Undercover season 2, episode 4 recap – what happened in “Trojan horse power”?

By Daniel Hart
Published: November 9, 2020 (Last updated: December 4, 2023)
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Netflix series Undercover season 2, episode 4 - Trojan horse power


“Trojan horse power” is all about building rapport as Bob is under pressure to make progress, just like he struggled to meet his superior’s timeline in Season 1.

This recap of Netflix’s Undercover season 2, episode 4, “Trojan horse power” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Bob and Nick speak to Nathalie, who claims she knows nothing. They tell her that Jean-Pierre Berger is an illegal arms dealer and Laurent is involved as well — they supply to dictators and leaders who bring a great deal of pain to innocent people. Bob then shows Nathalie a photo of Kim, who was murdered by the Bergers. And then, to convince Nathalie even more to help them, Bob plays the phonecall by Laurent regarding her job reference which put her in a bad light. “Trojan horse power” is putting the story on a different path to the first season — it’s all about creating an informant from the inside.

A chance of a new life

Nathalie has a panic attack after being provided so much information. Bob asks Nathalie for help to build rapport with Laurent and promises a new life. Nathalie has a lot to think about in “Trojan horse power”; she has a chance to get away by helping the police. When Nathalie gets home, she frantically starts to pack. JP Berger catches her moving around fast and wonders what she’s up to as she seems on edge.

An impromptu meeting

Bob meets Laurent and JP Berger — he warns them about cops that are on their case. There’s plenty of tension as JP clearly doesn’t trust him. Meanwhile, Vinnie is bugging Bob’s car. As Bob leaves, JP thanks him for the information. When Bob updates Patrick, he tells him the plug will be pulled if there’s no progress. Afterward, Nick meets Nathalie and tells her she is the key to getting the information.

The horse auction

The next day, Nathalie tells Laurent that she wants to go to the horse auction with him — at the auction, a rapport will be slowly built between Laurent and Bob. Season 2 is proving to be just as smart as its predecessor. Nathalie goes to the auction with Laurent. Laurent tells Nathalie that the ranch can be Jackson’s home and he offers to pay off her debt in one go as he wants them both to be happy. This puts a lot of pressure on Nathalie as Laurent is showing a lot of care for her.

Polly is in trouble

Ferry’s henchman is following Polly after she finishes school. He gives Polly a phone and tells her to give it to Bob, and that Ferry sent it. This is a “be careful what you wish for” moment with Polly — surprisingly, she hasn’t sensed how much danger she is in.

Horse auction

At the horse auction, Bob is helping one of the owners present a horse — they are clearly working together. Laurent speaks to the owner nearby about Bob and the rumors that they fought. Nathalie looks tense. Laurent bids on a horse after an owner persuades him to buy. The owner tells Laurent that Bob is a “good guy”: Afterwards, Bob tells Nathalie that the people she’s with are dangerous, and one day, it will impact her and Jackson. This feels like Bob’s last go at persuading Nathalie, who has been dithering all chapter.

The ending

When Nathalie gets home, Laurent tells her that one day, she and Jackson will run the ranch. Nathalie questions why he wouldn’t be running it with her and if he’s selling the company. Laurent gets impatient and tells her that she wants him to think of him. He tries kissing her, but she pushes him off. Bob is watching from a distance. Bob approaches Laurent and gives him 5,000 euros and tells him that Visser would like to discuss things with him. Nathalie then texts Bob and tells him that she’s in.

When Polly gets home, she plays a voice recording on the phone she was given; it’s the audio of her father killing John from last season.

Undercover season 2, episode 4 is all about building rapport as Bob is under pressure to make progress, just like he struggled to meet his superior’s timeline in Season 1.

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