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‘Undercover Law’ | Netflix First Impressions Review Colombiana

Undercover Law Netflix Review


First impressions suggest that Undercover Law offers an action-packed crime drama from an unusually feminine perspective – just far too much of it.

You can have too much of a good thing, which you swiftly learn when your humble, home-grown media outlet develops a reputation for being the go-to place for same-day Netflix coverage. Every now and again the streaming giant, in its infinite wisdom, decides to take the piss, and drops a sixty-episode Colombian crime drama on your lap with no warning whatsoever. Such is the case with Undercover Law, which deposits several women on perilous undercover missions, and if you have no job, relationship or other interests at all, you can now witness them from the comfort of your living room.

Full disclosure, then: this review is based on the first few episodes of Undercover Law and should be taken primarily as a first impressions piece rather than a proper review. It should be enough to give you a sense of what it’s about and what it’s like, but I wouldn’t take it as gospel. It might turn into a supernatural romance by the end, for all I know.

What it begins as, though, is the story of several female intelligence agents disappearing into dodgy climes with fake identities, all while trying to precariously balance their home lives – ill mothers, jealous brothers, expensive sports-playing sons, and the age-old dilemma of choosing between a family and career… that kind of thing. It’s apparently based on a real-life super-secret-agent team, but I have no idea if that’s true or just marketing spiel. Details are thin on the ground about Undercover Law and its basis in “fact” – I suppose that kind of thing is very hush-hush.

Then again, I can barely find any information about Undercover Law in general or Netflix’s handling of the rights. It certainly wasn’t screened for press, and beyond it having aired on the Caracol International network at some nebulous point in the past, nobody seems to know much about it. It’ll slot neatly into the “overseas crime drama” category which the platform seems so fond of lately, and it’ll likely make a good “Because you watched Narcos…” recommendation, provided you don’t have anything much to do for the next several weeks.

But the selling point is obviously the female-focused approach, and in selecting as protagonists a bunch of relatable, down on their luck women, Undercover Law does have a vibe that sets it apart. The setups are your typical tropical shenanigans, replete with gunfire, running and dirty money on fold-up tables, but the appeal is seeing how those trappings apply to the ladies – and not just in a superficial, tokenistic way. The roles of undercover secret agents are usually occupied by men, but it isn’t enough for Undercover Law to just swap the genders and call it a day; there’s also effort made to show how the freewheeling life of a drug mule or a mafia pilot informs and effects the women’s other, quintessentially-feminine roles as mothers, wives, carers, and so on.

There’s definitely a market for that kind of approach – the question is whether that market has the time spare to gorge on 60 episodes of it. You can take my recommendation with a pinch of salt, then. Undercover Law is perfectly fine – good, even – and you’ll probably enjoy it if you typically enjoy such things, but I can’t say that the lens of the fairer sex is novel enough to sustain anything for so many hours and episodes, let alone a drug-fuelled crime drama. But do let me know.

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9 comments on “‘Undercover Law’ | Netflix First Impressions Review Colombiana

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  2. perry campbell

    The subtitles are so fast that a speed reader will have trouble keeping up which ruins trying to watch the show!

  3. I never thought I would binge watch a Spanish language 60 episode show but I was hooked ! Really easy to follow and some great performances.

  4. Ester Ashkenazi

    Another crime filled Netflix program and this one reminds me of Charlie’s Angels! Netflix, how about a variety of subjects instead of concentrating on crime, drugs and guns?

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  6. Awesome production. So addictive, due to their cleverness of the script and the brilliant performances of the actors, which made them to believe they are real. I watched all the episodes. I would not mind to watch it again. I recommend it 100%. Viva Colombia.


    Is an amazing show with all elements include, drama, action, suspense…….love it

  8. love it. Wish it to have a Season 2. Great mixture of drama and action, not as gory as other narcos series.

  9. Vivian Alissandratos

    I do like the show! Watching the lives of four different women who struggle with work and family. I just wish the subtitles would be up a couple of more seconds..I have to speed read….

  10. Dawn E. Taylor

    I just finished watching the final episode and I have to confess that I binge watched 60 episodes over about 2 weeks time. It took me about 3 episodes to get into Undercover Law but then I was hooked. I became attached to many of the characters and got to witness their growth. Both Alejandra & Amelia started out very headstrong but both matured and became great agents. I was lecturing Sebastian/ Juan Pablo to stop but of course he didn’t listen and broke my heart. 😉 I really enjoyed this series and I am sad that is over.

  11. Yairelina20

    Just finished washing the whole serie. 60 episodes at first was to much, now I am craving for more!,,

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