Narcos: Mexico season 2, episode 9 recap – “Growth, Prosperity and Liberation”

By Daniel Hart
Published: February 13, 2020 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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Netflix Series Narcos: Mexico season 2, episode 9 - Growth, Prosperity and Liberation


Narcos: Mexico Season 2, Episode 9, “Growth, Prosperity and Liberation” is an almost perfect penultimate episode with Félix and Breslin playing a risky move.

This recap of Netflix Series Narcos: Mexico season 2, episode 9, “Growth, Prosperity and Liberation” contains significant spoilers.

It’s only just dawned on me in the penultimate episode of Narcos: Mexico Season 2 that Félix and Breslin are essentially the same characters. Both desperate to make amends, both requiring the glory, one perceived as bad while the other is perceived as good. There’s a fine line between good and bad in Narcos: Mexico, which makes the story wonderfully compelling.

We go back to Félix’s roots at the start of Episode 9, “Growth, Prosperity and Liberation” — the early days when he was a police offer, returning home to his happy family and he checks out his tiny weed farm with his friend and laughs. Deep down, Félix wants a life of love again, with his close ones happy and content.

And he has one more chance of that in Episode 9 in the present day; Félix spends time with María and says he misses their home town. She asks if he wants to take his daughter to school and he agrees before asking her if she would like to come to the post-election party with him. He admits his life is still in danger due to Guerra. He asks María for a chance and apologizes — they both know that everything depends on the shipment.

Bubbling underneath; Enedina tells Benjamin that Félix is about to move 70 tonnes of coke and Guerra thinks if Félix pulls it off, then his own rule will be over. Everyone is rooting against Félix.

And of course, Breslin is on his coattails. Breslin sees the radars bleeping for the planes and he briefs his men on the risks of toppling Félix’s big plans — they are all in. Breslin is taking a huge risk here, just as much as Félix. Azul tells Félix that he’s gambling everyone’s lives but Félix states that if they pull it off, the future is all theirs. Breslin’s thought process is very similar.

Breslin’s men get equipped and ready while Félix dresses up in a black tie suit ready for the event. María turns up all dressed for the post-election party. The brother of the president-elect makes a speech thanking everyone, The president-elect then makes a speech about a bright, prosperous future.

While Félix and María enjoy a night with the rich and privileged, Breslin’s men head to the cargo. The first plane lands and then soon after the second hit the ground. Breslin’s men approach the planes, taking out men one by one. Breslin’s men tell everyone to get on the ground and throw gasoline all over the product and then the twist arrives — it’s not coke; it’s likely to be something like sugar which is why it is so heavy. Breslin has walked straight into an ambush.

Breslin’s men are pinned down and there are many casualties. Breslin manages to escape due to one of his dying men sacrificing his life so Breslin can get away — he drives straight into a fuel tank. Calderoni turns up and kills two of Felix’s men but then kills one of Breslin’s crew — Amat. Calderoni calls out Breslin from the bushes. Calderoni tells Breslin that he should not have cut him off and that Breslin should have died tonight, not his men — he tells him to leave and lets him.

Félix played two aces and f***** up Breslin for good.

Amada gives Félix an update and explains that they will fly the real product the next day. María is amazed that Félix has pulled it off. Félix thanks María for coming out with him. María gives in and kisses Félix.

When Breslin returns to his base, we learn that apart from two men, everyone else is dead — depression reeks in the air. Breslin takes a long drag of his cigarette. This is a damning moment for the character. He knows it is over.

Breslin returns to Washington D.C. He tells his superior that he tried his hardest but he is cut off. A thoughtful summary of project Leyenda has been sent to the White House — “A successful war on drugs,” and that’s where the file ends. Skirmishes that Breslin has been in recently have not been included in the report and he will be reassigned. An emotional Breslin asks about his men who died for him and if the promises made will be delivered. Breslin is reminded that the men who helped him are criminals and that, “The country owes them nothing // you lost, Agent Breslin”.

This scene was a damning assessment and a cruel one to take for the character. There could only be one winner between Félix and Breslin.

Narcos: Mexico Season 2, Episode 9, “Growth, Prosperity and Liberation” ends back in Mexico with Félix’s product ready to be delivered. He tells Azul to make sure that the Colombians have an equal share amongst all plazas. Félix thanks Amado and tells him he wouldn’t have been able to do it without him. Félix tells Amado he wants everyone to be happy, which explains the scene at the beginning of the episode.

With one episode left, Félix has one issue remaining — delivering the product and ensuring his own cartel does not turn against him.

Cartel Diaries

  • Breslin rings his deceased brother’s wife. She makes Breslin aware that she’s moving. She’s leaving immediately and wants to move on.

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