Undercover season 2, episode 5 recap – what happened in “Revolucion”?

By Daniel Hart
Published: November 9, 2020 (Last updated: December 4, 2023)
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Netflix series Undercover season 2, episode 5 - Revolucion


“Revolucion” shows compromised positions as the operation is fully underway. Bob is struggling to keep his integrity as a cop as his world becomes blurred.

This recap of Netflix’s Undercover season 2, episode 5, “Revolucion” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Nathalie tells Bob and Nick that she’s made up her mind — she wants to work with them. Bob asks why she was crying after the horse auction as he’s concerned. As soon as they ask her to be an informant for the police, they slowly have doubts which feels slightly unfair on Nathalie.

The walls are blurring for Bob

Polly is fretting and tells her father that she went to the holiday park and that Danielle took her memory card from the camera. She shows him the phone given to her by the Dutchman. Polly plays the voice recording on the phone; it’s audio of Bob in a struggle with John before he died.

Afterward, Nick tells Bob that the authorities will take care of his family. We are starting to see John’s world blur together — the wall he once had up is collapsing and his father is in real danger.

The arrival of Visser

Nathalie and Laurent have a disagreement over Jackson. Laurent thinks it’s fair that his son knows who his father is — Jackson thinks Laurent is an uncle. Their argument is cut short as Visser arrives at the Ranch for a meeting. The men talk about horses initially, but then Visser tells Laurent that he has good contacts in South America with the Venezuelans. There are many similarities here to Season 1; they are dangling a carrot.

Interviewing Polly

The police interview Polly, and they question her about Henk Swaab who left her the phone. Bob tells Polly not to say anything about the holiday park which makes her tense for the interview. He’s now putting his Polly in a worse position — Season 2 is more about Bob’s personal choices so far.

A meeting with Visser and Bob

Laurent tells Jean-Pierre Berger about Visser and the South American contacts, but JP is not sold on a potential deal — he’s clearly risk-averse. However, later on, they arrange a meeting with Visser and Bob at a restaurant.

Visser gets straight to business to discuss the Venezuelans. Enrico joins the table; he is the same fake criminal from last season. Enrico explains how he wants to fight the army of Venezuela. JP Berger senses that he wants to fight the cartel who sits in the army. After a brief chat, JP Berger gets up and explains that he will think about it. Laurent chases after JP and tells him that he believes they have struck gold. JP suspects that Bob may be dirty and that they shouldn’t do it. He tells Laurent to deal with them. There’s a feeling JP Berger could be the man that completely disrupts Bob’s operation.

Business without the brother

When Laurent returns to the table, Enrico suggests he doesn’t trust them and walks off, but Laurent tells him to sit down — he offers to do the business without his brother. Afterward, Bob and the police gather; Patrick says they need to seize both brothers, not just one. If they can’t, they’ll have to settle with Laurent.

Too eager and Ferry has a proposition

Bob speaks to JP Berger and apologizes for causing a wedge with his brother and that he’d rather do a deal with them both. JP senses that Bob is way too eager. Ferry rings Bob from prison. He asks him about the audio recording and how he has evidence that he murdered John. Ferry asks Bob to help him out of prison, or the audio will be released.

Bob is 100% compromised now — he’s slowly becoming part of the crime world rather than fighting it.

Needing leverage

Bob speaks to Nathalie and wants information on JP. He needs to know something to convince both brothers to embrace the deal. Nathalie agrees to find something for him. Laurent catches them both in the office, and they blag it, making out that Bob wanted a stable. Laurent finishes the paperwork for Bob.

Nathalie takes photos from the photo album at Jackson’s grandmother’s house, and JP catches her. She manages to swerve and states she needs it for Instagram. When she shows Bob the photo, she claims one of them is called Victor, and the photo bugs JP.

Finding the henchman

The police find Ferry’s henchman Henk Swaab, and they learn that Polly and Bob haven’t told them everything.

Detective Marc interviews Polly, so Liesbeth rings Bob raising a concern. Meanwhile, Marc speaks to Polly and asks about the message Swaab sent — Bob returns to disrupt the interview before Polly says anything. Bob speaks to Marc alone and wonders why he spoke to his daughter alone. The ex-wife knows something is up.

The brothers still disagree

JP Berger asks Laurent about the deal and claims it will bring them both down. It’s almost like Laurent wants to prove to his brother that he’s smart — it’s heart over mind so far in the second season; one man is logical and risk-averse while the other one is too emotionally involved.

The ending

Bob speaks to Polly and apologizes for getting her involved. Polly wants answers about John and asks if he murdered him. Bob tells Polly that it was self-defense as John had a knife. He explains how he worked on that case for months, and he couldn’t tell anyone as he was too close to an arrest. Bob tells Polly that Ferry wants to be freed from prison but that he’s not going to surrender easy.

The chapter ends with Bob meeting Ferry in prison.

Undercover season 2, episode 5 shows compromised positions as the operation is fully underway. Bob is struggling to keep his integrity as a cop as his world becomes blurred.

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