Record of Youth episode 12 recap – is An Jeong-ha falling for Hae-hyo? It's getting complicated.



Record of Youth episode 12 has plenty of drama brewing as we head to the last chapters of the series.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series Record of Youth season 1, episode 12 contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

I’ve been rather critical of Record of Youth, mostly for its watery story, but the latter chapters appear to be strengthening that story. Episode 12 seems pivotal.

Ji-a rings Hye-jun and tells him she has sorted the rumour with the reporter. Hye-jun is angry at Hae-hyo that he didn’t tell him that he got Ji-a involved. Hae-hyo calls him ungrateful and states that he has changed and that he didn’t have time to to get his opinion as his career has gotten intense and that Hye-jun is always with An Jeong-ha. Hae-hyo then learns that Hye-jun knew about Jin-u and Won Ha-nae — Hae-hyo walks out angry.

These two were due an argument.

Go and have fun with your boyfriend

The aftermath to the Jin-u/Won Ha-nae situation reaches a peak in episode 12 as the mother lays down the law — a harsh law that is invasive.

Kim I-yeong confronts Won Ha-nae about the Jin-u situation. She tells her she cannot get pregnant or married to Jin-u. These are cruel terms, especially as we know that Ha-nae has feelings for him. Kim I-yeong threatens to take financial aspects away like her credit card or car. She takes the car keys and tells Ha-nae to enjoy the day with her boyfriend. When Jin-u meets Ha-nae, he admits to loving her.

I have a heart too

Hye-jun meets with Ji-a for a drink and chat. He tells her he doesn’t want her in his life. Ji-a explains she no longer feels indebted to him after getting him out of a tight spot and claims she has a heart as well.

The broadcast

Episode 12 sees how a lack of communication and a third party (in this case Hae-hyo) can hurt a relationship rather quickly and the cracks are starting to form now between An Jeong-ha and Hye-jun.

An Jeong-ha asks Hae-hyo about Hye-jun. She says she’s texted him but she doesn’t want to bother him if he’s busy and tired. Hae-hyo suggests that she loves him. Jin-u and Hye-jun go out for drinks and a meal. Jin-u suggests that Hye-jun is a workaholic now. Hye-jun talks how Hae-hyo snapped at him earlier. Meanwhile, Hae-hyo sees how An Jeong-ha has made a broadcast called “Confession”; she’s about to talk about her boyfriend but then Hye-jun rings her so she pauses the live stream. He tells her about the article with Ji-a.

Hye-jun returns to her broadcast and people have commented that they have left to see Hye-jun’s ex-girlfriend give an interview. An Jeong-ha watches the interview and she seems absorbed by the situation.

Making amends

Late at night, Hye-jun and Jin-u see Hae-hyo. It’s tense — Hae-hyo pushes Jin-u over but they playfully make up as friends. Hye-jun left before Hae-hyo could confront him. Hye-jun heads to An Jeong-ha’s apartment; he says his friends feel neglected because he has spent too much time with her. An Jeong-ha talks about how Hae-hyo and that she’s grateful for him after lining her up with a famous actress. Hye-jun suggests that Hae-hyo could win her over but she brushes it off. The topic of Ji-a’s interview comes up; An Jeong-ha says she didn’t feel good watching it and that Ji-a is pretty. An Jeong-ha doesn’t want to be treated like a kid and states that the people that love Hye-jun want to share the burden with him and hiding things only hurts them. Hye-jun offers his hand and tells An Jeong-ha that he loves her.

But you get the sense that he’s saying he loves her to fix the situation short term, not think of a long term solution.

Parent/agent meeting

Hye-jun’s parents meet Min-jae at breakfast. Hye-jun’s father wants to know if Min-jae is sorting a lawsuit for the comments aimed at his son. And then Hye-jun talks to his father privately; he tells him that he can handle this himself and that Min-jae is his agent and who believed him in from the start.

A new production

The next few scenes show Hye-jun in a tense TV series about a romance. It’s almost like a romance/thriller and it’s dark and steamy. Afterwards, the actress he’s working with says she needs a new makeup artist. He recommends An Jeong-ha. They are recorded from afar and it looks like they are flirting.

Going after the current girlfriend

Min-jae gets a call from Reporter Kim who asks if Hye-jun is dating the make up artist. She strenuously denies it but then tells An Jeong-ha how’s she worried that they are now going after her.

A strange tension

And then the pivotal point of Record of Youth episode 12 and one that spurs on a moment that will confuse this growing love triangle.

