Undercover season 2, episode 2 recap – what happened in “Pentagon”?

By Daniel Hart
Published: November 9, 2020 (Last updated: December 4, 2023)
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Netflix series Undercover season 2, episode 2 - Pentagon


“Pentagon” is exciting for the audience — there’s a new undercover partner for Bob, and he begins his new mission. The Netflix series is playing out two dangerous story strands — the new mission and the consequences of the old one.

This recap of Netflix’s Undercover season 2, episode 2, “Pentagon”, contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

“Pentagon” opens with video footage of Kim spending time with her partner Martijn; she looked happy and in love which makes the devastating plot point even more impactful for the audience. The footage is playing at the funeral behind the casket. Bob is in deep thought, and you feel he’s only after one thing — revenge. In prison, Ferry asks his lawyer to find out where Kim’s boyfriend lives.

Starting the undercover assignment

Bob starts his undercover work, and he crashes into Laurent Berger’s car on purpose but makes out like it was an accident. Laurent recognizes Bob as the man that enquired about renting a ranch. Bob doesn’t want the accident to go through insurance and agrees to pay damages in cash. Like the previous season, Bob is infiltrating with such casualness that it’s almost audacious.

Making a bet with Laurent

Bob ends up at the ranch bar with Laurent, and they talk about the barmaid Sharon; Laurent tells Bob that he thinks she’s a lesbian because she’s single, but no-one can sleep with her. Bob makes a bet with Laurent that he can pull her. Sharon tells Bob that he’s wasting his time, but he’s persistent — as she walks off she says, “Maybe I’ll see you again?”. Laurent is impressed by Bob’s way with women.

It’s the Bob and Sharon show

When Bob leaves the ranch, he meets Nick. It’s revealed that Sharon is undercover as well, which explains everything because it looked way too easy for Bob. They talk about a man named Vinnie, but Sharon hasn’t heard that name yet.

Looking for a new job

Nathalie is attending a job interview — she’s looking for something new outside the ranch. She doesn’t have any diplomas which don’t land well with the interviewers — Nathalie tells them that she’s different from all the other girls she’s about to interview. “Pentagon” suggests that Nathalie wants a way out.

Laurent is not happy with the job hunting

Sharon tells Laurent that she’s interested in Bob and asks him to invite him to the ranch. She’s truly infiltrated the ranch. Afterward, Laurent does not seem happy that Nathalie is looking for other jobs. He doesn’t want her to leave but agrees to give her a good reference.

A troubled daughter and an invitation to line dancing

Bob asks his daughter Polly why she’s angry all the time. She wants to know more about his job and believes Kim was the reason he and her mother split up. Laurent then calls, and Polly tries to answer it; he snatches the phone off her and answers it — Laurent invites him to a line-dancing night as Sharon wants him there. Bob’s daughter is going to be important in Season 2 — she’s digging in places she shouldn’t.

A bit of line dancing

Bob enters the horse ranch, and Sharon pretends to play hard to get. The line dancing night starts, and Bob is not getting involved; Laurent is trying to egg him on to Sharon. JP Berger enters the ranch and speaks to Laurent — they’ve lost a few men, and now they have weapons in limbo — the pair argue about who f*cked up. The pair seem to be dancing their power with each other.

An angry and drunk Laurent

Nathalie asks Laurent if JP has left and the question irritates him; he focuses his attention on Bob and gets angry at him when he feels like Bob does not like line dancing, claiming he’s arrogant. He ends up kicking Bob to the floor — JP has really angered him. Bob’s face is a mess and Nick is concerned — he plays a phone recording between Gerrit De Vreese and Laurent; it’s about the reference for the other job for Nathalie. Laurent puts Nathalie in a bad light. The next day, Nathalie does not get the job.

This job hunt is causing real issues

We can sense the beer fear as the next day Laurent admits he went too far when speaking to Nathalie about the incident at line dancing. It’s their son’s seventh birthday, so they briefly celebrate. Jean-Pierre Berger enters the room, and he’s instantly irritated that there’s a photo of him in an album. He speaks to Nathalie privately about her looking for a new job — he also isn’t happy about her trying to leave. JP grabs her by the throat and states that he knows what’s she’s doing and that she doesn’t fool him. This story will expand, but we must wonder at this stage if Nathalie knows about the illegal dealings and wants to find a way out for her son.

The ending

Sharon meets Patrick alone. He asks her about the undercover mission and questions the objectivity — he wants to know if Bob needs to be taken off the mission. Meanwhile, Bob rings Polly and apologizes to her for their argument. He tells her that as a father, he is worried. He feels as though he has failed. When Bob puts the phone down, Polly is seen at the holiday park that Bob and Kim were undercover at in the previous season. She’s investigating the past — she’s straying dangerously.

Undercover season 2, episode 2 is exciting for the audience — there’s a new undercover partner for Bob, and he begins his new mission. The Netflix series is playing out two dangerous story strands — the new mission and the consequences of the old one.

Additional points
  • Ferry’s henchman visits Martijn, and he’s pretending to be a working acquaintance.

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