Undercover season 2, episode 6 recap – what happened in “Victor”?

By Daniel Hart
Published: November 9, 2020 (Last updated: December 4, 2023)
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Netflix series Undercover season 2, episode 6 - Victor


“Victor” provides an intense operation where Bob and the team try and convince a very stubborn mind — secrets continue to be contained and unravel as we storm closer to the finale.

This recap of Netflix’s Undercover season 2, episode 6, “Victor” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

“Victor” begins with a flashback from 10 years ago. Jean-Pierre Berger meets Sheikh princes about weapon systems and pitches to them. It’s a difficult pitch as they need convincing. JP promises them a shipment within two weeks. They agree to the deal, and JP wants to celebrate with Victor. However, he isn’t sure. Both men are in a complicated, romantic relationship. As JP leaves the elevator, Victor apologizes — he’s arrested.

This opening scene demonstrates why JP Berger is so risk-averse — he was betrayed by someone he was very close with.

Bob meets an old enemy

In prison, Ferry explains how he wanted Bob dead but his wife is struggling so he wants to be freed so he can help her. Bob believes Danielle can get him acquitted and reveals she was in love with Kim — Ferry is in disbelief. Bob tells Ferry to ask her himself.

An update on Victor

Nick updates Bob on her Victor; he explains that Victor used to work with JP Berger, but then he ratted him out — Nick has a plan; to make JP believe that Victor is also working on the Venezeuealan deal, and then he will likely join Laurent on the agreement out of emotion.

They make sure that Victor misses his connecting flight to Vienna so that JP sees him in the same hotel — the hope is when JP sees Victor with Enrico, he’ll take the bait.

This is savvy stuff, but there’s a reason the first scene of “Victor” was given to the audience.

The parental acknowledgment form

Laurent gives Nathalie a parental acknowledgment form. She’s hesitant about signing anything regarding Jackson as she wants to talk to a professional first. Meanwhile, a journalist asks JP to meet him at a specific hotel — this is part of the setup. Before he goes to the hotel, Vinnie plays a recording to JP — it’s a conversation between Laurent and Nathalie that sounds suspicious. JP tells Vinnie not to share it with Laurent as it sounds like Nathalie is cheating.

The interview

JP arrives at the hospital to meet the journalist; they sit in an awkward place which doesn’t help the operation at all — the journalist asks if they can switch seats. JP sees Enrico at the reception and then Victor walks in — Enrico gets Victor’s attention. JP watches intently and then follows them both through the hotel. At this stage, this looks like a rather well-constructed sting operation.

The bait fails

JP rings Laurent and asks him if he has made a deal with the Venezuelans and if so, wonders why Enrico is meeting Victor. An angry JP Berger does not want Victor to take their deal and also suggests Nathalie is having a physical relationship with Bob. On the way out of the hotel, JP senses this is a set-up — he’s paranoid about what happened with the journalist. He plays Vinnie’s recording again and hears the name, Victor.

JP shreds the whole operation apart

JP storms towards Victor’s room to talk to him. He punches the man and asks for the truth. Victor denies knowing anything about Enrico. JP threatens to slit his throat but then he calms down and asks for his side of the story. Victor explains how he was on a connecting flight and then lost his passport. JP rings Laurent and tells him that the interview and the deal with the Venezuelans are fake. At this stage, it looks to be all over, but Bob is always a character that finds a way to worm his way back in.

Jackson, I am your father

Jackson and Laurent are outside in the stable. Laurent tells Jackson that he’s his father as Nathalie finds them. Nathalie has to explain everything to her son. Laurent then accuses Nathalie of screwing around, and they argue about that rumor. She tells Laurent that he’s selfish for using the secret because he was jealous. Laurent is a completely different person to his brother — he allows personal issues impact decision making, which is why Bob and the team have struggled with JP — he’s non-emotional due to his past.

Manipulating an audio recording

Bob speaks to Victor at the hotel bar; the pair have a general conversation and then Bob walks away — he replays their conversation on the phone. Bob manipulates the audio recording to make it sound like he agreed on a deal with Victor — Vinnie plays it to JP, and it makes him feel like he was wrong to be suspicious. Afterward, Nathalie and Bob have a phonecall and Jackson overhears his mother telling Bob that Laurent will be going to prison.

The brothers are finally in agreement

JP admits to Laurent that he was stupid for not believing in him and apologizes. He vows to give respect to his brother and wants them both to go ahead with the deal. Bob and the team finally cracked JP — it took a ridiculous effort to turn his head.

Jackson drops a clanger

But then nothing is ever simple in Season 2. Laurent asks Nathalie if he can say goodnight to Jackson. When he speaks to Jackson, the young boy asks Laurent if he’s going to jail after he heard his mother on the phone. The cogs start moving in Laurent’s head, but he tells Jackson he must have misheard.

The ending

Jackson finds Nathalie’s phone and rings a number, and Bob answers. Laurent meets Nathalie outside and shows her the phone and lists the number of times she was ringing Bob. Nathalie tries to calm him down but he slaps her and tells her to stop lying. He keeps submerging her in water until she admits that Bob is a cop — she finally breaks and tells the truth. Laurent then strangles her, but she manages to knock him out.

Undercover season 2, episode 6 provides an intense operation where Bob and the team try and convince a very stubborn mind — secrets continue to be contained and unravel as we storm closer to the finale.

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