Truth Seekers season 1, episode 3 recap – “The Girl With All the Ghosts”? The famous book.



Episode 3 has the team finding a solution for Astrid, but something is lacking in the story in this chapter that cannot be saved by a famous book.

This recap of Amazon original series Truth Seekers season 1, episode 3, “The Girl With All the Ghosts” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

“The Girl With All the Ghosts” begins in the Victorian ages — an important book is being sold by a man that apparently wields magic, but then a group of soldiers arrives, and they kill the man who is enquiring about it and walk off. A maid picks up the book.

This book becomes important later.

Tapping into Astrid’s subconscious

Back to the present and Astrid is telling Gus and Elton about her experiences. Gus tells Astrid to close her eyes and imagine the TV show Friends. He then asks for Astrid’s subconscious. Suddenly, Astrid sounds demonic. Astrid opens her eyes and says, “They’re here”.

Truth Seekers’ comedic moments are few and far between at times, but this moment was quite funny with the use of pop culture to get inside someone’s head.

The ritual

Gus and Elton bring Astrid to meet Jenny Feathers, a woman who can speak to spirits. As the others head into the caravan, Astrid sees a spirit in the distance. In the caravan, Jenny Feathers says she has the famous magic book that was supposedly inked in blood. Jenny performs a ritual on Astrid to encourage spirits to talk to them.

The caravan shakes, and there’s a strange disturbance. Jenny blows the candle to stop it all and tells them they are dealing with malevolent entities. She tells them to leave. Noticeably, the book has smashed out of the glass casing.

An offer from Elton

Elton offers Astrid a place to stay because her house has burned down. Helen is against the idea first as she has projects to do.

Visiting the hospital

In the evening, Astrid shows Gus and Elton the hospital she woke up in. Gus reveals he’s stolen the famous magic book. They enter the hospital and Astrid believes she hears whispering. They find the bed that Astrid woke up in — Gus explains that the book suggests she needs to be alone, so they leave her at the bed.

The ending

Gus starts reading from the book, and then the hospital lights turn on. A spirit approaches Astrid’s bed. Gus also sees a spirit and walks towards it. Elton reads from the book as the spirit gets closer to Astrid. The lights turn off again.

Gus returns and later at home, Astrid tells them both that the ghosts have gone. Elton is curious as to why Gus walked off in the hospital, possibly making a more meaningful plot point later on.

Astrid tells Elton that she feels alive. As the chapter ends, we can see the book smoking.

Truth Seekers season 1, episode 3 has the team finding a solution for Astrid, but something is lacking in the story in this chapter that cannot be saved by a famous book.

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