Truth Seekers season 1, episode 1 recap – the opening chapter explained

October 30, 2020
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Truth Seekers season 1, episode 1 is an “okay” opener — the story has a Ghostbusters theme but needs some time to bed in.

This recap of Amazon Original series Truth Seekers season 1, episode 1, “The Haunting of Connolly’s Nook” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

“The Haunting of Connolly’s Nook” opens with a woman named Astrid hearing the smoke alarm — her mother is stood in the middle of the kitchen amongst the fire. Her mother sounds demonic and then she is engulfed in flames. This woman then wakes up in a hospital that appears abandoned — suddenly, she’s surrounded by a group of paranormal beings. One of them looks heavily scarred by fire.

This comedy horror series gets off to an intriguing start.

Gus tells his father to be hygienic

The scene then flits to Gus Roberts who fixes one of his devices. His father is going up the assisted chair on the stairs. Gus tells him to put on pants as it is unhygienic. The comedy is shining through already.

Given a partner

The next day, Gus’s manager Dave wants Gus to train Elton John at work — it’s a broadband installation company. Gus prefers to work on his own but it looks like he doesn’t have any choice. Gus and Elton head out on the job. Elton asks about a device in the van that keeps repeating “Warning, warning, warning, one”. Gus is freaked out as it eventually says “Five” at the end.

Elton is spooked

Gus and Elton head to a house run by an older lady named Connolly. There’s a connection problem with the television. Elton hears some noises in the house and he seems spooked. Later on, Elton tells Gus that the house was haunted and that he feels sorry for Connolly. Gus tells him about his YouTube channel called “Truth Seeker” — Gus runs it and he looks for paranormal activities.

“The Haunting of Connolly’s Nook” platforms Gus as some proper paranormal nerd.

Back to Miss Connolly’s

At home, Gus hears the “Warning, warning, warning, five” from his device again. Dave calls him about Miss Connolly and asks for a favor. Gus and Elton head to her house the next day to test out the television. It looks like it’s showing a skewed live stream.

The ending

Elton and Gus head upstairs — they enter Connolly’s father’s old study that she was never allowed to enter. Gus asks Elton to record — he talks about the dog ball that ended up in the study. Gus finds a secret room at the side of the study. In the room, Gus plays an old cassette — a man is talking about “soul separation” experiments. A dog is on the table that seems to be still alive despite being a skeleton. Connolly seems to be possessed by the dog.

When Gus and Elton leave, Connolly starts acting like a dog. On the journey home, Elton is talking about quitting because he doesn’t like spooky houses. Gus nearly hits someone that freaks him out. As they continue driving, the burned being from the start of the chapter looks down the road. Astrid from the start of the chapter is hidden at the back of their van.

Truth Seekers season 1, episode 1 is an “okay” opener — the story has a Ghostbusters theme but needs some time to bed in.

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