King the Land Season 1 Review – A light, refreshing romantic comedy.

June 19, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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King the Land Season 1 Review - A light, refreshing romantic comedy.


A fun, light romantic comedy unafraid of utilizing tropes to its advantage.

This review of the Netflix K-Drama series King the Land Season 1 contains minor spoilers.

A hotel concierge and rich Head Manager eventually fall in love with each other despite some outlandish initial meetings. Straight away it sounds cliché, but yet that’s exactly what King the Land seems to enjoy leaning into. For good reason too, as this romantic comedy feels refreshing, light, and entirely willing to get in amongst tropes if it benefits the on-screen ongoings.

King the Land Season 1 review and plot summary

At the core of proceedings are, as briefly mentioned above, two characters. There’s Cheong Sa-rang, a bubbly, personable concierge who, backed by two supportive friends, has always dreamed of a life within the hotel industry. And then, on the other side of the coin, lies Gu Won. Uninterested in his family’s business, the rich heir spent time in the UK before making his way back to Korea, where he has been transplanted as the Head Manager of King Hotel to spite his sister, Hwa-ran.

This type of opposites attract story is nothing new, but there’s something about the colorful King the Land that just seems to work. Perhaps it’s the lavish hotel setting and the lead couple’s humorously differing opinions on hospitality. Or maybe it’s that, in a world with more thematically daring shows entering the mainstream, it’s nice to re-diversify what’s on offer with a back-to-basics style romantic comedy.

Is King the Land season 1 good or bad?

That last point is certainly where King the Land excels, with its formula-embracing style of storytelling courtesy of Choi Rom’s script one easily digestible for viewers. So, while sometimes the jokes don’t land, or the plot seems a little thin, the uncluttered, breezy simplicity of it all can equally turn into part of the show’s charm. After all, not everyone wants to have to think heavily about what they’re watching.

Continuing, having two impressive lead actors is a key factor in whether a romantic comedy can succeed, and both perform skilfully here. Lee Jun-ho thrives as the conventionally handsome, somewhat blunt Gu Won, matching his flashy rich boy persona with a subtly insecure ruggedness. The King Hotel Head Manager is well depicted as someone staunch in his beliefs, in addition to a man both careless and careful in how he approaches a family business he doesn’t feel overly attached to.

With Lim Yoon-a, she is instantly captivating as Sa-rang, giving her character the type of familiar buoyancy you’d expect from a concierge. Determined, hard-working, and tactically forthright, this is someone you’d want in your corner, and a character portrayed with a smile-raising charisma.

Is King the Land Season 1 worth watching?

So, all things considered, King the Land comes pleasantly recommended. It won’t be for everyone, with its traditional rom-com formula potentially viewed as being from a bygone era by now, but there’s certainly enough about this drama to enjoy. Flanked by the vibrant backdrop of a hotel, and brought to richer life with its strong leading cast, this is something worth at least a try from fans of unconventional love stories.

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  • July 10, 2023 at 6:35 am

    I don’t recommend bc it’s stereotype and it’s sad of how can someone imagine u like that

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