Truth Seekers season 1, episode 2 recap – “The Watcher on the Water”?

October 30, 2020
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Episode 2 establishes the concept, bringing together a group to take on paranormal experiences.

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Episode 2 establishes the concept, bringing together a group to take on paranormal experiences.

This recap of Amazon original series Truth Seekers season 1, episode 2, “The Watcher on the Water” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

“The Watcher on the Water” opens with a general talking to a scientist about blocking radio signals in World War Two. Suddenly a soldier radios in as the skies are covered with planes. The soldier is electrocuted by lightning after he says “Code 1597” into a numbers station.

Their next mission

In Gus’s van, Astrid wakes up. Meanwhile, Elton tells Gus that he’s not up for the job because of the paranormal experiences — he’s clearly shaken. Dave tells Gus and Elton their next job is at the Portland Beacon 3-star hotel that is apparently haunted.

The pair head to Gus’s house — Elton shows him the paranormal magazine “The White Sheet”. Meanwhile, Astrid leaves the work van and runs off. There’s a spirit down the alleyway that is following her, but then it disappears.

“The Watcher on the Water” is showing how Astrid finally joins the main group as she discovers what Gus does.

Heading to Portland Beacon

As Gus and Elton reach closer to Portland Beacon, Elton asks who the woman was in a photo in his house — Gus explains it was his wife, but she died. Gus explains how the hotel used to be a Military of Defence research facility during the war.

The hotel has signal issues, and the receptionist offers a tour.

Everything about this hotel is eerie.


Astrid looks through Gus’s home. She starts reading one of his books, but then Gus’s father enters the room, so she has to hide. The father watches Gus’s YouTube channel, but then he ends up on a make-up channel run by Helen, Elton’s sister. Astrid sees a spirit in the room and runs off.

It’s clear at this point that Astrid needs Gus’s help.

Time for Truth Seekers

While Elton is testing the signal, Gus cannot get through to him on the walkie talkie. When he gets through, Elton seems to be distressed in a restricted area of the hotel. Gus finds him in a bed. Elton tells him that he heard whistling. Gus grabs the paranormal devices as he heard “1597” on the walkie talkies.

A trapped soldier

“The Watcher on the Water” brings the theory of “soul transference” to the series.

They find a room that’s sending the signals haywire. They come across a skeleton in a bunker from the second world war. Suddenly, they hear a machine talking to them — the machine asks them questions. Gus tells Elton that this is a “Number station”. He believes the soldier’s spirit has transferred into the machine. The soldier explains how lightning struck, and it transferred his soul inside the machine. Gus wants to convince the soldier to move on, so he stops jamming the signal.

The ending

Elton and Gus try to prove to the soldier that the second world war is over, which brings some good comedic quips. Gus tells the soldier that he’s made them proud. The soldier crosses over to the other side — the broadband signal returns.

On the way home, Gus asks Elton to come to his house to help code videos. When they arrive home, Astrid runs up to the van and asks for help because she believes ghosts are chasing her.

Truth Seekers season 1, episode 2 establishes the concept, bringing together a group to take on paranormal experiences.

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