The Haunting of Bly Manor episode 7 recap – becoming “us”

By Daniel Hart
Published: October 9, 2020 (Last updated: 1 weeks ago)
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The Haunting of Bly Manor Recap
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Episode 7 brings the story full circle — character motives are revealed and the sense of true danger is established as the series progresses into the final chapters.

This recap of Netflix’s The Haunting of Bly Manor episode 7, “The Two Faces, Part Two” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Episode 7 provides Peter and Rebecca’s grander plan that encapsulates what we have seen built-up since the first chapter.

It begins with Flora and Miles fretting over Dani after Miles knocked her out. They’ve tied her up. Dani wakes up crying and trying to free herself. Rebecca and Peter disappear briefly. Miles remarks that it feels wrong. Peter talks about the bigger picture. The group talks about dream-hopping and whether Dani can learn it quickly. Rebecca starts slipping and she hears Hannah. Peter tells the children that they need to help Dani and make her dream-hop.

Peter’s mother

And then we see where Peter’s problems may have started in life and its no surprise that it stems from his parents. A character that is possessive and money-hungry has a mother that is similar.

Peter then hears Hannah at the door. He wants Miles to answer but the children cannot hear anything. Peter then dream-hops and his mother comes to his house. He’s surprised to see his mother who tells him she is cured. She asks for help to start afresh — she claims she cannot go to his father; the mother threatens to show Henry Wingrave Peter’s juvenile record if he doesn’t give her any money.

Peter is a thief

The music crescendos again and it shows Rebecca and Hannah talking to a police officer about Peter — apparently, he’s stolen from the house. Rebecca states she saw no alarms and didn’t know where Peter got the money from. When Rebecca gets impatient, she hops again and Miles tells her he cannot sleep; he says Peter did not run away and brings up the monster that took him.

It’s surprising how Rebecca did not sense Peter’s behavior despite the many signs — episode 7 shows how blinded by love both characters were.

Rebecca hops again and she sees Hannah and Owen in the kitchen with Jamie. They talk about uncooked dough. They ask Rebecca if she’d like to sit and have a brew but she declines. Rebecca heads outside and watches the misty lake with her butterfly hair clip in her hand. Jamie joins her and tells her to ask for the pupilage from her boss.

Peter’s reveal

The Haunting of Bly Manor episode 7 brings an insightful scene to life — the moment where Peter tells Rebecca what is truly happening and what spurred recent events.

Peter returns secretly in the night and Rebecca is upset at him for leaving and stealing. He tells her that he never left her and he was at the manor the whole time but she couldn’t see him. Peter asks her to hold out her hand and proves that he is a ghost as his hand goes through hers.

I can’t feel you

Rebecca is in the classroom late at night and Hannah checks up on her. Hannah talks about the maths of getting over a relationship — the length divided by half. Rebecca isn’t in the mood for relationship theories. Afterward, Rebecca visits Peter in the abandoned area of the house and she asks if he’d like to go to America regardless that he’s a ghost. Peter explains he can’t leave Bly as he cannot move beyond the edge of the property. Rebecca starts getting upset that she cannot feel or hear him and Peter tries calming her down but she ends up falling onto furniture and accidentally starting the ballerina music box.

Running at the boundary

And then we start to see the start of Rebecca’s issues as Peter tries to find a solution for them both…

Rebecca all of a sudden felt like she was somewhere else and Peter hears knocking. When he opens the door he sees his mother again. The music crescendos and Rebecca is in a rush to go outside but Jamie asks if she spoke to Henry about the pupilage — apparently, he will consider. Rebecca walks to the edge of the property and runs at it but she too cannot leave.

