King the Land Season 1 Episode 11 Recap – what happens at King Hotel’s 100th-anniversary Event?

By Nathan Sartain
Published: July 22, 2023 (Last updated: July 30, 2023)
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Netflix K-Drama series King the Land Season 1 Episode 11 Recap


A fun episode containing plenty of heart.

We recap the 2023 Netflix K-Drama series King the Land Season 1 Episode 11, which contains significant spoilers.

One of the stronger installments of King the Land, this episode contained plenty of warm moments that helped show off Gu Won’s (Lee Jun-ho) character development. Using staff members as part of the 100th anniversary event was a particularly nice touch, too.

King the Land Season 1 Episode 11 Recap

How does the 100th-anniversary event planning go?

Once the Thailand trip is finished, priorities shift to planning King Hotel’s 100th-anniversary event. Here, Gu Won finds himself clashing with Hwa-ran about which “distinguished guests” to invite and their differing views regarding how employees should be treated.

Da-eul is given astronomical sales targets at work that must be met to avoid any staff reductions, so Gu Won begins to set the menu for the 100th-anniversary event.

Additionally, Pyeong-hwa is saved from having to attend team drinks thanks to Ro-un, but she does tell her colleague his romantic feelings for her are not reciprocated.

After a busy day of meeting with the tethered hotel doorman (Kim Bong-sik), watching the successful anniversary event rehearsals, and planning, Gu Won unwinds beside Sa-rang.

However, it’s not all plain sailing for the two, who still hide their relationship from others and almost wind up in trouble when shepherding themselves onto the King Hotel shuttle bus.

Fortunately, Sa-rang was well equipped to deal with that arising issue.

What does Sa-rang do to try and help Gu Won?

While Gu Won remains insistent the “quest” to find his mother is over, despite Sa-rang pointing out that Bong-sik could potentially know some helpful information, Pyeong-hwa and Da-eul vocally wonder if their friend has been asked out by the wealthy heir yet. For now, their questions are unanswered.

The next day, Gu Won warmly shares gifts with Soon-hee and has a heart-to-heart with the elder about Sa-rang. Naturally, the Head Manager vows he will treat his partner right, pleasing the restaurant owner, who clearly believes this statement.

Next, with the guidance of Bong-sik, Sa-rang visits Ok-ja, a room inspector with the potential to learn information about Gu Won’s mother.

However, the concierge is not given the time of day by her more experienced co-worker because she stepped into a guest’s room with shoes on.

How does Gu Won make the 100th-anniversary event a success?

Moving on, we arrive at the 100th-anniversary event, where everything runs smoothly. There’s even a touching speech from Choi Yong-soo, the son of a charter member of King Hotel known for planting a tree in front of the building.

Following some more guest of honor speeches, all from experienced employees of the hotel (like Ok-ja and Bong-sik), the good feelings continue, with everyone, including the Chairman, content.

Nevertheless, Hwa-ran is in hot water due to her personally invited influential figures being sidelined from the event entirely.

King the Land Season 1 Episode 11 Ending Explained

As Hwa-ran gets stern with her father, worrying thoughts of his original idea for King Hotel are returning thanks to Gu Won, Sa-rang sets the wheels in motion for a house date with her partner.

To end the episode, Gu Won and Sa-rang’s passionate date is interrupted by the shocked screams of the arriving Pyeong-hwa, Sang-sik, Ro-un, and Da-eul.

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