Truth Seekers season 1, episode 4 recap – “The Incident at Covcolcoscon”? Welcome, Peter Toynbee.



Episode 4 provides some plot turns and something to cling on to for the second half of the series, but it lacks funny moments.

This recap of Truth Seekers season 1, episode 4, “The Incident at Covcolcoscon” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

“The Incident at Covcolcoscon” opens with a young Peter Toynbee experimenting with a rat with Doctor Connolly — they’ve inserted a nanobot inside the rat. Peter then voices an incantation. They draw the rat’s soul into a machine. In the present day, Gus listens to an audiobook by Peter Toynbee, who is talking about the transference of souls.

There’s always a feeling that Gus’s favorite celebrity is going to have something sinister about him, which “The Incident at Covcolcoscon” proves.

Ready for the convention

Elton and Astrid are helping Helen move the Dalek costume for the Coventry Collectibles and Cosplay Convention. Gus is also going to the convention as Peter Toynbee is going to be there. Richard also joins. When they arrive at the convention, Elton explains to Astrid that his sister suffered from a traumatic event when younger so he is trying to do everything he can to help her. Helen is still in the van, and she is extremely nervous.

Elton does not explain the traumatic event, but we can make a bet at this stage that it is something paranormal.

Peter’s group experiment

Gus’s father Richard attends a speech by Peter Toynbee. Meanwhile, Elton and Astrid end up in the basement, believing there should be more people down there for an immersive horror show. Richard is watching a lecture by Peter Toynbee. He tells the audience that they are the chosen ones and he shows a range of images on the screens that flit quickly — Peter starts shouting an incantation. The audience looks stunned and despondent.

Peter looks to be a villain in the series officially.

This convention isn’t what it seems

In the basement, Elton and Astrid find a group of red-hooded people. They are talking about salvation. They are chanting around a page from the famous magic book. Elton and Astrid believe it’s part of an immersive horror experience.

Back to Peter and his people have injected something into everyone’s eyeballs. He asks the audience to wake up, and they act like nothing has happened.

The ending

In the van, Helen is downbeat that she’s never made it inside the convention. Gus tells her that her Dalek costume is better than the actual Dalek. Moments later, Helen wins the cosplay competition. Inside the cosplay is Gus. The group then head home.

Gus asks Richard about Peter Toynbee, but he says he doesn’t remember much. As Gus walks off, Richard’s eyes light up red.

Truth Seekers season 1, episode 4 provides some plot turns and something to cling on to for the second half of the series, but it lacks funny moments.

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