Who are Miles and Flora in The Haunting of Bly Manor?

October 9, 2020
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This article “Who are Miles and Flora in The Haunting of Bly Manor” contains minor spoilers.

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Bly Manor has an au pair — the brilliant Dani Clayton. However, let’s not forget the children that Dani needs to look after. The series presents two children, both with unique personalities. So who are Miles and Flora in The Haunting of Bly Manor?

Why do they need an au pair?

Well, because their uncle Henry Wingrave cannot be bothered looking after them. But on a serious note, their parents are not alive so the need for these children to be looked after is obvious.

Of course, losing their parents comes with baggage and plenty is on show in this series.

What is Miles like?

Miles often acts as a full-grown man. He has mannerisms of an older man and he even talks with certain prose about him. It makes him oddly chilling which is likely why they made the character that way. Miles likes to perform pranks as well and does a couple on Dani at certain points of the series.

What is Flora like?

Flora is the opposite of Miles but also in a chilling way. She has a sweet, posh voice and she shows signs of being able to see ghosts from the very first minute. She also has a rather creepy dollhouse and she’s made her own self-made dolls. Flora is the last child you’d want in your manor if it looked spooky.

What are the dolls for? (minor spoiler)

The dolls represent what Flora sees around the house. While they do not seem to have a cause and effect, they are creepy and she’s really attentive about them — if you try to move one, she gets very upset.

Why aren’t these kids at school? (minor spoiler)

That’s the question we all had and it’s not because of the pandemic! It never fully explains why Flora isn’t at school but Miles was a handful at boarding school; he chose fights and he also decided to kill one of the teacher’s pet birds and cited that he wished he had cut its head off…

But overall, Miles and Flora fit well into the narrative and they can be used as a reference point when strange things are happening.

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