The School Nurse Files episode 6 recap — the ending explained

September 25, 2020
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Episode 6 is a closed-book chapter, offering Ahn Eun-young and Hong In-pyo a final stab at tackling the forces that have overcome the school.

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Episode 6 is a closed-book chapter, offering Ahn Eun-young and Hong In-pyo a final stab at tackling the forces that have overcome the school.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series The School Nurse Files episode 6 — the ending explained — contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

The finale begins with surgeons looking at Hye-min in theatre and they realise she doesn’t have a belly button. They conclude it’s fine to not have one. Afterwards, they tell Ahn Eun-young that she had a large mite inside her that had Chinese engravings on — the surgery was a success. Afterwards, Hye-min is happy that she finally has a belly button.

Although a quirky opening, it had some emotional attachment and it represents how much Ahn Eun-young cared.

Passing 5.38km

When they leave the hospital, Hye-min tells Hong In-pyo and Ahn Eun-young that she wants to drive out of her usual 5.38km radius for once — she couldn’t before. This is an emotional moment for Hye-min who has been confined her whole life. When they pass the mark, nothing happens and Hye-min’s eyes fill with tears.

Opening the basement

Min-su and Wan-su have a random idea to make the basement into a clubhouse. Their tether is still stronger than ever. Afterwards, they attend class but they are profusely sweating and smiling. Hye-min gives Hong In-pyo and Ahn Eun-young a history lesson about the school; locals were worried about the school being built in the area it was because it was on top of the breathing hole and it used to be a pond. It draws people in with a weak aura.

This context may have been better in the earlier episodes.

Acting weird

Ahn Eun-young wants to hand in her resignation — Hong In-pyo asks why and he’s worried about the school without her. Ahn Eun-young walks off seemingly happy that the place is behind her. Meanwhile, more students are acting weird. A fight breaks out in the dining hall and everyone is excited. Even the teachers are acting weird and Hong In-pyo is clearly concerned. He tries to contact Ahn Eun-young but he’s struggling to reach her.

Heading to the fishing site

Hong In-pyo heads to a fishing site in Busan where his grandfather is from to see if he can get advice. Meanwhile, Ahn Eun-young watches the news and sees the school is in chaos with authorities looking into it. But she seems to be enjoying freedom since she cannot see jelly anymore. She gets a text from Hong In-pyo saying that the fishing site has been abandoned.

All is doom and gloom while Ahn Eun-young becomes accustomed to her new life — the chapter always has this expectation that she’ll snap out of it though.

A fight on their hands

Ahn Eun-young learns that there are more outside forces involved in the basement — she wonders why Mackenzie chose not to go into the basement. She accepts that she and Hong In-pyo are stuck in the middle of a fight. She rings Hwa Su from Ilwang Sterilization and tells her she doesn’t want to be part of this anymore. Hwa Su suggests she’s family now and tells Ahn Eun-young that the taboo rope needs securing in the basement but she can’t enter herself — Ahn Eun-young accuses her of being weirder than her.

She has a point to be fair.

Heading into the basement

Ahn finally meets up with Hong In-pyo. She explains that she can’t see things anymore so students will keep jumping off the school. The pair agree to go to the basement to end this. They accept they may never be able to get out. As they walk into the depths, Ahn Eun-young expresses that she likes being normal. Hong In-pyo states that he feels being normal is boring.

We f*cked up

The pair come to the Apji stone again — they flip it but then put it back in its original position. Ahn Eun-young says “We are f*cked”. She can also see jelly again and gets emotional as the ground starts shaking. She runs off and leaves Hong In-pyo. Ahn Eun-young sees her sword lit up and she sobs loudly.

She runs with her sword and Hong In-pyo grabs her by the hand and there’s a union of energy between them — for a moment she felt happy. They leave the school — in the background, the building is destroyed as they walk off.

The ending

Ahn Eun-young narrates that the building was restored and a new set of faculty staff was hired. The students returned happier and healthy. She’s a nurse again. A student named Radi comes into her office and explains that her mother sees ghosts. She asks if Ahn Eun-young can come to her house sometime.

The School Nurse Files episode 6 is a closed-book chapter, offering Ahn Eun-young and Hong In-pyo a final stab at tackling the forces that have overcome the school. It’s not the most dramatic ending — the series definitely becomes less strange as it progresses.

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