King the Land Season 1 Episode 2 Recap – How do Gu Won and Sa-rang keep meeting?

By Nathan Sartain
Published: June 18, 2023 (Last updated: June 26, 2023)
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King the Land Season 1 Episode 2 Recap - How do Gu Won and Sa-rang keep meeting?


A decent follow-up begins to shape the plot.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series King the Land Season 1 Episode 2 contains spoilers.

Although not as strong as the opener, episode two of King the Land still had a decent number of strong moments. But this definitely seemed to be a chapter intended to shape the plot more than anything, meaning nothing was overly memorable.

King the Land Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

How does Gu Won handle his appointment as Head Manager?

After clumsily attempting to escape Gu Won’s room without fuss, Sa-rang is made to say sorry for her unconsented bathroom usage. That, and the rich heir wishes to receive a second apology for being branded a “pervert” many years ago by his concierge adversary, but that goes nowhere. So, the two ultimately settle on a petty agreement to avoid each other going forward.

As Gu Won rushes through his inauguration ceremony, unable to compose himself due to the intimidation he feels from other people’s smiles, he is gifted flowers by Sa-rang to mark his appointment as Head Manager. What follows is another awkward confrontation between the two, one which sees the concierge finally understand the man she deemed a “pervert” due to his T-shirt was innocent. Thus, Sa-rang apologizes for her mistreatment of Gu Won, before being instructed not to show a “fake smile” towards him.

Next, Pyeong-hwa is left needing to cover for a “rookie” when a passenger’s coat is discarded on a flight. But she does receive timely help from Ro-un, who ensures the hurriedly washed item of clothing is returned to the disgruntled customer in time.

At King the Land, a VIP suite at King Hotel, Sa-rang finds herself making a speech at Gu Won’s inauguration party. Yet it doesn’t exactly please the new Head Manager, who subsequently vows to make his workplace one “without fake smiles.” As an aside, Gu Won tells his sister he won’t be working at King Hotel for an extended period, so bluntly requests he isn’t toyed with by her.

What happens between Sa-rang and Gu Won?

While Da-eul begins life as a duty-free shop manager intent on prioritizing individuality over outdated workplace tradition, Sa-rang has to deal with the bashful Mo Seong-ae, an actress desperate for a free suite upgrade in exchange for social media coverage. However, Gu Won swiftly intervenes here, informing the dramatic celebrity that security will be kicking her out of the hotel, prior to calling the harassed concierge into his office.

After explaining to a confused Gu Won that she’s meant to be hospitable to even the rudest of guests, Sa-rang is told of her upcoming duty interviewing the Head Manager as part of a CNBS live show, for the sake of good PR. Outside of work, the concierge’s life isn’t any easier, thanks to her inconsiderate boyfriend who puts her last in everything he does.

Despite his disappointment in being unable to find any information on Han Mi-so, Gu Won gets a chance to feel some level of happiness the next day. The Head Manager now starts to see Sa-rang in a completely new light, potentially meaning he’ll eventually go back on his earlier message that she could never be his “type.”

King the Land Season 1 Episode 2 Ending Explained

At Jeju, Gu Won is reminded of his need to “put on a good show” in his promotional interview, because of its importance to King Group’s stock price now he’s part of the business. It won’t be an easy task, though, given Hwa-ran revised the questions minutes before the broadcast was scheduled to start.

To then end the episode, Gu Win and Sa-rang stand across from each other, the latter clearly captured by the former’s striking appearance.

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