Hye-jun and Hae-hyo ring the actress on video call who is part of the TV series. She jokingly mentions how she is dating Hye-jun or at least pretends to be when acting with him — she then tells Hae-hyo to look after her boyfriend. An Jeong-ha is listening in the background and there’s a weird awkwardness between them. Hye-jun asks Hae-hyo to take a photo of him and An Jeong-ha. On the way home, An Jeong-ha seems a little down. The next day, An Jeong-ha receives the photo from Hye-jun from the day before.

The ending

An Jeong-ha heads over to a production set to do Kim Song-yeon’s make up. On the way home, An Jeong-ha has to take the bus in the rain which reminds her of the time she was in the rain with Hye-jun. Hae-hyo shows up in his car and drives her home. When she gets home she invites Hae-hyo inside. They both look at each other as the storm brews outside.

So it looks like Hae-hyo’s persistence and little quips in An Jeong-ha’s ears have worked — and while most audiences will be a little frustrated with it, it makes for an entertaining last four episodes. The moral of the story is, if you fancy someone, just wait until your best friend is busy and then persistently encroach in their partner’s life — make them feel that your best friend is not available and caring.

Of course, I say the above as sarcasm but that’s essentially what has happened here.

Record of Youth episode 12 has plenty of drama brewing as we head to the last chapters of the series.

Additional points
  • Ae-suk is told by her friend to get a better agency for her son Hye-jun after recent rumours have spread.
  • Sa Min-gi heads to modelling company — he’s been offered a TV commercial that has good pay. His son seems impressed.
  • Hye-jun texts his mother on his promise to give her a comfortable life. This is an emotional moment for Ae-suk. He’s offered to pay off the debt with a substantial amount of money.

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5 thoughts on “Record of Youth episode 12 recap – is An Jeong-ha falling for Hae-hyo?

  • October 14, 2020 at 6:43 am

    I am feeling really vindicated right now.. that is all I’m saying.. i don’t know who she will pick in the end but I called it that the whole Hae Hyo thing was not as ” one sided” as everyone thought..

    • October 14, 2020 at 6:54 am

      You’ve misunderstood the problem. No-one has doubted the story at all. The story is clear. The issues raised was the behaviour of Hae-hyo — his persistence, his constant manipulative comments and not leaving An Jeong-ha alone despite her telling him numerous times that she’s spending time with Hye-jun.

      People are allowed to dislike a character’s behaviour regardless of where the story leads. But if you think Hae-hyo’s behaviour is fine by waiting for his best friend to not be available while constantly bugging An Jeong-ha, then that’s your opinion.

      Not sure what you are vindicated about — no-one has disagreed with you on where the story is going. It’s just that you like Hae-hyo and his friendship with An Jeong-ha.

  • October 14, 2020 at 1:20 pm

    I am more concerned by JA behavior.. Why is everyone blaming HH and not her.. She crossed the line,not HH, she should never have invited him into her apartment. She also knew HH liked her ( I think) and she still stayed around him.. JA has made poor choices regarding HH and she always stayed close.. I feel like she is more liable than he is..

  • October 14, 2020 at 3:25 pm

    In this episode HH has reached stalker status, he is openly planning with the ex to break them up. He has pushed past her attempts to keep a friendly distance. Inviting him up should have been a normal response for a friend, former client and boyfriends best friend. What scared me was the look on her face at the end, she almost seemed nervous scared because of the creepy look he was giving her. HH has no respect for her boundaries and wishes, and absolutely no respect for HJ.

    • October 16, 2020 at 5:18 am

      You really hate Hae Hyo… that was FUNNY!!! ?????… he is not a stalker and I seriously don’t think JA thought he was going to attack her ??????…. JA actually crossed the line, because she should not have invited him into her apartment. HH is very smart, he lets JA sets the pace with no pressure, he just shows her why he is the better man.. LOL..

      In S. Korea, it is very uncommon for a woman to invite a man up to her apartment besides her boyfriend, male relatives or men that she is very close with. So this signifies that JA feels close to HH.. and you can see the change over their relationship gradually.. First, he was only allowed to take her to the corner, then to her front door, and now she ‘s let him inside her home. This is actually very significant plot point. I don’t even think JA realizes but HH is very aware, he has been waiting for her to open her heart and to me that is what that final scene implies.. she is now open to HH..

      Look at the small details of the scene, how she called him when it rained, I mean the girl could have called an UBER but she called HH. Also, HH KNOWS HER, he knew her enough to bring her an umbrella which was also important. HH didnt try to force her to share an umbrella with him but he gave JA her own umbrella to walk to the car herself. Look at the way she looked at him when he did that.. LOL.. I could go on but its no point.. I understand you are a HH anti but your comment was super funny though..


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