Undercover season 2, episode 9 recap – what happened in “Reconstructie”?

By Daniel Hart
Published: November 9, 2020 (Last updated: December 4, 2023)
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Netflix series Undercover season 2, episode 9 - Reconstructie


“Reconstructie” puts ethics on the line and audiences will split on Bob’s decision on whether he should be principled, or lie for a greater cause.

This recap of Netflix’s Undercover season 2, episode 9, “Reconstructie” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

“Reconstructie” begins with Bob wearing a mask, and then he takes it off. It then flits to two days earlier, and he’s sat in the woods at night where Victor left him unconscious. He rings Nathalie and tells her that she might not hear from him for a while. The cops then arrive to arrest him. When Bob gets to the station, he asks Nick to record the conversation.

A full confession

The penultimate chapter sees Bob go into full confession mode; he’s clearly tired of lying. Bob explains everything about JP and Victor, including the kidnapping. He also explains the John situation and how the operation messed with Kim’s head. Bob argues self-defense against John. And then finally, he explains how Ferry is going to use the Kim and Danielle story to try and get a release from prison based on corrupt investigating. Bob has laid it all out, and he’s ready to face the consequences. When Nick plays the recording to Marc, he surprisingly wants a different approach rather than bring Bob down.

JP wants Bob there for the deal 

Nick asks Bob to ring JP back and put on the speaker. JP updates him on the shipment and explains that it’s been a success so far. He wants Bob to be there, or they are canceling the deal. As JP is on the phone, Laurent pushes a spoon off his bedside table. He’s trying to communicate with his brother.

Nick’s request

Nathalie meets Nick in private, and he tells her that Bob is off the case. He asks Nathalie for help so the police can arrest the Bergers brothers — Nick asks Nathalie to get JP’s phone. JP tries communicating with Laurent by asking him to blink for “Yes” and “No”. Jackson then visits his father which calms Laurent down.

This reminds me of Hector Salamanca in Breaking Bad when he’s asked to ring the bell to questions. Undercover season 2, episode 9 has an easy comparison to another show.

Deny, deny, deny

Marc speaks to Bob about Ferry’s trial and that he will be called to the stand for unethical behavior. Marc asks Bob to deny everything in court. Bob wants protection for his family, and Marc guarantees it. Afterward, Nick tells Bob not to lie because they cannot cheat to beat criminals. Nick wants Bob to turn a page and to prove that there can be clean justice in this world.

This has become a chapter of principles, but there’s always this niggle that Bob is too deep into those he is trying to take down.

Spilled milk

Nathalie throws milk over JP “by accident” to try and get his phone, but it doesn’t work as he’s protective over it. She decides to get the phone by washing JP’s trousers, but he’s suspicious of her now.

Laurent tries to use a pen

Some of Laurent’s colleagues visit him at the hospital, and he tries to write with a pen. Nathalie tries to kick them out and scrunches up the paper that sends Laurent’s heart rate up. The doctor sedates him.

A dead-end

Thanks to Nathalie’s efforts, the police have an address for the location of the deal. When they open up a warehouse, nothing is inside — it’s empty. Patrick speaks to Bob before the trial and tells him that the Bergers’ case is falling apart and that they need him. If Bob tells the truth in court, they won’t be able to use him. Patrick then brings Nathalie into the conversation which angers Bob. This is a turning point in the episode — before this, it looked like Nick was going to tell the truth about his unethical approaches in the Ferry case.

The trial

Ferry arrives for his trial while Bob is ready to enter the courtroom. Nick tells him that he’s on his side. Bob has the biggest decision to make for the trial; to lie or not to lie. In the courtroom, Bob’s identity is hidden, and he’s in another room talking to a microphone as he answers questions.

To lie or not to lie

He decides to lie to the questions and goes against Danielle’s testimony. Nick is devastated that Bob is lying. Ferry is getting increasingly annoyed. Danielle is also upset that she’s told about Kim for nothing. When Nick returns to Bob’s room, he’s distraught with Bob, and he closes the door instantly.

But eventually lies catch up and we have to wonder if Bob will have his ultimate downfall soon.

The ending

Straight after the trial, Marc and Patrick tell Bob to ring JP and arrange to meet immediately. We are in the endgame now. When Bob visits his family’s safe house, they are not there. When he rings all their numbers, they are all out of service. Maybe this is the consequence of all the lies — he has lost everyone he loves.

Danielle tells Ferry that she has always loved him. Ferry thanks her for trying and tells Danielle that he’s made peace with the Kim situation. The pair kiss passionately, and Danielle apologizes. They declare their love for each other before Ferry goes back to prison. This is probably the first time I’ve seen this couple passionate with each other — it goes to show that marriages can run deep despite many problems.

JP tells Laurent that the deal is back on and his heart races again. Laurent keeps blinking “no” to warn him. JP notices he’s looking at Jackson’s drawing and when he points at Nathalie, Laurent warns him. JP asks if Bob is a cop and Laurent blinks “Yes”.

Undercover season 2, episode 9 puts ethics on the line and audiences will split on Bob’s decision on whether he should be principled, or lie for a greater cause.

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