Record of Youth episode 9 recap – Hye-jun’s popularity rises

By Daniel Hart
Published: October 5, 2020 (Last updated: January 10, 2024)
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Record of Youth Season 1 Recap
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Episode 9 toys with the same plot points that have dragged for weeks but it does introduce sweet subplots and shows interesting progression in Hye-jun’s career.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series Record of Youth season 1, episode 9 contains significant spoilers.

We will be recapping every episode — check out and bookmark the archive.

The opening

Episode 9 opens up with Hye-jun and An Jeong-ha dancing and laughing with each other in the rain. An Jeong-ha remembers the day she had to leave her father with her mother and how traumatic it was for her. In the present, An Jeong-ha wonders if Hye-jun turns around when they leave each other.

The father still pretends he does not approve

But the core story in Record of Youth episode 9 is Hye-jun’s raising popularity and what it brings — until now, the story has slow burned a rag to riches story for the character and now his dreams have come true.

At Hye-jun’s house, a family friend wants an autograph from Hye-jun. Obviously, the father is not amused but Sa Min-gi puts him in his place. We learn that secretly, the father watches Hye-jun’s drama on his phone. Meanwhile, An Jeong-ha is thinking of selling her place and finding a new house. Her father wants them to discuss it together. They plan to meet each other in Seoul. An Jeong-ha is planning on running her own beauty salon and has a different steer in life. She hasn’t told Hye-jun yet.

I like you because you are rich

Hae-hyo and Do-ha are on set; Do-ha wants to be friends with him due to his wealth — he claims he was poor when younger which is why he doesn’t like Hye-jun — he feels like he can relate to him too much.

This logic from Do-ha is flawed — why would you want to chill with wealthy people just because you were poor? And why would you not want to be friends with someone who has a similar upbringing? This seems like a desperate way to villainize the character but this is too extreme.

Jealousy creeping in

Hye-jun arrives in the salon. They talk about roles and business. Kim I-yeong is worried that Hye-jun is on the same level as her son now. Episode 9 proving that those in wealthy positions tend to try and keep the power and have this privilege that only they should taste macro success.

An offer from Min-jae to An Jeong-ha

Episode 9 sees An Jeong-ha continue to stick up for herself and put her foot down. The whole bullying in the workplace story feels a little dragged at this point though…

An Jeong-ha, Hye-jun, and Min-jae have a meal together. Min-jae gets angry that they are rubbing their romance in their faces. Min-jae asks An Jeong-ha if she’d like to be his personal make-up artist. She responds that she has decisions she has to make. Afterward, An Jeong-ha asks Jin-ju to apologize to her in front of everyone and accept that she’s a good person. Jin-ju predictably declines.

A touch and go interview

In an interview, the journalist asks Hye-jun about a role. He makes it clear that he makes choices on his next project and Min-jae nervously intervenes. He then gets a call from his grandfather with good news. The interviewer asks Min-jae if she knows agent Lee Tae-su — Min-jae chooses to keep her mouth shut.

The mothers once again, clash

Kim I-yeong tells Ae-suk that Hye-jun should be careful not to allow his dating to dismantle his career. Ae-suk can sense her friend is bothered about Hye-jun’s rising popularity.

There’s no way these two would still be friends by now.

The family meal turns into chaos

At catwalk training, the trainer tells Sa Min-gi that he’s hired to be in a print advertisement. He pays for dinner for the family. He then tells the family the news — Hye-jun’s father thinks it is a scam. The grandfather thanks Hye-jun for all the help. Hye-jun’s father continues berating Sa Min-gi and reduces him to tears which angers Hye-jun — they argue about the father’s lack of support. At night time, An Jeong-ha and Hye-jun text each other giddily.

The issue with Hye-jun’s father is that he’s comically proud to the point that he cannot see when things are going marvelously well.

His popularity was underestimated

In a press conference, Hye-jun, Do-ha, and Hae-hyo share the stage and take questions. When it’s Hye-jun’s turn to talk, the press begins to snap their cameras aggressively. It’s clear that he’s become more popular — he may even be more popular than the other two actors. Do-ha is clearly bothered and afterward asks Lee Tae-su how he lost his advertisement contract to Hye-jun. His agent tells him to trust him and stop being a brat — he asks for patience. Do-ha doesn’t want to be beaten by Hye-jun.

An Jeong-ha’s father asks for forgiveness

Record of Youth episode 9 does well to surface the relationship between An Jeong-ha and her father — it’s a sweet story; the father feels like an outsider trying to do anything for his daughter.

An Jeong-ha meets her father for some noodles. She likes how she can do anything with her father while her mother usually nags. Her father apologizes and gets emotional — he feels guilty for all the fighting between him and her mother when younger. He’s riddled with regret and An Jeong-ha doesn’t want him to cry. He feels like his daughter hasn’t forgiven him and he kneels on the floor — he says he will not leave the floor until she forgives him.

The ending

Hye-jun is starring in a Joseon drama and it’s full of action. It’s well-received and Min-jae shows all her friends who want to make a fan club. The media calls Hye-jun a “Superstar” after his latest appearance. Hye-jun tells Min-jae to remain focused despite the excitement. Meanwhile, Do-ha visits his agent Lee Tae-su and he’s bothered that he and Hye-jun are both nominated for Best Actor at the awards show. Also, Kim I-yeong is getting irked by all the good press as well — she expresses her frustration at Hae-hyo and is annoyed at how laid-back he is.

At the awards show, Hye-jun is hosting and he has to announce the best actor award. Sa Hye-jun wins the award and he’s shocked. For his acceptance speech, Hye-jun tells his story — he thanks his grandfather and tells his mother that he loves her. Hae-hyo looks pleased for him but Do-ha looks annoyed.

Episode 9 toys with the same plot points that have dragged for weeks but it does introduce sweet subplots and shows interesting progression in Hye-jun’s career.

Additional points
  • Agent Lee Tae-su tells Kim I-yeong that he will get Hae-hyo in for a certain role if she apologizes for all the insults.
  • Jin-u stands his ground to Won Ha-nae after she tries to get him to drive her home. He feels embarrassed at the way she treated him. She starts crying as he tells her he doesn’t like her anymore. He feels guilty for his words so gives her a hug and they sleep together again.
  • At the bank, Sa Gyeong-jun keeps getting harassed by colleagues with questions about his brother.

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