Long Way Up episode 4 recap – what happened in “The Andes”? It's time to enjoy the journey.



Long Way Up episode 4 presents a more relaxed Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman as they become accustomed to their bikes and get to know the locals in their adventures.

This recap of Apple TV+ series Long Way Up season 1, episode 4, “The Andes” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Ewan and Charley are heading towards the Andes — a delightful scene opens up as they slowly ride by hundreds of sheep. They have learnt that the batteries do not work great in the cold — every lesson seems to have made the journey firmer. Ewan and Charley seem more relaxed and now they can make more effort with locals.

Beautiful Chile

The pair cross the border and enter Chile; the views are absolutely magnificent — it’s Independence week where citizens celebrate taking away Spanish rule. They enjoy the local cuisine. As they continue to ride, the road looks like paradise; a mountain next to lakes, glistening in the sun with a rainbow in the distance.


The challenge facing Ewan and Charley is heavy rain which means they have to slow down but they do not have much time to reach a ferry. When they get off, the pair attend an Independence party in the middle of a village. They both appear to have fun. Meanwhile, the Rivian vehicle is low on energy so they ask a lorry to tow-charge them.

Episode 4 feels different from the opening three chapters; it’s good to see Ewan and Charley enjoy the journey — there’s a lot of anxiety and worry in the opening chapters.

Fuel over electricity

Ewan and Charley end up at a campsite in Argentina. They meet a couple on-site that are inspirational — the woman left her life to travel with a man she loves. Ewan and Charley want to pick up their mileage pace in the north of Argentina. Ironically, the cameraman following them on a fuel bike has run out of fuel. Meanwhile, the Rivian is experiencing a glitch with the brakes — they have to reset the computer to get it to work again. As Ewan and Charley’s bikes improve, the crew’s vehicles are hitting teething issues.

Warmer weather

The warmer weather has made the riding easier and Ewan markedly notes that he no longer needs thermal clothes. They decide to meet the Mapuche indigenous people in Chorriaca, Argentina; they visit a school and learn about the community.

Risk of being stranded

Afterward, they plan to ride 130 miles across the desert to Malargue. They find a B&B, however, they didn’t have grid power which meant they didn’t feel they could charge their bikes, so they continue riding. There’s a risk that they will be stranded in a freezing desert so they turn around before it’s too late.

The ending

The next day, the pair have a full charge. Their aim is to finally do 200 miles in one trip. Ewan and Charley seem to have found their rhythm again. In a scene that shows great human spirit, a family lets them in to eat while they charge their bikes. Charley calls it a really friendly and cool part of the world. They end up in Belen, Argentina after doing 200 miles in one day. The next challenge is to climb The Andes which has a real risk of high altitude.

Long Way Up episode 4 presents a more relaxed Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman as they become accustomed to their bikes and get to know the locals in their adventures.

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