since Mark got his powers. They agree to go away together. The pair reminisce, but Debbie still feels something is wrong.

Nolan tells her that Cecil believes he’s behind the murders of The Guardians of the Globe and wants her to trust him. He wants her to say she trusts him as a dragon appears behind them, destroying a town. He tells her he’s on vacation and wants Cecil Stedman to earn his paycheque.

Guarding the expedition

Mark makes it to Mars with the expedition team, and he has to remain silent, so the astronauts don’t see him. He’s soon distracted, and he loses the expedition team very quickly. He ends up fighting off some alien life forms and sees an enclave of them.

Martians suddenly surround him. They take him to their leader. He asks if his expedition team can return to earth in one piece. However, the leader wants to execute the humans, so he has to help them escape and return to the ship. As he’s getting shot at, he has to help the ship get into the air. They manage to escape, but before he flies out, he takes a rock as a souvenir. On the ship, it’s revealed that one of the astronauts is now a Martian. Oops — this will be fleshed out in future episodes, we are sure.

At school the next day, Mark gives her the Mars rock and calls it an Earth rock.

The ending

Cecil Stedman captures Damien Darkblood and tells him he should have dropped the case. He starts an exorcism to get rid of the demon. Cecil wants to figure out why Nolan killed the Guardians, so he doesn’t want Damien Darkblood to investigate. After the chanting, Damien Darkblood disappears as he’s banished to Hell.

As the episode ends, Debbie is still feeling strange inside about recent events — she knows her husband is not acting normal. Meanwhile, Robot opens a chamber where he’s producing a monster and calls it “Phase 1 “.

Nolan tells Debbie that Cecil has told him that he’s in the clear and everything is fine. Narrator: everything is not fine.

Invincible season 1, episode 4 continues its laidback but fun storytelling as marriage problems need fixing, and Mark balances his first girlfriend and a trip to Mars.

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