Reflection of You season 1, episode 13 recap – the cat is out of the bag

By Bashirat Oladele
Published: November 24, 2021 (Last updated: December 16, 2023)
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Netflix K-Drama series Reflection of You season 1, episode 13


Woojae regains his memories and drama ensues.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Reflection of You season 1, episode 13, contains spoilers.

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Reflection of You season 1, episode 13 recap

Episode 13 starts off with a bang — the cat is out of the bag, Woojae regains his memories. If he hadn’t, he would have traveled from Seoul, South Korea to Sligo, Ireland for nothing. From driving around the town, he visits the cottage they used to stay in. They were in love love and it’s annoying to see how the creators of the drama seem to glorify the act of cheating because of how they portray Woojae and Heejoo to be forbidden lovers when they’re just cheaters.

Meanwhile, the mother-in-law is losing it at the prospect of Hosu not being her biological grandson. Newsflash, the paternity tests prove that he is but I still feel like they might have tampered with it. The mother-in-law confronts Heejoo about it, who goes on to lie about the reason Woojae’s name is on Hosu’s birth certificate. However, she isn’t having it and can see right through Heejoo’s never-ending lies and remains unconvinced.

We also see Haewon’s softer side and her sincerity as a person. You have to love children, she’s reading Hosu a book and apologizes to him. He’s unsure about what she’s apologizing for but he accepted it. I feel like Haewon’s strength is her self-awareness and taking accountability in these situations. She still wants her revenge but I’m unsure how it might come about in these final remaining episodes. Haewon’s hurt and reminds us time and time again that Heejoo’s window for forgiving has passed.

As for Hyungseong, we really see how much of a coward he is. From the constant threats at Haewon, she doesn’t let down. She reminds him that he’s still pathetic and not respectable. She probes him by questioning if he forgave her to prove that he’s morally superior or to shy away from his own problems. And of course, he digs back at her by highlighting that she’s obsessed and pathetic. Unable to take the heat, he storms into his mother’s office and breaks the DNA kit out of frustration. We also learn that his mom felt insignificant in her own marriage and didn’t want Hyungseong to feel the same way with Heejoo. She’s convinced that Heejoo has him wrapped around his finger for something. If only she had the same concern for her daughter, Minseo, who is being abused by her husband.

Lisa’s been a spoiled brat for a while now and finally got told about herself in this episode. In previous episodes, we learned that Hyungseong drove Juyeong’s family out of their home. At school, Lisa demands that Juyeong apologizes again but this time, Juyeong wasn’t having it — rightfully so. She threatens to tell everyone at her new school about her family but Juyeong pointed out that she’ll simply reveal how evil and sinister her family is for preying on her and her dad. She also brings Lisa to reality by mentioning people like you for what you have, not for you.’ And she needed to hear that because she’s been very bratty and nasty to Juyeong for so long.

We flashback to the pub in Sligo where a drunk Woojae and sober Hyungseong meet. They’re talking about Heejoo and of course, the conversation becomes heated very quickly. Woojae continues to throw digs at Hyungseong by mentioning how he tied Heejoo down with his stupid money and how he has no idea how passionate she can be. Furthermore, he goes on to say that he was never interested in her but Haewon couldn’t stop mentioning her, which piqued his interest. He’s drunk but his comments about Heejoo were unacceptable as he called her ‘nothing but a lonely married woman’ and ‘easy’. 

The ending

Regardless, both of the men are losers because we come to learn that Hyungseong deliberately crashed into Woojae, which caused him to lose his memories. He was the reason for the entire fiasco and wants to act brand new. Just pathetic. Woojae also admits his cowardice as she tells Haewon they should break up, after everything she’s done for him. Haewon’s rightfully irritated because he didn’t even apologize and instead just forgave himself as if everything’s fine.

The ending was obvious too, Woojae wants to get back with Heejoo. He tells her ‘you can have a marriage with him and still be in love with me,’ at the art gallery. He doesn’t let down either, because he invites her to his studio where he emphasizes his love by telling her ‘Come back to me. Love me like you did back then. You can throw me away again. I’ll endure the broken heart.’

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