Feel Good season 2 review – it may have finished, but fans will want more

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 4, 2021 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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Netflix series Feel Good season 2


Feel Good season 2 is a wonderful 6 chapters, even if we do want more.

This review of the Netflix series Feel Good season 2 does not contain spoilers. 

At the end of season 1, no one truly believed Mae and George were over; the couple gives off this vibe. This inevitability whereby watching them conversate seems in sync and natural. It’s the kind of relationship that most singletons look to achieve but hard to attain. And while their relationship presented dysfunctionality, we always knew it was a product of historical issues that become a nuisance in their quest to love each other.

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Season 2 explores healing — Mae and George are broken up, but there’s an issue in trying to ignore the love they feel; it gets stronger. Unfortunately, season 2 is the last, meaning that the writers had the task of dealing with issues and trauma held by the characters and resolving them in six episodes. Fortunately, the writers manage to pull it off marvellously well, making it feel realistic and satisfactory for the fans.

The reason Feel Good works, apart from the obvious comedy, is because of the efforts of Mae Martin and Charlotte Ritchie, who play Mae and George respectfully; the vibe they give off is relatable — whether we’ve been in the most successful relationships or most disastrous, the characters observe this humanness to need each other, whether it’s quality time, sex, mental support or affection. They manage to encapsulate a theme or feeling in every scene. Like Tryingthis series provides addictive on-screen chemistry.

The only negative is that this appears to be only a 2-season show, making us wonder whether the viewership was not strong enough or if the writers exhausted their story. Feel Good feels like it needs more — while the characters experience healing and try to overcome their pitfalls, it’s a shame the audience will not be rewarded with their new chapter. Regardless, Feel Good season 2 is a wonderful 6 chapters, even if we do want more.

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