Feel Good season 2, episode 6 recap – the ending explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 4, 2021
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Netflix series Feel Good season 2, episode 6 - the ending


Episode 6 is a thoughtful ending to a series that will be missed — it deals with trauma, family dynamics, and healthy relationships as George and Mae reach a peaceful understanding.

This recap of Netflix’s Feel Good season 2, episode 6 — the ending — contains significant spoilers. 

It’s a shame this story has only lasted two seasons as George (played by Charlotte Ritchie) and Mae (played by Mae Martin) are an adorable on-screen couple. The ending of season 2 is mainly about Mae as she has to confront her issues head-on while and understanding George waits patiently.

Mae, George, and Phil have arrive in Toronto, and they head to Mae’s parent’s house. At dinner, Phil talks about his family history and his father and step-father. For a long time, his story goes on, and he describes how he split his mother and step-father up. It’s a little deep and out of place, which makes it funny.

Trust issues, urine tests, and controlling parents

The following day George and Mae hit an issue quickly as George brings up trust issues, and this spurs Mae to go out, on her own, to confront her abuser, Scott. However, she lays on the roof instead for half an hour. Mae explains to George that when she isn’t trusted, it doesn’t help her personal growth. In a funny moment, when Mae goes to the bathroom, her parents are trying to take her urine from the toilet bowl for a drug test. In her frustration, Mae throws down her pants and says, “you can get it from the horse’s mouth”. Mae’s parents track Mae and George throughout the day, so they find an opportunity to sneak away.

Letting George have a little fun

While personal growth is essential in the finale of Feel Good season 2, the development of their relationship shines.

George and Mae decide to enjoy themselves and go out drinking — Mae notices that George is getting looked at by a lot of women and asks her to approach one of them. So George does, and Mae watches — she wants her partner to have fun and embrace new experiences. George and the woman kiss. When she returns, Mae tells her it was really hot, and then they kiss.

Mae wonders what life would have been like without Scott

As they walk the streets at night, George tells Mae that she might be non-binary, and the pair hug it out; George is entirely understanding and wants to use the right words. Narratively, this is a pivotal moment in television. Two characters are talking about non-binary in an understanding, loving way.

Suddenly, Inkboy finds Mae, so they flee — Mae owes a drug dealer money. When they are out of danger, Mae recognizes the street and states she used to live here with Scott. When they scope the house out, Mae explains to George that she and Scott slept in separate rooms. And then Mae remembers hiding under the bed. They wake up a woman inside the house, so the women have to flee again — this time, they hide in a car, which spurs on an intimate moment where George tells Mae that she loves her.

As George fingers her, Mae gets upset and tells her to stop — she wonders what kind of person she would have been if she had never met Scott. George assures her that she’s handling it every day.

Full disclosure 

Episode 6 also brings closure with Mae and her relationship with her parents.

The following day, Mae’s father Malcolm shows Mae and Linda the ornamental pears in the garden — he admits to knocking off the pears off the shelf, and they broke — he didn’t think Linda would accuse Mae of stealing them for all these years. Linda is then regretful for not asking Mae about certain things in her life and wonders if Mae blames her for not wanting to know. Mae tells her parents that she wishes she could start afresh and meet them as a new person. The father tells the family that they should agree to tell each other everything from now, and they have a group hug.

Confronting the abuser

Phil decides to stay with Mae’s parents while Mae and George head north to be in the peaceful woods. On the way, Mae decides to stop off at the comedy club. She heads inside to confront Scott — Mae asks a range of questions about what happened between them when she was younger. Scott says he has apologized repeatedly and states he loved her. Mae raises how much it hurts because she loved him. Scott says there was another woman on the “young side,” and Mae says that means children. When the conversation gets exhausting, Mae and Scott hug each other and say, “I love you”. Mae tells Scott she doesn’t want to see or talk to him ever again.

While Mae will not completely have a handle on her trauma, this is a start.

The ending 

Mae gets back in the car with George — she throws up and then asks George to drive. When they reach their destination, Mae tells George she doesn’t need her as much anymore, but she wants her. This is a sign that George and Mae are beginning to understand what a healthy relationship is.

Feel Good season 2, episode 6 is a thoughtful ending to a series that will be missed — it deals with trauma, family dynamics, and healthy relationships as George and Mae reach a peaceful understanding.

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