Record of Youth episode 8 recap – does An Jeong-ha quit her job?

By Daniel Hart
Published: September 29, 2020 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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Netflix K-drama series Record of Youth season 1, episode 8


Episode 8 is a marked improvement as there is some passion injected into the story. This is hardly a saving moment for the series, but this was at least enjoyable.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series Record of Youth season 1, episode 8 contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Hae-hyo talks to his family about Hye-jun’s latest role in a TV series and his new girlfriend. Kim I-yeong wants to find her son some good roles. Meanwhile, Hye-min and An Jeong-ha listen to music together and eat. The couple is in the early phases of dating; being silly and having fun.

Not needing your parents’ help

Kim I-yeong raises to Ae-suk that Hye-jun has a role in a TV series and has a girlfriend. Ae-suk is disheartened that she knew nothing about these developments and that he didn’t need her for help. She tries to get more information from Kim I-yeong but she keeps trying to put in digs.

It’s surprising how these two still enjoy each other’s company — why do they continue to consider this dynamic? It clearly does not work.

Standing up to the bully

Jin-ju asks An Jeong-ha when she is going to quit and after she states that she hates her, she tries to slap her. An Jeong-ha puts her hand in the way to prevent being hurt — she’s standing up for herself to the bully.

Episode 8 shows a breaking point for An Jeong-ha — she’s ready to confront this issue head-on.

Workplace blues

Ar work, Sa Gyeong-jun is struggling to understand protocols at a bank. His colleagues bad-mouth him behind his back but he hears them in the bathroom and he’s confrontational about it. He seems rather confident in himself despite his setbacks. His manager tells him to be more lenient and show common sense in his decisions. After work, he meets his brother Hye-jun to go get dinner and his colleagues are shocked. The manager is impressed by his brother’s looks.

Tell me everything

While out for dinner, Sa Gyeong-jun gets very drunk so Hye-jun takes him home. He cries to his father about the stress and that he hopes the scammer’s family suffers for generations. Ae-suk raises how she was hurt that Hye-jun didn’t tell her about the role — he was afraid it would have fallen through again. They then talk about An Jeong-ha — Ae-suk wants to meet her.

What a difference two episodes makes — both brothers have flipped their situations; one is on a road for success while the other is wallowing in his recent setback.


For his latest role, An Jeong-ha dyes Hye-jun’s hair black. The following scenes show Hye-jun performing in his TV series. He’s a doctor with a love interest. At home, his mother and grandfather are emotional because he’s finally made it on TV. The father and brother do not seem bothered about it.

Do-ha is feeling insecure

Agent Lee Tae-su attends a meeting with Do-ha regarding some roles. While out drinking with women, one of the girls wants to put Hye-jun’s drama on. Do-ha turns it off and tells the women to leave as he says he basically feeds them. Tae-su reminds him that when his drama airs, everyone will love him.

Episode 8 sees Do-ha’s insecurity starting to take hold — he hasn’t got a grip on his career. It shows a difference in work ethic as well; Hye-jun works hard and has a plan while this actor does the same sh*t and expects the same results.

Popularity increasing

Hye-jun’s popularity has escalated, which involves many autographs and Min-jae proudly escorting him to fans. An Jeong-ha is proud of how far he has made it.

Jin-ju plots against Hye-jun

At work, An Jeong-ha has a dissatisfied customer who shouts at her in front of everyone and asks for a manager. Hye-jun saw the whole commotion but he doesn’t let her know that he saw it all. It turns out that Jin-ju planned the whole commotion; An Jeong-ha finds out and pours iced water all over her and announces that she quits.

It was time for An Jeong-ha to leave this place behind; it was emotionally killing her — at least she left by embarrassing Jin-ju.

Be more expansive

Min-jae tells Hye-jun that he might be getting the cosmetics campaign — she wants him to expand his projects. Hye-jun does not want to value fame over quality content. Min-jae is frustrated by her client’s approach. Meanwhile, Tae-su speaks to a publicist about Hye-jun as they are interested in him — he makes up a story about him.

The awkward dinner party

Hae-hyo has dinner with Jin-u, Won Ha-nae, Hye-jun and An Jeong-ha. He notices that his sister is being awkward around Jin-u. He then learns that Ji-a wants to join the social gathering. Hae-hyo meets Ji-a outside and they go for somewhere to eat — Hae-hyo raises how she knows that by attending the dinner party she will hurt someone. She explains how she and Hye-jun had a good run and asks Hae-hyo if he likes Hye-jun’s girlfriend. He doesn’t deny it. Ji-a wants to prove that her presence will not hurt anyone.

I grew up too fast

She walks through the door of the dinner party and Hye-jun seems impacted by her presence. Meanwhile, An Jeong-ha heads home because her mother is worried due to her quitting her job at the salon. Her mother shouts at her and An Jeong-ha cries when she says “Like father, like daughter”. An Jeong-ha raises how she was forced to grow up fast. Her mother tells An Jeong-ha to live with her rich father.

It’s interesting how Hye-jun has seemingly moved on from his ex Ji-a but was impacted by her presence. This sequence of scenes also shows some depth to An Jeong-ha’s life for the first time — she has a rocky relationship with her parents.

The ending

Hye-jun tests out a car with Min-jae in the passenger seat and he drives around a race track. He’s now got himself a flashy BMW and gives An Jeong-ha a ride as well. Hye-jun raises how she seems worried as they walk through a park. He apologises for being too busy.

They both talk about a stable life and An Jeong-ha isn’t sure that even exists. They both confess their love for each other. Later in the evening, the couple enjoys the rain together.

Record of Youth episode 8 is a marked improvement as there is some passion injected into the story. This is hardly a saving moment for the series, but this was at least enjoyable.

Additional points
  • Min-jae and Tae-su are still at loggerheads as opposing agents.
  • Sa Min-gi is told that if he improves, he could be a professional model.

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