Reflection of You season 1, episode 14 recap – this isn’t love.

By Bashirat Oladele
Published: November 26, 2021 (Last updated: December 16, 2023)
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Netflix K-Drama series Reflection of You season 1, episode 14


It’s looking bad for Lisa.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Reflection of You season 1, episode 14, contains spoilers.

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One thing about Reflection of You is that it keeps you on your toes and keeps us wanting more — that’s exactly what episode 14 proved. From the plot, some life lessons and improved character development, it is 100% worth the watch. We come into contact with two incredibly flawed women but one is sincere and knows her faults meanwhile the other remains flawed and doesn’t actively try to change anything. It’s sad but the dynamic plays out well because the victimisation, coupled with Heejoo’s status, isn’t a surprise.

Reflection of You season 1, episode 14 recap

We pick up where episode 13 ended, in the art studio with Woojae hugging Heejoo and telling her that “I won’t let you run off this time. I’m going to get everything I lost.” Ever since gaining his memories, he’s been displaying possessive behaviours. She tries to put him in his place but it doesn’t work — she tells him that she loved him with all her heart and now it’s over. She reminds him that he shouldn’t dwell on the past nor should he salvage it but should give his all to Haewon. Alas, Woojae wasn’t trying to hear all of that and bit back at her saying “You’re the one who tore our relationship short. I haven’t even started.” How deluded.

We also see Haewon’s dramatics, which I love. In one scene, Woojae brings up the prospect of breaking up, which he desperately wants but Haewon wasn’t keen about it. Instead, she tells him to die or kill her first. I loved how she’s taken control of her emotions, knowing she was traumatised and heartbroken but still refuses to let Woojae or Heejoo walk over her, no matter how much she loved and trusted them.

Heejoo and Seonwoo meet in the church and they speak about everything that’s been going on. But Heejoo still misses the point, she tells her brother that she’s apologised multiple times but was still unforgiven. She even admits that she apologised out of pity and not wanting to be forgiven. Heejoo constantly proves that her lack of sincerity and prideful nature is why she’s in a messy situation. Either way, Seonwoo still tries to lead his big sister on the right path, reminding her to apologise and not to lose her window of forgiveness

Lisa’s putting the pieces together — she has flashbacks of seeing her mother and Woojae together, glimpses of her father and Haewon, the heath, the journal, and just everything. But again, she’s like her mother because when she sees Haewon, she blames her for the drama between Juyeong and herself rather than taking accountability for being a bully that spreads nasty rumors and is shielded by money and nepotism. Sounds familiar? Like mother, like daughter. Meanwhile, Juyeong finally gave her a taste of her own medicine, exposing her failures at dancing and highlighting how nepotism is the only reason for an ounce of success she has. At that moment, I was a Juyeong stan because it’s sick and tiring to see the most mistreated get taken advantage of by their privileged peers.

Since Juyeong has no mother, she lives with Haewon’s mom — who had her at 16 and never really raised her, so it’s a new parenting experience for her. The 3 ladies are more like sisters, rather than the standard mother-daughter dynamic but that doesn’t matter. Haewon and Juyeong have a heart-to-heart conversation, advising her to delete the video and ‘pity her instead of hating her.’ As always, Haewon recognizes her faults and gives her further advice — ‘Don’t waste your life hating someone. I’m speaking from experience. Don’t be like me, Juyeong.’ The scene was so beautiful because Haewon’s mom joins, bringing ice cream and the three of them take selfies. It was such a heartwarming scene and it played a necessary role because one, we love to see sisterhood and women supporting women and two, Lisa was scrolling through Juyeong’s Instagram photos and was jealous of the image. It highlighted how this is what Lisa wishes she had, no amount of money or nepotism can give her the joy that Juyeong has with Haewon and her mother. 

Lisa’s parents are useless too because they tell her she deserves everything and is in the right, without ever criticizing her actions or having any knowledge of how she hurt others.

In another scene, Haewon comes home to divorce papers and a sleeping Woojae on the couch. She scrunches up the papers and spills water on him. Calling him out, she sternly mentions “You’re the one at fault. So how dare you demand a divorce first?” And she’s right, she’s convinced he’s divorcing her because of Heejoo but he tells her that he’s just unhappy with her. Haewon mentions that he deceived her and how he was the very person she trusted the most and that’s what drives her crazy. You just have to praise Shin Hyunbeen’s acting in that scene because she hit the nail on the head, making you feel everything the writers wanted us to feel.

Towards the end, we see more of Hyungseong’s possessive side and he gives Heejoo an ultimatum to pick between Woojae or her family. He wants her to back out of the exhibition, failing to realize how bad her withdrawal would look in the media but his jealousy and insecurity blinds him. As he raises his voice, they don’t realize Lisa is behind the door and hears absolutely everything. 

Their lawyer, Minseo’s husband (the sister-in-law), has always been a horrible man from his abusive nature but Heejoo stood up to him — the one thing I respect about her and how she supports Minseo through it. As Heejoo mentions the evidence of abuse Minseo has on him, he becomes more angry and upset and dares to fight Heejoo over this. What a coward but she doesn’t back down and falls down five stories of stairs. Heejoo could have helped him but didn’t. And of course, Woojae is always in the mix somewhere and witnessed absolutely everything.

The ending

As for the ending, we see how unhinged Woojae and Heejoo really are. After multiple phone calls, she goes to see him at the art studio though Lisa advises her to stay at home. Woojae becomes possessive as he tells her that ‘I will kill anyone who dares to harm you,” in response to the tussle she had with the lawyer. Woojae is unaware that she’s recording the situation, making it look like he’s harassing her (which he was) to have evidence that the affair never happened. She screams and tells him to stop and how this isn’t love. He isn’t listening and continues to kiss her possessively, revealing how insane Woojae is. 

As much as I hate Heejoo and Woojae, I have to praise Go Hyunjung and Kim Jaeyoung for their acting because they are nailing it! The drama is amazing and leaves us on cliffhangers with multiple theories of what could be! With only two episodes left and the painting being finished, I am convinced Woojae will be the one that dies but is killed by Lisa or either Lisa kills herself (she’s already been self-harming and the relationship with her parents has weighed her down horribly) but Heejoo shouldn’t have an easy way out — being death — she doesn’t deserve it and needs to suffer.

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