Where is Charlie Ely now? Explained

April 20, 2023 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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Where is Charlie Ely now? We discuss what happened to Charlie Ely, why she was released from prison, and if she is married.

The mysterious disappearance of a teenager in April 2011 led the police into a desperate search, but as the investigation progressed, it led to a disturbing development and a horrific discovery. Lifetime’s Sleeping With a Killer released an episode that looks into what happened to Seath Jackson in Florida and the cold-blooded plot to murder him at a house.

In this article, we look at one of the main players in this tragic story and answer the question, where is Charlie Ely now?

Who is Charlie Ely?

Charlie Ely is one of five people that were arrested in connection with the murder of teenager Seath Jackson in 2011. Prosecutors say she and Amber Wright lured Seath, 15, to Ely’s home in Summerfield, where the other co-defendants beat and eventually killed him.

The others involved in the murderous attack were Michael Bargo, Kyle Hooper, Amber Wright, and Justin Soto. The teenagers casually planned the murder of 15-year-old Seath over arguments between Michael and Seath.

The initial situation would arise from Seath believing Amber was cheating on him with Michael Bargo.

Michael Bargo had an intense hatred for Seath. Allegations made against Seath on social media by his ex-girlfriend Amber Wright would further compel Bargo’s hatred for Seath.

Seath was beaten, shot, and murdered before being wrapped in a sleeping bag and thrown into a fire pit. His remains would be placed into paint cans, and Bargo would throw them into a remote water-filled quarry.

What was the verdict on Charlie Ely?

Ely was convicted of the murder along with the other group members. Murder weapons were used in the crime, and DNA evidence would be found in her trailer, along with burnt human remains.

Despite receiving life sentences, Ely would be released from jail nine years after pleading guilty to a lesser charge.

Why was Charlie Ely released?

Charlie Ely was released as a federal judge agreed that Ely’s counsel at the trial had been ineffective. Due to that federal ruling, Ely was eligible for a new trial. She entered a plea to a lesser charge, second-degree murder, and was sentenced to a 10-year prison term. She was freed as she had accrued credit for time already served in jail and prison.

The ringleader of the group at the time, Michael Bargo, is on death row for his role in murdering Seath Jackson.

Where is Charlie Ely now?

Before release, Ely had been serving time at the women’s prison in Lowell. After the decision to release Ely was made, the lawyer who procured her release, Jose Baez,  addressed the media and said there was little evidence against Ely and that she didn’t lure Seath to his death.

He said her conviction could have been avoided if she had a competent attorney.

Who is Charlie Ely’s husband?

There has understandably not been much information released about Charlie Ely in 2023. Since her release in 2020, she married Joseph David Burham.

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