Narcos: Mexico season 3, episode 6 recap – “La Jefa”

By Marc Miller
Published: November 5, 2021 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
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Netflix Narcos: Mexico season 3, episode 6 - La Jefa


It’s a game of chicken as Amado and Enedina square off to see who blinks first.

This recap of Netflix’s Narcos: Mexico season 3, episode 6, “La Jefa,” contains spoilers.

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1994, in Mexico, was known as When S**t Hits Fan. Or, at least, that’s what I labeled it. The President is in jeopardy of losing his election because the streets have been overrun by cartel violence. Now challenged by a reformist, things not only will get ugly on the streets but politically as well.

Narcos: Mexico season 3, episode 6 recap


Amado has become the biggest distributor of coca in the world. He movies five tons of the stuff a month. That’s roughly 180-million dollars worth at about 6-million per day. He now lives in a too-big house and asks the maid where the kitchen is. The man we saw six episodes prior was now flying private into airports with products and smuggling money into banks in plain sight.

Things can’t get much better, but they can get worse. That’s what happens when Pacho visits him. He and his partners have struck a deal to pay a fine and are getting out of the drug game. They are going legit, but they know when to quit (MC Hammer had no f*****g clue what he was talking about). Amado, in disbelief, tells him there is money to be made. Pacho replies, “You know what God thinks about money? Look around, see who he gives it to.”

Damn. What a perfect line.


She has become the tax collector. That’s what she tells Mayo (Albert Guerro). He must pay the AFO tax he owes, or he can no longer move product on his boat — even the goddamn shrimp. Mayo, having little respect for women in charge, asks Francisco if this is the family position? He hesitates, so Edina answers for him. “It is,” she says.

After Mexico’s favorite shrimp boat captain leaves, Edina breaks the bad news to Francisco — Benjamin called. Their supply from the Cali cartel is about to dry out. They need to collect the tax from everyone because it will be lean times for the AFO in Tijuana.


Alex (Lorenzo Ferro) is a character we have seen since episode two. A judge’s son, he has been hanging around the wrong crowd — those Cartel Juniors including his brother, Alfredo. He is arrested at the border and brought in by the San Diego DEA for having a firearm with the serial number filed off. Walt is called up there, but Alex is more intelligent than he looks. The law brought him up, you see. He lets him go but follows the cab they sent him home in.

Alex leads him right to the Arellano home where Ramon is. Walt calls in reinforcements. They say on the house for hours that they see Ramon, Alex, and Kitty come out with others. They fill two cars, all have guns, and they take off. One of the Mexican military officers orders them to follow Ramon’s car and for Walt to stay in the car. He never watched an American cop or law enforcement show (not even Baywatch) because there is no way Walt is waiting in that car.

They pull a maneuver on Ramon, and Kitty sends a couple of hundred bullets in their direction. They fire back, striking Kitty in the abdomen. Meanwhile, Walt runs into the house to arrest Alfredo. He arrests him like a boss. This leads to questions of how the cops know about their hideout. When Edina asks Alfredo to leave, he finds his brother in the driveway, looking guilty as hell. He tells him what happened. Knowing they are in trouble, Alfredo asks for the card of the DEA agent he talked to. They are going to become informants to protect themselves.


Enedina tried to cut a deal with Amado to drive prices down on a new supplier. Amado, always the stoic listener, gives her the impression that he is willing to let one hand, or in this case, one kilo of cocaine too easy the other. However, he travels to Cuba to meet the North Valley’s cartel. He will pay them the Cali cartel, but he wants to be Zack and Kelly in Saved by the Bell — exclusive.

Word gets back to Benjamin and Enedina, and she tells him a story about some wasps. Her point is their colleagues and enemies are finished. So in true Goodfellas style, they start to take back what is theirs. They take out Mayo’s shrimp boats, kill Juan from the Sinaloa cartel, make an attempt on Amado’s life, and take out a car full of the Mexican military operation right in from Walt.

If that wasn’t bad enough, after Andrea leaves for the night at the paper, she finds a man kneeling at the tire of her car with no eyebrows. He tells her that she jas a flat tire. That’s dangerous, he mansplains. Do you work at the La Voz,” he asks? Yes, is her reply.

“That’s dangerous too.” And he then walks away.

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