Undercover season 2, episode 1 recap – the opening chapter explained

November 9, 2020
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“El Dorado” is a fast-paced and devastating chapter, providing a continuation that is shocking for audiences.

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“El Dorado” is a fast-paced and devastating chapter, providing a continuation that is shocking for audiences.

This recap of Netflix’s Undercover season 2, episode 1, “El Dorado” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

“El Dorado” opens with Bob meeting Kim in a cafe; you can sense they haven’t seen each other in a while as there’s nervous energy. Kim is now a Human Rights Investigative Journalist. Kim asks Bob to look into something for him and gives him a tractor serial number. When she returns home, it’s revealed she has a new partner named Martijn. Bob rings Kim and tells her that the tractor is from El Dorado — a horse farm.

What was more upsetting about this scene is that time had obviously healed their relationship — there was no resentment between them, so what happens later in the chapter makes it more difficult to swallow.

Checking out the farm

Kim checks the place out; a man asks her what she’s doing on private property, and she blags it, claiming she is looking for venues. The man is named Laurent Berger — the music suggests there’s something sinister about him. When she returns home, she is shot down by a man on a motorbike. The premiere is not playing with the audience — it’s going right for the hearts.

The safehouse

Bob is alerted that he and his family are under threat and they need to go to a safe house — it’s an urgent getaway. Nick greets Bob and his children (Polly and David). Nick speaks to Bob in private and tells him that Kim has been shot — she’s in the hospital, so she is still alive. He suspects it might be linked to Ferry Bouman. Bob asks his ex-wife Liesbeth to pick up the children — she’s fuming at Bob that the family is compromised.

Seeing Kim

Bob heads to the hospital to see Kim; he’s emotional and frustrated and is desperate to see her. When he sees her rolled by him on a hospital bed, it hits him immediately. We always knew in the first season that Bob had developed feelings — both characters went through a lot together.

Ferry denies all knowledge

The police visit Ferry Bouman in jail; Marc Gevers wants to ask him questions and scour his prison cell. They find Ferry’s phone, and they know he circulated photos of Bob and Kim. Ferry claims he knows nothing about the attack on the officers as he states he does not know their names.

It was nothing to do with Ferry

At the hospital, Martijn tells Bob that Kim was threatened a month ago and she was looking into an illegal Syria arms deal; Bob now doesn’t think it’s anything to do with Ferry. Bob visits Kim’s workplace. Kim had an informant looking into illegal arms, but they were killed. Bob asks about El Dorado, the horse ranch, but there doesn’t appear to be a lead at her work.

Checking out the ranch

At the horse ranch, a woman named Nathalie who works at the establishment is with her young daughter — there’s an event going on. Bob asks this woman if he can talk to her about renting a stable. The woman shouts for Laurent Berger. Bob finally finds the man and asks about renting a stable “for his boss”. Laurent reveals he is part of the logistics industry as well, transporting agriculture and machinery.

Bob is already working undercover before he’s asked to work undercover, staying within the theme of the series.

Meeting JP Berger

“El Dorado” then flits to Ukraine; a man drives to a warehouse. He meets Jean-Pierre Berger — Mr. Berger asks the man if he’s finished his job as he does not feel he has finished moving everything; he’s worried that an investigative journalist found a link to their illegal dealings. The man is asked about a woman and is shown a photo of Kim, which gets him flustered. JP Berger believes the man is telling the truth but kills him anyway.

The opening chapter introduces the audience to a more ruthless villain than what we saw in the first season.

The end of an integral character

At the hospital, Kim is struggling with — she needs oxygen and resuscitating. Bob is researching the Berger family and trying to get a grasp of who they are. Bob gets a call from Nick and tells him that Kim is dead. What a gutting moment — the end of a great character at the start of Season 2. Bob is torn apart. But as he soaks in tears, there’s revenge in his eyes.

The ending

JP Berger asks Laurent why he’s dealing with Ratko — he tells him the tractor led the journalist to their location and they were nearly caught.

Bob and Nick speak to Patrick about Laurent and JP Berger. Patrick tells them that a judge would not want to open a case for an arms trade — Bob shows Patrick how the Bergers used an NGO to illegal supply arms. Nick wants to send in undercover agents.

As “El Dorado” ends, Ferry has heard about Kim, and now that he knows her name, he wants one of his men to find Bob.

Undercover season 2, episode 1 is a fast-paced and devastating chapter, providing a continuation that is shocking for audiences.

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