Undercover season 2, episode 10 recap – the ending explained

November 9, 2020
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“Oorlog” is a hectic, fast-paced ending that does not end on a specific twist — this could be the end of the series; however, that would be a great shame as it is easily one of the best crime series on Netflix at the moment.

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“Oorlog” is a hectic, fast-paced ending that does not end on a specific twist — this could be the end of the series; however, that would be a great shame as it is easily one of the best crime series on Netflix at the moment.

This recap of Netflix’s Undercover season 2, episode 10, “Oorlog” — the ending explained — contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

“Oorlog” starts with a flashback from seven years ago which explains the strength of the Bergers brothers. Laurent is on the streets drinking and he sees his brother leave prison for the first time, and they hug each other. It’s a reunion. Laurent offers to drive him despite being evidently very drunk. They head to a petrol station and Jean-Pierre waits outside as Laurent gets more beers. Some teenagers call JP a “f*ggot” and attack him. Laurent heads outside and helps his brother. They manage to fight them off and remind each other of a strong brotherhood when they are together. In the present day, JP promises to get revenge on Nathalie and Bob. The finale is mostly about the brothers keeping to their promise to protect each other, no matter what.

JP’s U-turn

JP rings Bob and gives him a location for the deal. The operation team is in position for the location as Bob heads over there. When Bob meets JP, the arms dealer raises that he has a bad feeling about this — he explains there are no weapons and it’s because of Laurent’s big mouth. JP also states he’s no longer an arms dealer — he’s basically giving evidence to make him look innocent. Bob breaks character and tells JP that he knows what he’s doing. The entire team is fuming as JP walks off. Patrick tells his operation team to raid every location known to look for evidence of weapons.

What about Natalie?

This u-turn changes the course of the final episode — it’s about life or death now, not weapons. Bob tries ringing Nathalie, and he can’t get through; she texts him and learns that the deal is off. Bob feels like something is wrong. Meanwhile, Vinnie asks Nathalie for the parental papers for Laurent and threatens Nathalie with a gun. They head to Laurent’s mother’s house, and Jackson is taken off her by the brother’s mother.

JP’s plan

And like we saw at the start of the series, we witness JP’s ruthlessness again. JP asks Nathalie into the living room. He tells her that Jackson is a Berger and that he will have the future he needs. JP wants Nathalie to sign the parental papers, so Laurent is officially a parent in case “Something happens to her”. When Nathalie tries to get up, JP punches her in the stomach and mocks her for being a former junkie — he tells her that the story will be that she took too much morphine and the third injection was fatal. Vinnie then injects her.

The notary

At this point, JP is desperate to get revenge for his brother, even involving notaries in the process. Drugged up, JP brings a notary to help with the signatories of the parental agreement. The notary asks Nathalie to sign the document, but she refuses and calls them murderers. JP asks the notary to force her to sign even though she isn’t comfortable with it. He grabs Nathalie’s hand and signs it for her with the notary as the witness. And then Vinnie gives her another morphine hit.

Bob shows up

Bob turns up, and Vinnie tries to stop him. JP heads outside to calm down the situation and claims that Nathalie is not inside the house. Bob rings Nathalie’s phone, and it’s in Vinnie’s pocket. JP draws his weapon, and a gunshot is heard. JP heads inside and updates Laurent about the situation. They grab Nathalie and place her in the trunk of the car with a wounded Bob.

The struggle with Vinnie

Vinnie places Nathalie into a burial hole while Bob watches. He then proceeds to drag Bob out of the car. Bob manages to chew Vinnie’s ear off which angers the man, and he starts shoveling dirt on to Nathalie. Bob managed to grab Vinnie’s phone while he chewed his ear off and he rings Nick — Bob then hits Vinnie in his leg with a rock. Vinnie grabs a gun, but Nathalie smashes him with a shovel. Bob then shoots Vinnie in the leg to completely disarm him. This was a hectic five minutes, and it didn’t look good for Bob and Nathalie at all at first.

A brother’s promise

Bob asks Vinnie where the weapons are and presses on his wounded knee. Meanwhile, police cars head to JP’s house. Bob rings JP and tells him he knows where the weapons are and tells him the location. JP’s face confirms everything we need to know — it’s over. He grabs a pistol and tells Laurent that their cover is blown and they will be arrested — he doesn’t think his brother can survive hospital and prison. JP apologizes to Laurent, reminding him of their promise to each other to never return to prison — JP then shoots his brother in the head. And then ironically, when JP tries shooting himself, the gun doesn’t work and he’s arrested.

In the grand scheme of things, the story weighs up the notion that the Universe eventually balances itself out — if JP killed himself, he would have got exactly what he wanted. Now he will have to serve the time.

The ending

Bob is taken into hospital after suffering from bad wounds — he hallucinates and sees Kim before falling asleep. Nathalie finds Jackson at the back of an ambulance, and they embrace. After recovering, Patrick warns Bob that they’ll dig up his career. He gives Bob a photo — it’s Nathalie and her son; they have moved towns and have new names. Bob asks if they could have done it differently to capture the Bergers and Patrick says no. Bob visits Kim’s grave with Polly. He tells his daughter that Kim understood what he was going through — he is completely transparent. Polly tells her father that her brother will change his mind and see him eventually — Bob may have a chance to reconnect with his whole family one day.

Undercover season 2, episode 10 is a hectic, fast-paced ending that does not end on a specific twist — this could be the end of the series; however, that would be a great shame as it is easily one of the best crime series on Netflix at the moment.

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