Record of Youth episode 15 recap – An Jeong-ha gives reasons for the break-up

By Daniel Hart
Published: October 26, 2020 (Last updated: January 10, 2024)
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Record of Youth Season 1 Recap
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Episode 15 platforms the story ready for the finale but it rehashes many plot points from the previous chapter which makes it feel a little repetitive.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series Record of Youth season 1, episode 15 contains significant spoilers.

We will be recapping every episode — check out and bookmark the archive.

The opening

The penultimate chapter rehashes a lot of the story while also dealing with the scandal that surrounds Hye-jun. So, overall, it’s an average chapter which hopefully leads to a more exciting finale.

Episode 15 begins with Reporter Kim meeting up with An Jeong-ha — she gives the reporter make-up tips and offers her services. Reporter Kim starts asking about Hye-jun, so An Jeong-ha starts recording the conversation and explains that the actor is a client of hers and just a friend.

Reporter Kim spins the conversation and asks An Jeong-ha if Hye-jun has changed since becoming famous — she also mentions that Ji-a is still not over the actor. An Jeong-ha continues to deny, deny, deny. So it’s established that most of this episode is before the break-up.

Min-jae needs to deal with the scandal

Gyeong-jun and Lee Tae-su ring Min-jae; the agent is under increasing pressure because an article has been released about Hye-jun, and she is responsible for handling PR affairs. Hye-jun could lose contracts, and Lee Tae-su is lurching on the sidelines waiting for Min-jae to slip up.

Hye-jun meets Min-jae about the article that was released, and he asks if An Jeong-ha was given the heads up because he doesn’t want her privacy infringed. He wants to protect her.

Hae-hyo is still unforgiving

Kim I-yeong tries to patch things up with Hae-hyo, but he tells her that she only thinks about herself. His mother tells him she wants the very best for him, but he shrugs off her approach and walks off.

This looks like a subplot that will be resolved in the finale.

An Jeong-ha’s mother finds out about her relationship

Hye-jun texts An Jeong-ha about having her over for a meal with his family. She declines the invitation as her mother is staying over for a few days. There’s a lot of reasons for them both to not meet up at the moment. An Jeong-ha’s mother is super excited that her daughter is dating Hye-jun — she mentions that she will not be left with nothing if they break up. An Jeong-ha is dismayed by her mother’s comments. Later on, An Jeong-ha narrates that she felt so much warmth as a child that she can forgive her mother.

I love you. We should break up

And then episode 15 returns to the dreaded break-up scene that can be felt through the screen.

As An Jeong-ha finds the words, her lips quiver and she gets slowly emotional before saying “I love you. We should break up”. She talks about how often he has apologised to her even though they love each other. She explains that every time Hye-jun apologises, it reminds her how hard it must be for him and she doesn’t want to be his emotional outlet. An Jeong-ha wants to go back to before she fell in love with him. As she gets up to leave, Hye-jun offers to drive her home.

As they walk to the elevator, An Jeong-ha tells him not to enter — she wants closure.

An Jeong-ha feels like a burden to Hye-jun — she’s doing what’s best for her and episode 15 confirms that both characters found each other at crossroads.

A glum Hye-jun and a rebuttal article

Hye-jun returns home, and his grandfather notices that he looks down. He tells Sa Min-gi that they will need to reschedule An Jeong-ha coming over for dinner. The next day, there’s a rebuttal article that states that Hye-jun rejected Charlie Jung’s advances — Min-jae is finally getting on top of the story.

Reporter Kim takes on Lee Tae-su

Fans will be pleased to see that Lee Tae-su is finally getting the karma he deserves and episode 15 slowly sees his downfall.

Ji-a tells reporter Kim to settle on the lawsuit and that she was clearly used because Lee Tae-su used to take advantage of Hye-jun financially. Reporter Kim meets Lee Tae-su and asks him why he lied about Hye-jun betraying him — she states she knows he stole money from clients. She’s furious, and she threatens to take his agency and Do-ha down.

Both siblings are defeated by their mother

Won Ha-nae speaks to her mother and tells her she has lost. Kim I-yeong tells her there is no way she can have what she wants. Meanwhile, Hae-hyo is looking to enlist.

The media u-turn

Reporter Kim u-turns in the media and clears Hye-jun’s name of any wrongdoing in the death of Charlie Jung. Min-jae tells Hye-jun that she will accept the decision he makes about their agency contract. Meanwhile, Do-ha is angry with Lee Tae-su about the article about his military service.

The ending

Ji-a gets her make-up done by An Jeong-ha — she tells her she will stop seeing Hye-jun to make her feel better. An Jeong-ha admits to them breaking up. Ji-a then tells Min-jae and Hye-jun that reporter Kim wants to settle. Ji-a wants to speak to Hye-jun privately. She tells him that he was the most beautiful part of her youth and that she can finally let him go emotionally. She then tells Hye-jun that she wants to be friends with An Jeong-ha.

As the episode ends, Hye-jun remembers the number of times he said sorry to An Jeong-ha. He pulls his car over and breaks down in tears. As the chapter ends, he approaches An Jeong-ha and tells her that he can’t break up with her, and his eyes are filled with tears.

Record of Youth episode 15 platforms the story ready for the finale but it rehashes many plot points from the previous chapter which makes it feel a little repetitive. The question that will be on everyone’s lips for the finale is, will Hye-jun and An Jeong-ha remain together?

Additional points
  • Do-ha tells Hye-jun that they are similar now.
  • Ae-suk learns about her husband’s health issues and wants him to calm down.
  • Sa Min-gi is offered a contract that gives him exclusivity to a modelling firm with his son as his agent. Their father/son relationship is strengthening.
  • Min-jae meets Hye-jun’s brother, and she retrieves his written apologies. The brother is concerned about Hye-jun’s latest show having lower ratings.

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