Record of Youth episode 14 recap – [spoiler] and Hye-jun finally part ways

October 20, 2020
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Episode 14 reveals no surprises, however, it still is impactful when the crucial moment arrives.

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Episode 14 reveals no surprises, however, it still is impactful when the crucial moment arrives.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series Record of Youth season 1, episode 14 contains significant spoilers.

We will be recapping every episode — check out and bookmark the archive.

The opening

Episode 14 opens up with the awkward scene between Hye-jun and An Jeong-ha; how they only have brief moments together — it’s a deflating moment for Hye-jun who has lost sight of his new relationship due to his escalating career. As he heads out, Hye-jun apologises for not knowing that she was trying because of his schedule — he doesn’t want her to feel fenced in.

Episode 14 starts the beginning of an end of what was a blossoming relationship — how a romance has been discouraged by outside forces that have deeply impacted them both.

A struggling actor

Hae-hyo and Hye-jun are in a scene together on set. Unfortunately, Hae-hyo keeps getting his lines muffled as his confidence has been shot by recent revelations. On a break, Hae-hyo tells his friend that he has to help himself and that he’s embarrassed — he feels small next to Hye-jun.

A flashback shows Hye-jun telling Hae-hyo that he doesn’t want to be his friend because he was embarrassed that his mother works for his mother. In the present day, it’s the other way round.

Episode 14 sees how easily these characters can be insecure and downbeat about their careers — easily influenced by what each other is doing.

Kim I-yeong is not conceding with her daughter

Won Ha-nae tries to bring Jin-u to her home and introduces him to Kim I-yeong. It doesn’t work, and her mother tells her that whatever she is trying to do will not work. Kim I-yeong is too bothered about her reputation, which impacts her children’s lives. She doesn’t seem to learn.

A new scandal is published

Hye-jun sees the new scandal regarding him — that he was the last person to speak to Charlie Jung. He rings up Min-jae about the scandal, and he reveals he did text Charlie Jung before he died.

Episode 14 reveals the pitfalls to fame; how it can easily be one scandal after another and the media make it a war of sensations, rather than a war of positive stories about a celebrity — this is a character assassination at this point.

The doubt creeping in

An Jeong-ha meets Ji-a and Min-jae is nervous about the pair being together in the same room. When Ji-a leaves, Min-jae tells An Jeong-ha that Hye-jun really cares about her. There’s still doubt in An Jeong-ha’s head about the whole situation. You can tell.

She still meets Hae-hyo rather than contacting Hye-jun. Hae-hyo tells her he is having family issues while they eat together.

Surprisingly, in a chapter where An Jeong-ha is considering her relationship, Hae-hyo is less creepy than usual.

Refusing to write an apology letter

Hye-jun’s brother meets the person who commented on his brother’s article with abuse — he’s defamed the man who commented — it’s like a full circle legal case. Hye-jun’s brother is angry that people are making claims about his brother that is not true. He refuses to write an apology letter.

Hye-jun and An Jeong-ha finally have a lovely evening together

Episode 14 gives the audience a glimmer of hope for the couple by giving them one last good moment together.

Min-jae tells Hye-jun about her brother and then brings up An Jeong-ha. An Jeong-ha knows that a reporter is trying to get a story on them both. On the way home, he meets An Jeong-ha, and he holds her hand in public. The pair seem more relaxed around each other as they walk through a town. They talk about the issues surrounding his fame; An Jeong-ha doesn’t want them to be like their parents — angry and arguing all the time. The couple laughs and smiles at each other for once.

Hae-hyo wanted to beat Hye-jun on his own terms

Late in the night, Hae-hyo and Hye-jun meet for a chat. Hye-jun tells his friend that he has no reason to feel embarrassed. Hae-hyo expresses how he wanted to beat his friend on his own accord and not by his mother’s meddling.

Hye-jun heads home and cries in his pillow. He’s happy because he can finally cry uninterrupted in his own room. He’s crying because his career has impacted his personal life strongly — he loves his career, but he also loves his family and friends.

Hye-jun’s brother is passionate about the apology letter 

Jin-u tells Hye-jun that he’s in love. Hye-jun says he is as well and that An Jeong-ha has helped him grow a lot. Jin-u tells Hye-jun that his father’s shoulder is acting up again.

Hye-jun finally confronts his brother about his comments aimed at the hater on his article; he wants him to send an apology letter as it’s making it worse. The brother does not like people speaking ill of Hye-jun.

The media isn’t happy

Reporter Kim has a lawsuit against her for defaming Hye-jun. She’s told to hire a lawyer. Her boss is angry and tells her to cover the make-up artist and to go back on the attack.

The ending

Min-jae rings Hye-jun and tells him not to meet An Jeong-ha because a story has been published about the two dating. Hye-jun suggests that they still go on their date. Reporter Kim then approaches An Jeong-ha and asks if they can chat and have a cup of tea. An Jeong-ha then texts Hye-jun saying they can’t meet.

As the episode ends, An Jeong-ha heads to Min-jae’s apartment. She feels comfortable to talk there. According to the media, Hye-jun has breached his contract, and he will need to pay compensation.

Hye-jun finally meets An Jeong-ha in person, and he says he’s going to take it easy. An Jeong-ha tells him that she loves him but then says “Let’s break up”. An Jeong-ha narrates that she never thought she’d end up in a relationship that’s so cliché.

Record of Youth Episode 14 reveals no surprises; however, it still is impactful when the crucial moment arrives. An Jeong-ha and Hye-jun finally part ways, and there are many lessons to learnt about their relationship. Does that mean Hae-hyo will have a chance with An Jeong-ha? How will the viewers react to such a story?

Additional points
  • Sa Min-gi’s son is happy to receive his first allowance from his father.
  • While out shopping, Ae-suk ends up speaking to a well-suited man and her husband confronts him, feeling jealous.
  • Kim I-yeong arranges a family meal with her husband and family to try and bring a sense of togetherness, but it doesn’t work.

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