Good Morning, Verônica Season 1 Episode 4 Recap – “Ciao, Principessa”

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: October 1, 2020 (Last updated: February 14, 2024)
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Good Morning Verônica Season 1 Recap
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“Ciao, Principessa” sees a major breakthrough in the catfishing case, but things only get worse for Janete.

Good Morning, Verônica Season 1 Episode 4 opens with some home truths: Veronica telling Janete that Brandao doesn’t let his victims go, as he claimed, but kills them and dumps their bodies.

This shouldn’t be news to anyone, but apparently, it is to Janete, which is understandable given her circumstances. Veronica tries to relate to her to get her to open up, but reminding her of how she isn’t tied up while she’s in the box reads a bit like a threat to me.

Good Morning, Verônica Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

Veronica and Nelson are still keeping this secret from Anita, by the way. And she’s still taking the case home with her, enjoying date night with Paulo in the same restaurant where Marta met Pietro. But Janete’s situation seems more precarious, and she’s willing to take greater risks despite her new trim.

That includes calling her mother anonymously and checking if Janice got home, which it turns out she didn’t — looks like Brandao pulled that trigger after all.

Veronica meets with someone, an expert in domestic abuse, who lays things out to her, including how the cutting of the hair is a more overt, serious sign of aggression. She also says how the cases tend to be worse when the husband is in a position of authority; in the worst case he’d serve a little bit of time, but what then? How would Janete be safe?

In the case of the Ideal Love catfish, another discovery is made: Tania and Marta both had bariatric surgery, aka weight loss surgery, which is a pattern in the victims that’s surely a dead giveaway regarding the perp’s pathology.

Discovering this does make Veronica late to Rafa’s swimming meet, though, which Paulo is fuming about. And when they return home Veronica clocks they’re being spied on from a police vehicle.

But the show must go on, so Veronica hops on Ideal Love having built a catfish profile who has also had bariatric surgery. She has to field some typical guys who leave the chat when Veronica, or Vera, says she has a scar on her belly, but pretty soon she hits on Giorgio, who signs off with “Ciao, Principessa.”

A date is arranged, though Anita still isn’t willing to budge on Veronica’s involvement, only giving her sarcastic applause as acknowledgment for her work.

Giorgio looks a bit like Clive Winston from Guitar Hero. Anita is able to arrest him and of course, gets full credit in the press, but it’s obvious almost immediately that this isn’t their guy. Veronica can’t conduct the interrogation, but she can at least give Carvana tips on his approach.

This guy’s a misogynist, so he isn’t going to open up to a woman — Carvana has to humiliate Anita and take charge himself. While this is going on, Veronica goes through Giorgio’s personal effects and discovers he has a fetish for women’s shoes. There are more than 20 pairs in his apartment. This sends Giorgio reeling, but he insists he has never coerced anybody into anything.

Speaking of coercion, Brandao comes strongly onto Janete, but when she reciprocates, he won’t have sex in front of his religious statue. His staunch belief is a pretty big weakness for him to have, and will surely be exploited later in the season. This plot feels somewhat sidelined by “Ciao, Principessa”, which instead focuses on the catfish case. Veronica and Nelson’s relationship gets riskier, too; her bitching about Paulo to him seems to be egging him on, one gets the sense to try and facilitate this angle, but Nelson seems pretty pushy anyway.

How does Good Morning, Verônica Season 1 Episode 4 end?

Typical of a middle episode in a season, the pace slows a little here too. Veronica, having apparently solved the Ideal Love case, finds herself fretting over Janete but lacking the necessary evidence to do much about it, so she instead gets a bit tipsy and talks to her mute father; Janete, meanwhile, strongly suspects Brandao has killed her sister, but again can’t prove it or summons the courage to do anything about it, accompanying him instead on yet another rape and murder mission.

This time, though, Janete gets a little more daring. She removes the box and roams the lair, pocketing evidence on her way out — the hideout opens into a woodland, probably too generic to identify, though. She stashes the paperwork in the car and returns to find Brandao in the midst of a bizarre religious ritual. She’ll pay the price for being caught spying, I’m sure.

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