Is Michael Shane Bargo Still Alive? Explained

September 5, 2023
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Is Michael Shane Bargo Still Alive

Is Michael Shane Bargo Still Alive? We explain if the ringleader of the plot to kill Seath Jackson is still alive and where he is now. This article contains details that some readers may find distressing, so proceed with caution.

Michael Shane Bargo was the chief ringleader in the plot that ended in the murder of Seath Jackson, a 15-year-old kid from the rural city of Belleview, Florida. He and four others murdered the teenager as part of a horrible escalation between Michael, Seath, and Amber Wright, a girl with whom Seath had broken up.

Michael began dating Amber after she broke up with Seath and incorrectly believed that Seath had abused Amber while they were dating.

Along with helping to come up with the plan to murder Seath, Michael was responsible for torturing Seath, sending him death threats, and dumping his body. This is a crime that shocked the local and wider community.

Where is Michael Shane Bargo Now?

Michael Shane Bargo is currently incarcerated at the Union Correctional Institution in Florida for his part as the ring leader in the murder of Seath Jackson. He’ll never leave prison, as he has been sentenced to death.

Is Michael Shane Bargo Still Alive?

According to Florida’s Department of Corrections website, Michael Bargo is still alive, waiting to be put to death. He was given a death sentence as punishment for his role in the murder of Seath Jackson in 2011. He was convicted of first-degree murder in August 2013, with a majority (10-2) ruling recommending he be put to death. At his sentencing, a judge said he should be executed.

However, the Florida Supreme Court later ordered a resentencing as the recommendation for the death penalty wasn’t unanimous. In 2019, a jury gave a unanimous recommendation for the death sentence, which was imposed.

Bargo then appealed this decision and took it to the Florida Supreme Court. As a mitigating factor, he cited his mental health. But the death sentence was upheld in 2021 by a 6-1 verdict. Throughout this time, Bargo remained in prison. He is still there now, waiting to be put to death.

He is the youngest person to be sentenced to death row.

When is Michael Bargo going to be executed?

It’s unclear when Michael Bargo will be put to death. The process appears to take time, so it might not be done soon.

What did Michael Bargo do to Seath Jackson?

Michael Bargo was the leader in a plot to kill Seath Jackson in April 2011. He was 18 at the time. The other conspirators included his girlfriend Amber, then 15; Michael, Amber’s stepbrother Kyle Hooper, then 16; Justin Soto, then 20; and Amber’s female friend Charlie Ely, then 18.

Michael had got this band together to murder Seath because Michael believed that when Seath and Amber were dating, Seath had abused her. This was incorrect, however.

When Seath and Amber broke up in March 2011, they exchanged several horrible messages with each other on Facebook. Michael, at that time, lived with Charlie Ely, a friend of Amber’s, and Amber’s stepbrother Kyle Hooper.

Michael sent Seath death threats roughly one week before he went through with the murder. He had convinced the others to go through with this violent act. Kyle also hated Seath because Seath had slept with a girl that Kyle liked. Documents later showed that Kyle had messaged this girl about killing Seath.

On April 17, Michael and the others would devise a plan to murder Seath. It would start with Amber luring him to Charlie’s house, saying that she wanted to work things out and even get back together.

Once Seath arrived, however, he was ambushed by Michael, Kyle, Justin, and Charlie. They tortured him, he was shot several times with a 22-caliber firearm, and was kneecapped.

They burned Seath’s dead body in a firepit. The next day, Justin and Michael would take the remains to a quarry in Ocala, dump them into paint buckets which would be attached with cinderblocks and then thrown in water.

The other three would attempt to clean the house, though evidence of the murder would still be found there.

Michael’s DNA would be found in a blood mixture in the bathroom, and Charlie’s DNA would be found in a blood mixture in the living room, which also contained Seath’s blood.

Police identified the murder weapon by linking the projectile found in Seath’s remains to the 22-caliber.

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