Tucked away in a memory

The narrator explains how Peter left Rebecca at the boundary at Bly — a boundary impossible to cross together. A week later, Peter returns. He has a plan that will help them be together again and that will allow them to touch each other. He says the little blips happen because she isn’t fully inviting him in and she needs to accept it fully that they are “Becoming us”. Peter promises that they will share everything equally together. Rebecca fully embraces Peter and she touches him. They hop back to when Rebecca wore the fur coat. She asks if she’s “Tucked away” again and Peter confirms that they are together. The narrator explains how Peter had promised they’d be equals, but she was safe, tucked away in a memory of them, where they could be together.

The drowning of Rebecca

But it turns out that the narrative is following a journey where Peter has acted selfishly — his fascination with being able to be near Rebecca has given him an ulterior motive that changes everything, forever.

Rebecca walks slowly into the lake late at night and goes underwater. She sees a dead body in the water. In her bed, she wakes up and sees water above her. In the lake, Rebecca drowns. Rebecca sobs at her own dead body next to the lake. Flora is on the other side watching. Jamie sees the dead body and carries Flora away.

You left and let the water fill my lungs

Rebecca is in her fur coat again and Peter starts the memory again and takes a photo. She doesn’t want the memory again and doesn’t want to be repeatedly tucked away. She’s upset that Peter left her after the water went into her lungs — she feels betrayed because it isn’t what they agreed. Peter keeps repeating that she’s beautiful as he snaps photos of her and it’s becoming rather sinister. Peter insists that he had to do it so that they could be together. Rebecca gets angry and pushes him away. Peter says there’s a way out but the knocks keep distracting him as Rebecca asks how.

Why did you let my father do this?

Episode 7 once again shows Peter getting increasingly angry at the loop he is in where he has to confront his mother — it’s directed in such a way that the viewer can sense it getting more frustrating for the character each time it happens.

Peter is back with his mother again. He’s annoyed that he always ends up here and it’s like Hell. He says he didn’t know what was happening to him when he was a kid at the hands of his father — Peter states he was innocent and didn’t know any better as his mother tried to justify it. Peter asks his mother why she didn’t stop his father.

The story is implying that Peter was abused and has become the root of all his problems.

It’s time for the forever house

Peter returns to where Dani is who is still gagged and tied up. Rebecca then returns. He tells her that they are almost done and they have to finish it now. Rebecca thinks they should give them a little longer. Peter talks to the children about the “Forever House” — he spins the situation and states that it will save them all and let them be friends. Rebecca starts backtracking and wants to wait. But Peter fears fading away and shows a faceless woman — he doesn’t want it to happen to him.

Taking the children

And then Peter’s plans finally come into action and it’s uncomfortable that he’s using the children to carry it out — it’s clearly abusive and he’s relying on their innocence to get what he wants.

Flora asks Rebecca if this is a good idea. He asks the children to think about “us” and they will be tucked away with their parents. Flora asks Peter to promise. She then asks Dani but Peter assures her it will be fine. Miles gives in and says, “It’s us”. Flora says the same thing and both children collapse. Miles and Flora get up and confirm that they are both Rebecca and Peter. They then talk about sorting out Dani.

Look down the well

As we draw nearer to the end, Hannah has a moment of clarity — the audience already knew this reveal but the character confirming it to herself is impactful.

Miles (Peter) takes Hannah out for a walk into the estate and he asks her to look down into the well. Hannah is suddenly spooked but he tells her that he’s gotten so sick of watching her strutting around the place and asks her to look down the well. She looks down at the well and sees her dead self. Hannah then returns to the job interview with Owen. She explains how Miles is gone and Flora might be too and that she cannot do anything about it, because she’s dead. Owen suddenly disappears.

The ending

Flora ungags Dani and then Rebecca appears. Rebecca told Flora to pretend to take part in Peter’s plans as she clearly has a conscience — she tells Dani that it’s too late for Miles but she needs to get Flora away as far as she possibly can. Flora and Dani run outside but Flora doesn’t want to leave. Suddenly, a faceless woman grabs Dani by the neck.

The Haunting of Bly Manor episode 7 brings the story full circle — character motives are revealed and the sense of true danger is established as the series progresses into the final chapters.

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