Helstrom season 1, episode 8 recap – what happened in “Underneath”?

October 16, 2020 (Last updated: last month)
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Episode 8 sees the siblings take on separate objectives; there’s plenty of desperation from the characters as they realise what is at stake.

This recap of Hulu’s Helstrom season 1, episode 8, “Underneath” contains significant spoilers.

We will be recapping every episode — check out the archive.

The opening

Episode 8 begins with Daimon ringing Ana warning her that “The Blood” is attacking them. Gabriella tells Daimon to go to the hospital and insists that she sees the wound. When she checks it, it’s already healing. Gabriella tells him that what he did was self-defence. She gets out the dagger from her pocket. He confirms the scars on his chest are from the dagger and it’s the only thing he never healed from. It was his father’s. Gabriela tells him they need to get rid of it — Daimon explains that there’s two of them.

Helstrom loves objective-based chapters that have the characters finding objects.

Taking care of her boy

Victoria who is hosting the lead demon is looking after the other bloody and disfigured demon body, singing nursery rhymes to him. She then kills the body so her boy no longer has a host to latch. She tells the priest to find the Helstrom’s and to take care of her boy.

Siblings make up

Gabriella tells Louise about “The Blood” and the weapon. Louise states it’s all her fault. Gabriella finds out the Archbishop was giving all her information to “The Blood”. She confides ins Daimon about all this. Ana calls Daimon back and they quickly makeup and apologise to each other. Daimon tells Ana that he’s going “Home, home” to get the other piece of the weapon. Ana thinks it’s a terrible idea but Daimon thinks they can use it to end the evil within their mother.

Episode 8 suddenly lurches into a mission to kill their mother in order to stop the evil inside of her. This is unlike Daimon but his experiences are shaping him.

Don’t tell Daimon

Ana meets Louise and she shows her the weapon. She starts breathing heavily when she sees it and tells Louise that it is toxic. Ana tells her to lock the blade away before it gets dangerous. Louise confirms to Ana that she’s dying and has lung cancer — she doesn’t want Daimon to know.

Meanwhile, one of the possessed men captured at “The Blood” escapes. He visits Victoria and she tells him that timing is essential.

Open house

It was always coming but episode 8 shows Gabriella and Daimon getting closer as they are confiding in each other more than ever. They’ve relied on each other emotionally since this story began. Daimon visits his childhood home with Gabriella. It’s an open house as it’s up for sale. They both act like a couple as they tour the house. At the house, there are people who are looking for the same weapon.

Daimon tells Gabriella that being around him puts her in danger. She tells him he isn’t his father but Daimon believes that part of him is. Gabriella continues to reassure him.

Despite an untrustworthy world, Gabriella has found herself trusting Daimon.

Let’s go and finish her

Ana suddenly has a burst of energy and wants to end Victoria immediately. Louise advises that they should wait for Daimon but Ana explains that her brother will do everything to save her.

Ana explains if she wields the weapon, she will feel everything that blade has killed. Ana wants Louise to stab Victoria with the blade. When Louise backs out, Ana gets frustrated with her but then Louise finally agrees to do it — she’s doing it on the basis that she doesn’t have long left to live with the guilt.

Midnight digging

In the middle of the night, Daimon heads to the barn and digs into the ground. He finds a small box but then he’s surrounded by multiple people from “The Blood”. He fights them all but they use a talisman on him. Inside the box is a small toy — he uses his powers and the group of people fall to the ground.

He starts torturing all the people and Gabriela finds him. She’s shocked at what he’s doing. He’s teasing them by hanging them in the air, ready to execute them with ropes. Gabriela tells him to stop it but Daimon asks Ester to come out.

There’s another way

And then Ana takes a chance to save her mother Victoria in an unconventional way that’s extremely risky.

Ana finds Victoria with Louise. Ana holds her down as Louise tries to stab her, but Victoria takes control of Louise’s hands and stabs Ana in the leg. Victoria then seems to be her real self while Ana is in pain and emotional. Ana thinks there must be another way and starts choking Victoria with a pillow. Louise reminds her that the only way to do it is by using the blade. When Ana finishes choking her, Louise performs CPR on Victoria.

I have another power — forgiveness

Despite shocking Gabriella with his perceived violence, it turns out Daimon had a plan which fools her and the viewers.

Gabriela tells Daimon that there must be a better way to deal with this and that this is not him. Ester tells Daimon he is just proving that “his kind” cannot help themselves. Gabriella threatens to hurt Daimon but then he says he has a power that his father never had — forgiveness. He lets go of all the men — Daimon tells Ester that he forgives her prejudice and stupidity and that this war is over. He tells Ester to stay away from him and his family.

This seems a little easy for Daimon — “The Blood” seems to accept the threat way too easily.

Relief for Ana

Louise keeps trying to bring Victoria back but it isn’t working. Ana is panicking and gets upset. But eventually, it works — she’s alive. Victoria speaks to her and there’s relief in the room.

What would the Vatican think?

A flashback shows Daimon calling himself a monster but Louise denies that, claiming there’s no such thing. In the present, Daimon and Gabriela drive back together and there’s silence in the car. They pour a drink back at home. Daimon wonders what the Vatican would say if they could see Gabriella now; drinking, sweating, and in the company of a demon. Gabriela says she’s “Not a nun, yet” and that he isn’t a demon. They both have a moment where they look at each other.

You are now free

As episode 8 ends and leads into the penultimate chapter, there’s good news in the Helstrom family and a blossoming new romance. However, all the news was too good to be true.

Ana rings Daimon and explains that their mother Victoria is free. He thanks her for the help. Daimon tells Gabriella that he always thought it would be him who saved her and feels like he gave up. Gabriela reassures him and says that Daimon made it possible by bringing Ana back. She tells him that he’s now free; the evil within Victoria is gone and “The Blood” is terrified. Gabriella hugs him which turns into a kiss. Daimon asks about her vows but she tells him she hasn’t taken any.

The ending

Daimon asks her for a moment while he cleans up as he smells. Gabriella seems excited that she’s kissed him. She takes off her hair clip and allows her hair to flow. But suddenly, there’s a disturbance in the house that makes her jump. Gabriella holds her head as she’s in pain; when she looks into the mirror, her scalp is breaking apart — a flashback shows the demon touched her. She falls to the floor but when she gets up, she’s possessed. Gabriella heads into the bathroom and confronts Daimon — she tells him she truly wants to live in this world again. She places a flesh-eating creature on his back and it pierces his skin and embeds inside his body. The possessed Gabriella explains that there is one more sacrifice to be made. Daimon is also now possessed. There’s a scene to end the chapter where the pair seem to have rather labored sex.

Helstrom season 1, episode 8 sees the siblings take on separate objectives; there’s plenty of desperation from the characters as they realize what is at stake.

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