Undercover season 2, episode 8 recap – what happened in “Roadblock”?

By Daniel Hart
Published: November 9, 2020 (Last updated: December 4, 2023)
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Netflix series Undercover season 2, episode 8 - Roadblock


Episode “Roadblock” is a game of taxis as Bob tries to complete as many objectives as possible while on the road with undesirable passengers. The chapter reflects his mind, which is frantic.

This recap of Netflix’s Undercover season 2, episode 8, “Roadblock” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Bob reassures Nathalie even more; she’s worried about the Bergers brothers and the scenario if they are not arrested. She kisses Bob for everything he has done for her. When Bob returns home, Nick wants to speak to him. There’s a recording involving Ferry and John. Nick asks about Victor’s disappearance, but Bob plays a poker face — Nick clearly does not believe him and states that Marc does not want any surprises at the trial. “Roadblock” is a stressful chapter for Bob — he’s truly lost control.

Laurent has woken up

While Bob is driving, Nathalie rings him and tries telling him that Laurent has woken up. He nearly hits an animal in the middle of the road. Bob rings Nick and tells him that Laurent has woken up — everything is on the line for Bob.

A car ride with Victor

Bob meets Carlos, who is in a rush to get a flight. They are still holding Victor in the safehouse. Victor wants to escape because he doesn’t trust anyone. Bob ties him inside the car and Victor finds it ironic that Bob wants him to put on a seatbelt but will happily take part in other illegal activities. The irony is not lost here; Victor has a point.

Bob is thrown left, right and center

Bob rings Nathalie, and he cannot get hold of her. Nick explains to him that Laurent has been checked out of the hospital. Ferry then rings Bob and tells him if he doesn’t see his wife today he’ll send the rest of the information to his colleagues. Bob tells Victor to get into the trunk for his own safety. “Roadblock” turns into Bob’s taxi as he tries to partake in various tasks as everything mounts up.

Visiting Laurent

At the ranch, Bob cannot find Nathalie — he’s told she left to go to Laurent’s mother’s house. Bob heads over, and he asks Vinnie if he can visit Laurent. Nathalie turns up, and she acts totally normal. JP and the mother seem fine with him as well. He learns that Laurent had a stroke from the lack of oxygen, but he may be able to walk, talk, and regain his memory again. Bob visits Laurent, but he cannot speak — his heart races as Bob speaks to him. On the way out, JP talks about the cameras in the birdcages at the ranch, and he hopes it picked up the incident with Laurent. At this stage, it looks like Laurent’s health is a lifeline, but Bob is juggling so many scenarios it looks exhausting.

Liesbeth denies Bob access to his daughter

Bob visits his family after hearing that Marc is interviewing Polly again. When he arrives, Liesbeth tells Bob that he cannot enter the house or talk to his daughter after telling her lies; she doesn’t believe he is a good man anymore. These were cold words directed at Bob, and you can tell it impacted him.

Another passenger

Bob receives the address of Danielle and finds her. Initially, she screams, but he tells her to be quiet — he tells her that Ferry wants to see her and puts her in his car. He now has Victor and Danielle as passengers — the stress is through the roof. Victor tells Bob that JP is playing him about the camera in the ranch — he’s seeing if he actually checks it and that it’s a game. Bob is not thinking straight, and for the first time in this series, he’s completely out of his depth.

I know you cared about her

When he gets to the ranch, he asks Danielle for help because he’s doing it for Kim — he knows she cared for her and now he’s emotionally manipulating the situation. Bob asks Danielle to stay as a lookout as he checks for the camera. As Bob looks for cameras, Danielle is approached by Vinnie. The man is suspicious so looks around the stables. Bob and Danielle manage to escape. Victor is smug as he knew JP was playing games — there were no cameras. Bob is getting more frantic and tries to look for a red lighter. He sweeps Victor’s entire body as they wait for Danielle, who has entered the prison.

Ferry asks an important question

In prison, Ferry asks Danielle if it’s true about her and Kim being romantic. She admits it is true but insists she was crazy about him as well. Ferry asks her to get him out of prison; she will need to go to court and describe her relationship with Kim. She’s understandably upset at Bob for ruining her life; Danielle is upset, and she takes her own way home.

It’s almost a sad state of affairs that Danielle is trying to remove herself from her former life, but Bob and Ferry keep dragging her back into it.

The ending

Polly rings Bob and tells him she didn’t tell the police everything; only about the phone but not the recording. When Bob returns to his car, Victor has managed to get away. He runs into the woods, and Victor ambushes him and knocks him out. Bob dreams about Kim, and he asks where Victor is — he screams that he’s doing all this for her and she tells him to stop lying.

Bob wakes up and rings Nick — he tells him he has f*cked up. It’s about time he admitted it.

Undercover season 2, episode 8 is a game of taxis as Bob tries to complete as many objectives as possible while on the road with undesirable passengers. The chapter reflects his mind, which is frantic.

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