Blood of Zeus season 1, episode 6 recap – what happened in “Back to Olympus”?

By Daniel Hart
Published: October 27, 2020 (Last updated: last month)
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Blood of Zeus Recap
Blood of Zeus Season 1 (Credit - Netflix)


Episode 6 finally gives Heron a defining purpose as he learns what his real objective is.

This recap of Netflix anime series Blood of Zeus season 1, episode 6, “Back to Olympus” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Hera is angry at Seraphim for striking a God. She tells him that Zeus has entered the fray, but it doesn’t change her plans — she wants him to kill Zeus and find the Cauldron of Darkness, and if he does, she will give him the location of his uncle.

Episode 6 sees Hera continue to feed Seraphim with promises and more motives — at this point, he is a pawn.

Redemption and a helping hand

Heron tells Elias/Zeus that he doesn’t need his help. Zeus tells Evios and Kofi to accompany Alexia to Melidono to make up for their past sins — they need to burn the Giant’s remains, and the demons will fall.

Heron wants to kill Seraphim, but Elias has better ideas — he whistles and a large bird lands next to Heron. He climbs on the bird to take him to Olympus.

Hera wants Heron’s head

Heron is now amongst the Gods, and they are not amused that Zeus has brought him to their place. Some warm to him while others call him a “Bast*rd”. Hera is furious, but Zeus brings up how she is conspiring against him. Zeus lays the blame on him and admits he has wronged her — he asks Hera for forgiveness. Hera gives him one condition — Heron’s head. Zeus cannot accept that condition.

Episode 6 shows how Hera is on one path — she’s looking for an “act of war.” I bet Zeus wishes he never even had an affair at this point. Bet he’s pulling his eyeballs out.


Zeus begins training Heron in a colosseum. A robot soldier fights him. Zeus tells him to “turn inward” and not to rely on his anger. But he repeatedly loses to the robot. Zeus tells him to use his real strength and destroys the robot. He’s starting to doubt him. One of Zeus’s men tells him that Heron needs a father.

Heron asks an important question

Zeus tells Heron that he never knew his father because he wanted him dead — he confesses to killing his father to save his siblings, but he’s never great at being one.

Heron continues to fight the robot, but he cannot let his anger go. He asks Zeus why he let Electra die. Zeus admits to being powerless at times. When Heron raises the subject of Seraphim, Zeus tells him he is his half-brother.

More twists and turns are surfaced as we reach the later stages of the series.

A risky trip

Alexia, Evios and Kofi will need to go through the Fields of the Dead to get to Melidoni unnoticed. Chiron offers to help them cross it.

The Fates call

Heron finally defeats the robot, but then Zeus receives news from Hermes that Hera is heading to the Underworld with the others, but Hades remains neutral —  “War is inevitable”. The Fates then call for Heron — Zeus tells him that he must go alone.

The ending

Heron tells The Fates that he believes in free will — they tell him that free will and fate co-exist. They show Heron his thread. The Fates tell Heron that the fate of the world rests with him and he must harness his divine strength.

Heron sees a vision of Alexia and the others at the Field of the Dead — they need his help. As Heron heads out, Zeus tells him that he is not ready.

Blood of Zeus season 1, episode 6 finally gives Heron a defining purpose as he learns what his real objective is.

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