Bruised ending explained – will Jackie secure a future for her son?

November 24, 2021
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This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Bruised, so it will contain spoilers.

Bruised begins with a short but vital sequence as we see Jackie Justice (Halle Berry) attempt to fight before she suffers an anxiety attack and leaps out of the cage. It causes devastating effects on her career, and as Bruised gets into full swing, Jackie is a disgraced MMA fighter and now cleans houses. But she finds herself jobless after she smashes the phone of her boss’s son and assaults him in the process.

Jackie’s job situation causes tension between herself and her boyfriend Desi (Adan Canto), who now states he will have to sell his necklace for money. Living in poor conditions, Jackie appears to be an alcoholic as she even hides alcohol in the cleaning bottles. But after attending an underground brawl with Desi, Jackie is drawn back into the world of fighting after a league promoter, Immaculate (Shamier Anderson), forces her into a fight. Which she wins. Afterward, Immaculate announces that he is from Invicta FC, the biggest female league in the game, and if Jackie joins a fight, he will give her $10,000. And if she wins? $20,000.

But before she can consider it, the son she abandoned at birth, Manny (Danny Boyd Jr), reenters her life. After his father died, he has nowhere else to go. But from the trauma of watching his father die, Manny has been left unable to speak. This provides a breaking point for Jackie and Desi. After Desi becomes violent and smashes Manny’s keyboard player, Jackie leaves Desi. With nowhere else left to go, Jackie and Manny move in with her mother, Angel (Adriane Lenox). But by doing so, Jackie is forced to relive the trauma of being raped by her mother’s numerous boyfriends and brother Dexter. 

Netflix film Bruised ending explained

Desperately trying to secure a better future for herself and Manny, Jackie agrees to train for the upcoming fight. But it isn’t always smooth sailing, namely the time when she loses Manny. After this, to Angel, it means that Jackie is an unfit mother and that she should be the one to care for Manny. Angel even goes as far as to say that she will call child services if Jackie fights against her. It’s a tough time for Jackie, but she trains even harder and unlike ever before. During this time, Jackie begins to bond with her trainer Bobbi (Sheila Atim). The relationship nearly turns romantic, but in the end, Jackie rejects Bobbi by saying that her sole attention must be on Manny. Bobbi doesn’t appear to take it well, and it’s possible that Bobbi falls off the wagon as a result. 

Ultimately when it’s come to the big fight, Bobbi isn’t there to support Jackie. But it’s too late for Jackie to back out now, and she goes ahead with the fight. It’s a strong fight from both sides, and it’s right down to the wire. When the results come in, Jackie loses (only just) by split decision. As she leaves, the crowd chant Jackie’s name and they announce her as the people’s champion. Even though Jackie lost, the moment is a cause of celebration, and it’s more than joyous to watch. 

After the fight finishes, an injured Bobbie visits Jackie. Bobbie states that it’s a long story as to why she didn’t attend the fight. But Bobbie hopes that it has helped prove to Jackie that Jackie doesn’t need anyone to succeed. In the closing moments of Bruised, Jackie tells Manny “little helped big” and that she will now get an apartment for both of them. As Jackie and Manny leave, Angel somberly watches them through the window. Jackie says to Manny, “You know where we’re goin’, Manny? Me neither. And it’s ok, we’re gonna figure it out”. As they walk through the streets, Manny wants his shoelaces tied. After she ties the laces for him, Manny finally speaks: “Thank you, Big”. 

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