Record of Youth episode 10 recap – An Jeong-ha hands in her resignation

By Daniel Hart
Published: October 6, 2020 (Last updated: January 10, 2024)
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Record of Youth Season 1 Recap
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Record of Youth episode 10 makes little progress but it does provide a cliffhanger that may change the course of Hye-jun’s luck.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series Record of Youth season 1, episode 10 contains significant spoilers.

We will be recapping every episode — check out and bookmark the archive.

The opening

The start of episode 10 shows An Jeong-ha spending more time with her father, expanding the new subplot introduced in episode 9.

An Jeong-ha has a meal with her father for breakfast. Her father enquires about her boyfriend. He then gives her money that he planned to give her for when she got married — he wants her to accept it. The father also reveals that he has started painting again so he can show her that he will work hard and live life to the fullest. He wants to be known for cherishing life. An Jeong-ha suddenly looks at him in a different light.

The interim check

The recent success of Hye-jun is sending everyone into a spin and it’s a little pathetic really in the grand scheme of things.

Hae-hyo’s father tells Hae-hyo that he should enlist into the military based on recent results in the film and TV industry. He’s clearly dissatisfied with the progress and the roles he has done. The father calls it an “Interim check”. Kim I-yeong tells Hae-hyo that his father is completely wrong and tells him to be more aggressive and less naive. She tells him his progress is stagnant while Hye-jun is rising. Hae-hyo tells her he will postpone enlisting and prove himself first.

Three options for Jin-ju

Episode 10 sees An Jeong-ha finally put the bullying story to bed; this has been dragged out for too long but the end result was worth the wait.

An Jeong-ha offers her resignation letter to the salon. Her manager seems okay with the resignation, albeit a little hurt. Afterward, she has lunch with Jin-ju at Subway. She wants to be comfortable with her now they are not colleagues. As Jin-ju leaves denying any chance of friendship, An Jeong-ha plays a video of Jin-ju bullying her and gives her 3 options; she sends the video to everyone — she gathers everyone and plays it in front of everyone — or third, she apologizes and she will delete it.

An offer of friendship

And with fame, it’s predictable that exes return, and Hye-jun has to battle with this in episode 10.

Ji-a goes on set to offer support for Hye-jun. He’s not happy that she’s come on set and makes his dissatisfaction known. Ji-a tells Hye-jun that she’s missed his honesty and offers friendship. Hye-jun tells her to be more emotionally stable and tells her that they can’t be friends and walks off.

What about me?

Hae-hyo comes to the salon and he asks An Jeong-ha if he’s just a client to her. He states he was only after some affection as she smiles. While doing an interview with a journalist, he names Hye-jun as his closest friend but wants more questions about him.

Hae-hyo continues to overstep boundaries

Hae-hyo is uncomfortable to watch in this Netflix series — in each chapter, he continues to pursue An Jeong-ha despite her being perfectly happy with his best friend Hye-jun. The story is almost unnecessary and you have to hope there’s a purpose behind what’s happening.

Ready for the evening, Hye-jun makes dinner while he waits for An Jeong-ha. Meanwhile, Hae-hyo tells An Jeong-ha that he wants to cheer up and asks her why she needs to go home — he mentions Hye-jun and wonders if he has her door code. He then asks if he can join her as he misses Hye-jun. This story is getting absurdly creepy now.

A lovely evening

With the rejection from An Jeong-ha, Hae-hyo meets Jin-u for drinks. He tells him that he feels annoyed. An Jeong-ha returns home and Hye-jun serves dinner. She hugs him from behind out of appreciation and love. She tells him that she’s leaving the salon and letting her father help with the house. Hye-jun approves that she’s letting her father help. After dinner, they watch Hye-jun on a TV series. The couple go for a walk after; An Jeong-ha is anxious that her salon may fail and Hye-jun feels anxious due to his recent success.

The award show

Record of Youth episode 10 runs through the award show again, seemingly to get a different perspective — however, there wasn’t much more perspective to gain.

Hye-jun gets a call from Min-jae and learns he has been nominated for Best Actor. He is shocked and An Jeong-ha is excited for him. Hye-jun’s family arrives at the awards ceremony and they are overawed and poised. Backstage, Hye-jun, Do-ha, and Hae-hyo discuss the chances of who will win the best actor. At the show, Hye-jun wins the best actor award and he’s in shock. Hae-hyo is clearly impacted by his friend rising above him — he has to wipe his tears in the bathroom.

But we knew this already — the new angle of the awards show did not change anything.

Hae-hyo and An Jeong-ha head out

After the ceremony, Hye-jun’s family congratulates him — An Jeong-ha sees him in the distance and walks outside. He tries calling her but she’s gone for a car ride with Hae-hyo as she apparently “owes him”. Hye-jun rings her but she can’t hear her phone. Do-ha rings Hae-hyo and he puts it on the car speakers — Do-ha is angry and drunk and tells him he doesn’t want Hye-jun to be successful. Hae-hyo puts the phone down and he pities himself over how his parents have been treating him. The pair then go for something to eat — Hae-hyo eats too quickly and ends up throwing up in the bathroom.

What a pathetic character.

The ending

Later in the night, Hae-hyo admits to An Jeong-ha that he hates being compared to his Hye-jun — there’s no sympathy to be felt here. When Hye-jun gets home, his brother asks why he didn’t mention his father in his acceptance speech. The father later confirms that he was a little hurt.

The next day, Hye-jun gets a call from Sergeant Lee Jin-yeong of the Criminal Investigation Division at Gangnam Police Station. They ask him to go to the station to give a statement regarding the death of Mr. Charlie Jung — remember the man who took a liking to Hye-jun and tried to give him money to control him? On the news, it’s revealed that the famous fashion designer has died. Hye-jun is in shock.

Record of Youth episode 10 makes little progress but it does provide a cliffhanger that may change the course of Hye-jun’s luck.

Additional points
  • Ji-a tries to ring Hye-jun now that his popularity is rising. She’s trying to unearth old times.
  • An Jeong-ha has a little leaving party at the salon and she plays games with Jin-ju, making her apologize in front of everyone. Previous scenes show both women iron out the details of their apology.

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